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How to Ensure Safety When Dealing With Robots

When it comes to machines that have no possible way in telling right from wrong, one can never really be too sure. That is why there is a need to be aware of the various kinds of safety measures that you can put in place when you have robots. This is especially if the robots work in the same environment as humans such as manufacturing robots.

Different types of robots require different kinds of safety measures taken when dealing with them or handling them. Therefore, it would be wrong to assume that one type of safety precaution fits all because all robots present different kinds of safety hazards. Below are some of the ways in which you can provide a safe working environment when working with robots.

Create a safety policy

When you create a safety policy it will prevent people from getting unauthorized access to the robots. The maintenance and installation of robots requires a certain level of expertise so not just anyone can do it. The technicians require adequate training in order to deal with those operations otherwise, some serious harm could come out of it.

If a robot happens to malfunction while it is getting installed, there is just no telling the kind of damage that will arise. Therefore, it is better to have only authorized personnel handling such tasks.

Take note of seemingly small errors

It is a common thing for humans to become careless after the initial safety protocol has been taken. Therefore, when they make mistakes they make an attempt at applying a quick fix to it which is a very dangerous thing to do. This especially happens when an operator who is not used to the day to day running of the robot lacks the knowledge of what a small error has the potential to do.

So the best thing to do is to stay keen, regardless of experience and to take every small mistake seriously and deal with it accordingly. Because people do not do this, they face many incidents in the work place that could have been so easily avoided.

Do regular servicing and check ups

It is normal for any machine to have wear and tear, but sometimes humans can tend to forget this, so they fail to check. As a result things such as crashing and malfunctions can happen, and this can cause damage depending on the task that the robot was undertaking at the time, and if there was a human close to it.

This can be totally avoidable, so you should make a point of regularly checking your robots for wear and tear, and not just on the outside. You should also service it regularly, and if you notice any kind of problem, you should make sure to deal with it immediately.

Make sure that surrounding workers are safe

Making sure that the human workers are safe goes both ways. You first of all need to train the humans on the safety rules and guidelines of the workplace when they work in the same environment with the robots, and you also need to make sure that the robot also has its own safety measures that will protect the humans from coming in contact with danger.

This can be done by finding the safest possible way for the robot to complete its tasks, putting up warning signs as well as safety lines which the humans should know not to cross or else they would be in harm’s way, and last but not least, informing humans of the warning signs in case a robot is about to malfunction.

Check for the authenticity of electronic components

If an electronic component is counterfeit, it is more likely to malfunction and have errors. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be careful about where you make your purchases and to make sure that what you get is completely authentic. You can do this by checking for logos and inspecting the packaging.

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