Why People Have The Breast Revision Surgery

After some time, the breast implants need to be changed with new ones; whether it is because a lot of time passed or something went wrong. Keep in mind that the breast augmentation surgery does not always go as planned, and thus the revision might be necessary.

Many people tend to confuse the revision surgery with reconstruction breast surgery, which is not the same. The breast cancer surgeon Sydney is designed to reconstruct your breasts after they have been removed due to cancer, while the revision surgery is designed to correct implants.


The breast revision surgery can do wonders!

Breast revision surgery

How much do you know about this surgery? Well, the breast revision surgery is made to replace old implants to newer ones. This means that your implants will basically get an upgrade with the newer and better material, while also improving or changing the appearance of your breasts. This can also include:

  • Reduction or breast lift.
  • Either decreasing or increasing the size, style and shape of your new implants.
  • Reshaping your breast implant pockets, which will the also reposition the implants if necessary.

Why do women have breast revision surgery?

There are many reasons why women would want to have the breast revision surgery, starting from the fact that they might just want to change the shape and size of their breasts. Maybe you want to try a different style of implants too. In some cases, women want a revision surgery due to the pain they are feeling because of implants, or the fear of migration or rupture of the implants.

Talk to your doctor!

Over time, the implants will inevitable start to change, in both shape and size. This can create a feeling and appearance that you might not be that happy with. In most cases, your breast implants will have a warranty on the implant itself. However, after ten years, that warranty will expire, and no longer be covered. So keep that in mind.

The breast revision surgery is not really a standard routine. This is something that your doctor will tailor according to your needs and the results you were hoping to achieve. This is why it is important that you search for a board-certified surgeon and a good hospital in general.

If you are interested, you can check out the best breast implant revision surgeons in Sydney at Breast & Body Clinic or you can search locally. Just make sure that the hospital you choose is a good one, with many satisfied patients and a good reputation overall. Your wishes and desires is something that should come first!


It is important that you find a good doctor!

Final word

If you feel as if there is something wrong with your implants, or you are no longer satisfied with the shape and size, it is time to talk to your doctor. The first thing you should do is schedule a consultation with your doctor, and he or she will tell you what the correct next step is!

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What You Need To Know About Skin Cancer Treatment

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If you are looking into procedures that could help you deal with cancerous skin, you might have come across the laser surgery as well. The laser surgery is designed to use the wavelengths of very focused light beam with high-intensity, which will then shirt or destroy cancers, as well as pre-cancers. However, just like every other procedure, the laser surgery has its ups and downs.


Find a good doctor and schedule a consultation

Before you decide that this is the right procedure for you, it is important that you talk to your doctor. You could check out the PCLS Coffs Harbour if you are interested, or search more locally instead. Just make sure that the doctor and clinic you choose have a lot of experience and many satisfied patients. It is important that you have a proper talk with your doctor as well.

The laser surgery

It is important that you learn more about the surgery before you decide to go through with it. The laser surgery is designed to help shrink or get rid of cancers and pre-cancers. With the usage of lasers, there is bound to be less scarring, swelling and bleeding. In addition, the healing is much better, and there is a less of a chance for you to develop an infection.

What to expect?

If you are not sure what to expect, you should talk to your doctor. The first thing you should know is that the wound after the laser surgery will be painful for a couple of days after the surgery, and it takes about two to four weeks for it to heal. If you want the wound to heal properly you should pay attention to what your doctor has instructed you to do.

Will it work?

Whether the laser surgery will work for you or not all depends on each individual case. In most cases, however, the surgery is known to be an effective way of treating actinic keratosis. However, it should be used for low-risk cancers, so if you would like to know more and whether you are a good candidate for the surgery, you should talk to your doctor.

Before you decide to go through with the procedure, you will need to schedule a consultation where your doctor will examine you and tell you which the next step to recovery is. You can check out the skin cancer treatment in Coffs Harbour available at PCLS Coffs Harbour or search more locally instead, depending on where you are from. Make sure to schedule a consultation and listen to your doctor.


The laser surgery can be a great choice

Final word

As you can see, a lot of things need to be considered. That is why the safest option for you is to schedule a consultation with your doctor, and he or she will tell you whether the laser surgery is the right next step for you. Make sure to listen to your doctor, and tell them about your fears and worries when it comes to the surgery.

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Is Vasectomy Right For You?


If you were considering going through a vasectomy but you are still a bit skeptical, there are a couple of things you need to know; from the benefits that this procedure gives, to being a much better option than other forms of birth control. It’s a much safer procedure than taking pills or going through a tubal ligation.

In addition, it is also a much cheaper procedure overall, but that also depends on where you will be having this procedure done. You can check out if you are interested, or search locally instead. This all depends on you; find a clinic and a doctor you trust.

Start by finding a good clinic!


First of all, the effectiveness of the vasectomy procedure is much greater than tubal ligation. For example, it was proven that less than one out of 100 women will end up pregnant, if their lover has gone through the vasectomy procedure.

In other words, the risk of a woman getting pregnant with a partner who had a post-vasectomy semen analysis showing his sperm count to be zero, is approximately one in two thousands. So, if you and your wife have decided that you no longer want children, this is definitely the safest birth control option. Talk to your doctor to learn more about alternatives if you do not want to go through vasectomy procedure.


The vasectomy procedure can be done in 7 minute son average, and it is done with local anesthesia. Usually, men will take two days to fully recover, because the wounds are so small, that they often do not even need stitches. However, for women to recover from tubal ligation, it takes from 4 -7 days, and general anesthesia is recovered. The procedure takes from 120 – 180 minutes on average.

In addition, the vasectomy procedure will often be done in the doctor’s office, because the procedure is so simple that it does not require the occupancy of the operating room, thus the cost is much lower. If you have any questions concerning the procedure, you should tart by scheduling an appointment with your doctor and having a proper chat; ask your doctor about anything you’d want to know!

Insurance coverage

In most cases, the vasectomy procedure might be covered by your insurance, but that does depend on the insurance you have. The safest way to go about this is to talk to your doctor, because if the insurance does cover the cost, the overall procedure will cost a lot less for you. Check out vasectomy clinic like Vasectomy Australia if you are interested.

The vasectomy procedure is very simple and safe

Final word

As you can see, the vasectomy procedure is considered to be a very simple one, and it is definitely the best option for birth control. In some cases the vasectomy procedure can be reversed, but this is something that you should discuss with your doctor before going through with the procedure.

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Why Blepharoplasty Is A Popular Surgery


Have you ever thought about going through blepharoplasty, which is commonly known as the eyelid surgery? Well, if you have, there are many things you need to know about this surgery before you decide to go under the knife.

First of all, it is very important that you find a reputable clinic, with a good surgeon. You could check out the upper, lower and double eyelid surgery Sydney from DrHodgkinson or talk to your local doctor instead. Just make sure that the surgeon who will be doing the surgery is a surgeon you trust.

The eyelid surgery can give great results

The eyelid surgery

If you are not that familiar with the eyelid surgery, then that is the first thing you should get familiar with. You should start by talking to your doctor about the procedure, but typically there are three main procedures, the lower eyelid surgery, upper eyelid surgery and double eyelid surgery that all target a specific section of your eyes.

The blepharoplasty is a surgery designed to help you repair droopy eyelids, which can sometimes cause you to have bad vision, in which case your insurance might cover the part of the cost. You can also have the lower eyelid surgery that can help you get rid of bagginess, excess skin, muscle and fat, and you can have the double eyelid surgery for double eyelids.

Why is it done?

There are many reasons why people decide to have the eyelid surgery, from a medical to an aesthetic reason. It all depends on each individual separately, so you should definitely have a consultation first. Your doctor will be able to tell you whether this procedure is the right for you.

People choose to have the eyelid surgery because they have:

  • Baggy and droopy upper eyelids.
  • Under-eye bags.
  • A lot of excess skin on the lower eyelids.
  • A lot of excess skin on the upper eyelids, which can cause impaired vision.


Keep in mind that all surgeries have their own risks, and the same applies to blepharoplasty. Some of the risks include: infection and bleeding, irritated and dry eyes, injury to eye muscles, discoloration of the skin, need for a follow-up surgery, risks associated with the surgery in general, temporary blurred vision and others.

If you want to learn more about the surgery, you should talk to your doctor first. You could also check out the best saggy eyelids Sydney or search online for the information you need. But the best bet is to simply schedule a consultation and talk to a real certified surgeon.

Make sure to schedule a consultation

Final word

The first thing you need to do is talk to your doctor. There are many things that need to be discussed before the procedure, starting with whether you are a good candidate for the surgery in general. So, the first thing you need to do is schedule a consultation with your doctor, and discuss the outcome you would like to achieve with the surgery.

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Is It Dangerous to Mix Keto, Lipozene, and Hydroxycut?


Many people have begun to take interest in the keto diet. While you can lose weight, some people may desire to add weight loss supplements to the mix. Is it safe to do that? Is it safe to add Lipozene and Hydroxycut to a keto diet?


It can be hard to decide how to go about losing weight. Not only are there many dietary supplements on the market, but also, many diet programs. Keto is popular today, not just for losing weight but also for its potential to reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Is it safe to follow keto using dietary supplements? Better yet, is it safe to combine Hydroxycut and Lipozene with keto? The key to any weight loss program is the combination of diet and exercise so you can burn more calories than you consume. 

Safe Choice

For those who are looking for both an appetite suppressant and a fat-burner—and who are already on the keto diet plan—you may wonder if it is safe to combine Lipozene and Hydroxycut. Since Lipozene is a fiber supplement and Hydroxycut is a fat burner, there is no reason it would be unsafe to combine them. On the other hand, keto is a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet that will fit in nicely. However, while keto is healthy for weight loss, some reports show it can cause health issues with long-term use. Even for short-term use, it is not a diet that works well for Type 1 Diabetes as there is a high potential for dangerously low blood sugar. 

Some reports indicate those who use keto as their regular diet may find they are lacking in nutrients that can lead to serious health issues including kidney problems. This is not related in any way to the combination of Lipozene and Hydroxycut but specifically to long-term use of the keto diet plan. It is safe for short-term use but not for long-term use. 


Since a diet plan is not usually long-term, it is safe to combine Lipozene and Hydroxycut and choose keto as the diet plan of choice. While keto user may experience issues after long-term use, the same can happen if you remain on dietary supplements for any length of time. The truth is, no dietary supplement is safe for long-term use nor is any diet plan that is not nutritionally balanced. Make the choice and follow the plan in order to lose weight safely and without putting your health in jeopardy.

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What is the Difference Between e-cig and Traditional Cigar?


Have you ever heard of the electronic cigars before? If you have not yet heard about this, then you need to rest assured that this article will be able to inform you everything as far as they are concerned. You may have heard about the traditional cigars or you may have even had an encounter with these traditional cigars. They are pretty simple and they are actually locally made. Some people produce such cigars at home because they do not need any expertise for them to be produced. As opposed to these cigars, you may also have heard about the electronic cigars. As the word itself suggest, they are electronic. In fact, they totally rely on the electricity for them to function. As far as their shape and sizes are concerned, they do take the shape of the normal cigar. When it comes to the size, it will all depend on the size that you are interested in. They do exist in a number of sizes so as the smoker will be able to choose the one that is most appropriate. If you really need to understand the difference between the traditional cigars and the electronic ones, then this article will be able to highlight some of the facts that you really need to know about the e-cig;

  • Heating mechanism
  • Form of tobacco
  • Rechargeable battery

Heating mechanism

Compared with the traditional cigars, the electronic cigars have special systems in place that are supposed to take care of the heating so as the steam may be produced. As you know, the traditional cigar requires that you get a match stick or any other source of fire so that you can burn the lower part of the cigar so as the tobacco starts being consumed. This is not the case with ane-cig. The latter requires that the liquid be burnt or heated electronically so as it vaporizes and produces the steam that is supposed to be inhaled. Such heating element is powered with the battery.

Form of tobacco

In the traditional cigar, you will be able to see the dry tobacco fitted in the specially prepared paper so that you can now burn the lower end of the cigar for you to be able to burn the tobacco. As it burns, the smoke shall be produced that do contain the nicotine which is a chemical that is most sought by the smoker. This is contrary to what normally happens with the electronic cig. The liquid tobacco is heated at high temperatures till it produces vapor that is inhaled through the e-cig.

Rechargeable battery

Without the battery, the device will not be called electronic. This is because of the fact that it is able to provide the device with the required energy that is meant to initiate all processes of vaping. It supplies the power to the heater with which the heater is able to boil the tobacco liquid at higher temperatures till it produces the high quantity of stem that is meant to be inhaled.

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The harmful side-effects of chemical cosmetics


Have you ever thought about what you’re putting on your skin, and how it’s impacting your body?

Society tells us having artificially tanned skin and a blemish-free face is the way to feeling good from the outside, but research suggests the chemicals contained in a lot of these ‘enhancing’ cosmetic products are also attacking us from the inside.

What are the common side-effects?

  • Headaches. Dizziness, fatigue and nausea after prolonged exposures to makeup.
  • Hormonal imbalances. Long-term use can impact the endocrine system and interfere with the thyroid gland which may lead to weight gain or depression.
  • Acne and skin allergies. Some types of heavily concentrated makeup cause the formation of blackheads and pimples which, when not taken care of, can lead to cystic acne. Certain chemicals such as parabens are also known to cause irritation, rashes and sometimes hives.
  • Cancer and other chronic diseases. Many toxic ingredients contained in cosmetics such as coal tar and lead may cause cancer.
  • Eye infections. The eyes and surrounding skin are the most sensitive areas of the face. Using too much makeup can cause the growth of bacteria which can lead to infection.
  • Hair problems. Gels, serums, shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays can cause scalp irritation, dandruff, thinning of the hair and even loss of hair.
  • Skin discolouration. Many products contain agents that bleach or darken the skin.
  • Danger to reproductive organs and infertility. Chemicals absorbed by the skin are likely to pass through your body and impact the body’s organs and the way they function naturally.
  • Premature ageing. Long-term use can permanently damage the skin, causing wrinkles and patchiness to appear on the face and body.

What does this mean?

According to the home doctor experts at Home Call Doctor, while some of these impacts may be temporary and relatively easy to fix, others are long term and detrimental to body functionality. Everything that isn’t 100 per cent from nature is unrecognisable to the human body, meaning you don’t have the natural processes to handle the foreign substance and break it down.

Hormonal imbalance is particularly important to consider when looking at the impact of chemicals on the body. Hormones are responsible for significant aspects of body function including metabolism, sexual health, hair growth, mood and brain function.

A step in the right direction…

To ensure you’re looking after your body from the inside out, consider finding a brand or retailor that you trust. This means doing your research.

There is an array of no-go ingredients, but if you can find products without parabens, sulphates and phthalates, you’re doing a good job. Natural skin care products tend to be made from non-artificial ingredients like natural oils, plants, fruit extracts and fruit acids. Look for these on the ingredient list instead.

Remember that while makeup may help you hide or cover flaws in your skin, the long-term effects may be counterproductive.

If you’re concerned about your health, speak to the House Call Doctor home doctor experts

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Are patients being excluded from clinical trials?


Clinical trials form an essential part of medical research, treatments and prevention. Companies and organisations investing in trials are looking for medical breakthroughs that can help patients worldwide and they rely on patient participation to carry out their vital work.

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Eligibility criteria

For a patient to take part in a clinical trial, they need to meet the strict criteria relevant to the particular study, such as ensuring the trial won’t interfere with their current treatment or give inaccurate results because of any drugs they may already be taking. While patient safety is paramount, many are being excluded from taking part in trials that could potentially save or prolong their lives.

BBC presenter Rachael Bland recently revealed she is relying on clinical trials to treat her breast cancer.


Reasons for exclusion can include having had a previous condition that has been successfully treated. This applies even if the patient is no longer suffering from the illness or receiving treatment; for example, a patient with a new cancer diagnosis may have previously been diagnosed with a different type of cancer or other medical condition, which can prevent them taking part in trials and testing new treatments for their type of cancer.

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Companies are using adaptive phase 1 clinical studies to ensure a phased approach to clinical trials. In the US, campaigners have been trying to get the criteria for who can and can’t participate in trials simplified; however, a study conducted at UT Southwestern in 2017 found that the criteria for lung cancer trials has seen a 50 per cent increase in the eligibility criteria over the past 30 years.

Participants for trials are selected by medical researchers and sponsors working within strict guidelines. Many willing participants are restricted from taking part because of a failure to be able to remove criteria that are no longer relevant to them, such as in cases where patients have had a pre-existing autoimmune diseases where their white blood cell, haemoglobin and platelet counts were previously not at a satisfactory level.

As a result of of the exclusions these strict criteria are creating, the pool of available candidates is shrinking.  All this information is cleverly kept in Membership Management Systems to keep track of who is offered trials and who isn’t which could be located with companies such as Ofec. This is causing delays in new drug development; however, patients who have had a pre-existing condition represent the population. By removing the eligibility restrictions, they and others could benefit.

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Quick Fat Loss Solution with Visible Results: Phenq Avis


Obesity attracts many health conditions and diseases. While people focus mainly on their physical condition, being overweight affects other aspects of the body in several ways. Having a healthy lifestyle is recommended but because of stress, unhealthy habits or some other factor, people tend to overeat and gain a lot of weight. As has always been said that it is never too late, exercising and most importantly, taking a proper diet will help in getting back to shape. Phenq Avis forms the part of the latter and contributes greatly to the process.

How does Phenq Avis help in achieving effective results?

Phenq Avis are patented oral pills that have been developed to do their magic in a weight loss process. It acts as a supplement for weight loss. Without a planned diet, weight loss cannot be achieved and these pills catalyze burning of fat by:

  • This slimming solution increases the body’s metabolic rate to burn more fat. This also helps in providing the extra boost of energy during a workout. It does not increase the body temperature substantially but increases it enough to increase metabolism.
  • Its patented formula suppresses hunger. It does not affect the health or starve the person; it only reduces hunger to help with a controlled diet. With decreased levels of hunger, a diet plan can easily be followed.
  • Phenq Avis does not affect a person’s mood. They do their job to help achieve results quickly and effectively, and also provide a sense of well-being.

The pills provide a wholesome approach to the process and make way for exercising and an increased level of confidence. With timely and recommended usage, they help you in making the most of your now disciplined lifestyle.

Are there any side effects of Phenq Avis?

They are made up of naturally-occurring substances such as caffeine, capsimax, their proprietary formula A-Lacys Reset, and others. There are no such major side effects and most of the users have not experienced any. Though, they could cause dizziness, nausea, lack of sleep and headache.

Phenq Avis performs greatly and the user feedback corroborates this fact. These pills are a solution to weight loss and are not required to be accompanied with other supplements. Obesity could prove to be dangerous and the sooner it is gotten rid of the better. With these pills, weight loss is achieved significantly and quickly.

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Big pharma and the tricky balance between new drugs and profits


The vaccine market currently returns a profit of around $24bn (£18bn) to the pharmaceutical industry; however, according to the report Global Human Vaccines Market 2016-2020, which predicts huge growth in this sector, the figure is estimated to reach $64bn (£48.5bn) by 2020.
Much of this expansion in profit will be achieved through the production of new vaccines and the expanding production of established vaccines due to the increasing incidence of infectious diseases, particularly in developing countries. It is this increase in demand that sees the manufacturing process use machinery such as Vacuum conveying from companies such as to hygienically move the drugs around the manufacturing plants and preparing them for packaging.

To vaccinate or not?

The anti-vaccine lobby group considers that vaccinations are linked to autism and has suggested that the drive by doctors and companies to vaccinate children worldwide is purely financially based; however, this has been somewhat discredited. According to Economist magazine, the vaccine industry has been historically neglected due to poor margins and old technology, and doctors rarely make any profit from a vaccination programme.

The cost of vaccine production is high due to the rigorous requirements for chemical research and trials, which may eventually lead to an ineffective, unsaleable product. This is why the clinical and medical trials processes are often run by outsourced agencies that follow rigorous process and procedures for each of their trials.

Vaccination is promoted by both pharmaceutical companies and interested authorities worldwide. A suggested list of vaccinations and the timing for the administration of these in the UK is provided by the NHS, for example, while an interesting summary of the pros and cons of vaccinating children in the US is provided by the non-profit charity ProCon.

Profits in the vaccine industry

Since the turn of the millennium, the vaccine market has grown substantially in both the developed and undeveloped world, with profits for innovative companies soaring. This has been partially due to the introduction of two new vaccines with huge medical impact: pneumococcal conjugate against meningitis and the controversial new vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV).

Corporations exist to make profits, but does this factor alone motivate the pharmaceutical industry? Current profit margins for most vaccines run at 10% to 40%, which are the highest margins associated with any marketed pharmaceutical drug.

It is to be hoped that some level of altruism motivates the production of vaccines and there appears to be no doubt that childhood vaccination saves millions of lives a year worldwide.

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