Preventive Pediatric Dental Care Tips



A healthy smile starts with healthy teeth, and that’s why preventive pediatric dental care is so important. By following these tips, you can help your child develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 

  1. Begin scheduling regular dental check-ups for your child at a young age.

As any parent knows, dental care is important for children of all ages. However, many parents don’t realize that it’s just as important to take their child to the dentist for regular check-ups, starting at a young age. This will help to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy, and will allow the dentist to catch any problems early on. Not only that, but regular dental check-ups can also help to prevent more serious dental problems down the road. So if you want to keep your child’s smile healthy and bright, be sure to schedule regular dental check-ups starting at a young age.

  1. Encourage your child to use fluoride toothpaste to brush their teeth twice a day.

Help them to create a good oral hygiene routine that they can stick to. You can also help them by making sure they see the dentist regularly and by teaching them how to floss properly. Furthermore, you can encourage healthy dental habits by leading by example and brushing your own teeth twice a day! by taking these simple steps, you can help your child develop healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime.

  1. Sugary snacks and drinks should be avoided by your child because they can cause tooth decay.

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You want them to grow up healthy and happy, with a bright future ahead of them, and part of ensuring that bright future is making sure they have healthy teeth. Focus on giving them plenty of healthy foods that will promote good oral health. Kids eat foods like crunchy fruits and vegetables, which help to clean teeth as they eat them,  or milk and yogurt, which contain calcium and other nutrients that are essential for strong teeth. By making smart choices now, you can help ensure that your child has a healthy smile for years to come.

  1. Help your child to avoid tobacco products, as these can cause a number of dental problems including gum disease and tooth loss.  

Tobacco products can cause bad breath, stained teeth, and an increased risk of oral cancer. You can help your child avoid these problems by teaching them about the dangers of tobacco and encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle. cigarette smoking among youth is on the decline, so there’s no reason why your child can’t be part of this trend. Help them to avoid tobacco products and set them on the path to a healthy future.

  1. Encourage your child to floss their teeth daily, using a gentle back and forth motion.

When it comes to keeping your child’s teeth healthy, daily flossing is a must. Plaque and bacteria can build up on teeth and lead to cavities, so it’s important to remove them with a gentle back and forth motion. By flossing daily, you can help your child avoid cavities and keep their teeth healthy. Plus, it’s a good way to bond with your child and teach them the importance of oral hygiene. So next time you’re at the store, pick up some dental floss and encourage your child to start flossing their teeth every day.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your child enjoys good oral health throughout their life.


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Some of the Scientific Benefits of CBD Oil

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One of the things that you should know about CBD oil i.e., Cannabidiol is that it is derived from cannabis. CBD oil is a type of cannabinoid and it consists of chemicals that are naturally found in the marijuana plant. Another thing that you will know is that though it comes from marijuana plants, CBD oil does not create any kind of intoxication of high effect – which is caused by another cannabinoid i.e., THC. Because of the recreational marijuana use, there is certain controversy about the cannabis products like CBD oil, but there is a growing awareness about the possible benefits of the health of CBD oil. Some of the Science benefits of cbd oil, are as follows –

Relief from Anxiety – 

One of the things or scientific benefits of CBD oil is that it helps one to manage anxiety. It changes the way one’s brain’s receptors respond to serotonin; it is a chemical connected to mental health. Besides that, the receptors are like tiny proteins, which are attached to the brain cells that get the chemical messages and help your brain cells respond to different stimuli. As per one of the studies, it was found that a 600 mg dose of CBD helped people to give a speech (those who had social anxiety). Then, other studies on animals have shown that CBD can help relieve anxiety by reducing the levels of stress, lessening the physiological effects of anxiety-like increased heart rate, improving the symptoms of PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder, and inducing sleep in case of insomnia. You can also get CBD spray for sleep.

Relief from Seizure – 

There are possible treatments for Epilepsy through CBD and more research is going on. Researchers are still testing how much CBD oil or pills or other forms of dosage can help in reducing the number of seizures in individuals suffering from epilepsy and how safe it is. As per the American Epilepsy Society, the research of cannabidiol offers hope for the seizure disorder and research is undergoing to see how safe it is for use.

Neurodegenerative Disorder –


Research is still undergoing where they are looking for receptors located in the brain to know the ways in which CBD can assist people with a neurodegenerative disorder. You also get a CBD oral spray. It is a disease that causes the brain and nerves to deteriorate over time and the receptor is known as CB1. Researchers are studying the use of CBD oil for treating other kinds of diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Inflammation which can make the neurodegenerative symptoms worse can be reduced with the help of CBD oil. For neurodegenerative disease, more research is needed.

Relief from Pain – 

CBD oil can help you manage pain by having a straight effect on the brain’s receptors. When taken after chemotherapy, cannabis offers some benefits. It is necessary to have a clinical trial to find out whether or not it can be used for pain treatment.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp – How Effective Is This In Attaining Spiritual Health?


Himalayan salt lamps are a staple home décor piece. People love to place these lamps of different sizes & shapes in various places of the house. These lamps offer a soft, warm, relaxing glow and bring energetic space to each room.

Himalayan salt lamps, made using huge pieces of pink salt stone, offer many advantages than simply offering a source of light or looking pleasant. Above all, these lamps can influence mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Carved from amber-colored rock in the lower regions of the Himalayas, these lamps originate from a clean, dry seabed under the Himalayan Mountains. As a result, numerous holistic practitioners eagerly rave about the advantages of simply being in the presence of these lamps.

But how have these lamps become a fantastic spiritual, all-natural tool to relieve stress and tensions and bring spiritual vibrations in the home?

  • Releases Negative Ions & Purifies Air –

Salt is a dry mineral that attracts moisture content since it is hygroscopic. Hygroscopic is only a logical term implying that these salt lamps draw in water vapor in the air. When the bulb inside the salt lamp glows, the lamp will evaporate the amassed moisture on a superficial level, delivering the purified water vapor back into the air and keeping the pollutants trapped on the salt crystal. Functioning as a natural humidifier, Himalayan salt lamps perfectly cleanse the space, making it ideal for any room to bring exceptional spiritual vibes.

  • Creates Soothing Ambiance –

The soft orange glow of the Himalayan salt lamp offers an incredible vibe in any room. These pink salt lamps radiate a delicate golden glow filling the space with soothing light and making the mood for unwinding, yoga, sleep, and meditation. Each lamp is crafted exclusively, making it unique, and no two are actually similar. Since they are so novel, multiple salt lamps can be used in each room, and each can bring a completely different energy.

  • AromaTherapy for Spiritual Well Being –

Something seldom discussed, however, one of the unpredictable ways of using a Himalayan salt lamp is for aromatherapy. The bulb radiates heat whenever the lamp is turned on, heating the salt stone. One can use the lamp’s salt crystal as an essential oil diffuser when it’s warm! It works perfectly only by adding a few drops of oil directly on the lamp surface, and it is incredible to experience the calming vibes it offers.

  • Boosts Mood –

Research shows that simply being within sight of Himalayan salt lamps and the salt stones can lift the mindset. Himalayan salt lamp reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue and helps attain an inner peace that leads to attaining spiritual wellbeing.

Expressing what is at the forefront of your thoughts will assist with keeping a focused brain. After a dull day or a big occasion, one might feel confused and not have the option to sort out sentiments. This is where Himalayan salt lamps can help you focus & concentrate on essential things in life rather than getting confused.

  • Helps in Meditation –

While dealing with time and everyday assignments can be challenging, committing time to associate with yourself is critical. Whether toward the beginning of the day when awake, during mid-day break, or before sleeping, it is best to practice meditation in the warm-glow of salt lamps. As these lamps help attain peace of mind, it becomes easy to meditate and remove all stress & tiredness from the body & mind.

The spiritual component of wellbeing can be the most personal piece of the riddle while attempting to put every one of the eight elements of health together.

Since spiritual health involves purpose, beliefs, and values, it can be achieved in the best way – both mentally & physically by Himalayan salt lamps. If people can achieve inner peace, they can give the body more strength for healing. These lamps are the best way to contribute to the healing process & to attain spiritual health.

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Reasons Why and When You Should Visit A Orthodontics Clinic


If you’ve fallen for someone’s smile, then you can be sure that either it is due to grace of god or it is a work of an orthodontist.

Orthodontist is a dentist who has a specialization in diagnosis, prevention, and correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws, misaligned bite pattern. They can also modify facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics.

Not everyone’s smile or jaw line is as perfect as we dream of. We could easily neglect this thought, but when we face any difficulty in chewing food or have any social embarrassment due to our uneven teeth, you are bound to rush to an orthodontist.

If you are also experiencing any sort of such issues and you reside in California, then you’ll find the best Orthodontist Rancho Bernardo at Hekmat dental care by Dr. Reza Hekmat. His highly professional team is providing you the premium and the most advanced orthodontic services.

You can directly approach hekmatdentalcare by visiting their official website, to book an appointment or you may directly visit their office located in (Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California, U.S.A). He and his staffs are one of the proficient doctors in their respective fields.

6 Reasons You Should Opt For An Orthodontic Treatment

  1. Congested Teeth – Usually, we all have teeth of same size. However, some may have overlapping teeth. These are not ugly, but can store impurities. It is a strenuous job for a layman to clean them.
  2. Irregular bite – If you don’t bite in a proper way, it may lead to gum tissue damage. There are various types of irregular bite:
  3. Over bite
  4. Under bite
  5. Open bite
  6. Cross bite

All these bite issues should be rectified for good health by a licensed orthodontic treatment.

  • Right Positioning – Through dental scan, the dentist can rightly predict whether the mature teeth are going to erupt in proper position or not. If there is any irregularity, orthodontic treatments can be used to direct the teeth from where they are supposed to grow.
  • Jaw line issues – Misaligned jaw line might may distress you and cause headache. A messed up bite induces problems like headaches, lock jaw, tiredness, muscle spasm etc.
  • Narrowed Gaps – It is when you have gaps within your teeth beyond the normal size. These spaces can cause food particles to get stuck, further leads to tooth decay.
  • Preventing Teeth Degradation – Clean teeth and gums promote good dental health. Improper functioning of teeth creates difficulty in cleaning those areas, which are problematic in reaching. This might lead to premature tooth degradation and tooth dent.

Treatments or Solutions Offered By An Orthodontic Specialist

There are various treatments which are offered by an orthodontic specialist to realign your teeth and improve your smile. Mainly there are two types of gadgets:

  1. Fixed treatments – These are typically used in orthodontic practices. The patient’s are able to perform daily activities without any major restrictions. The things which are advised to be avoided are sugary drinks, candy, and any sticky material. The straightening methods which come under this category are:
  2. Braces – Normal braces comprises of bands, brackets, and wires. They are implanted on the teeth, and the wire is used to hold the teeth in the shape of an arc. Regular visit tightens the wire to move the teeth into the place where they should be.
  3. Spacers – Spacers are used to maintain the gap, where the baby tooth fell off but the adult tooth have not yet come. It is also sometime used to align the teeth before placing braces.
  4. There is a group of few other treatments which is used to resolve problems occurred due to thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.
  5. Removable Solutions – These are used to treat minor issues:
  6. Head Gear – It is attached to the braces and a strap is tied around the head. It is used to slacken upper jaw growth and keeps the teeth in position.
  7. Retainer – It is a custom made device to keep the teeth intact in position; it is put on only during sleeping.
  8. Aligners – It is a clear tray used in teeth aligning. It is removed during eating, brushing, and flossing. It is updated every (2-3) week with a more intense tray to align the teeth.

How Does an Orthodontist Detect a Disorder?

During consultation you are bound to undergo an oral examination, facial snaps, dental scan, panoramic x ray of face and head, and lastly a teeth impression to make molds. All these are traditional. In advanced clinics like hekmat orthodontics, having Orthodontists 4s Ranchuses advanced machines called (iTero), it digitally scans the structure of teeth and gums; a 3D model of the patient’s teeth evolves on the screen. Hassle free and flexibly all changes are being done.

During this treatment, braces are a must. Traditional braces looks a bit outdated and have to face difficulty in managing, but having Braces 4s Ranch will give you a unique and graceful look.

With great smile comes great positive vibe and confidence. Some people enjoy it from birth and some with the help of an orthodontist. If you don’t have that auspicious smile, unhesitatingly consult an orthodontist.

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Meaning of Dental Emergencies and How to Deal with Them


Dental problem can happen anytime, at weekends, holidays or night, the first thing that needs to be done is to get in touch with your dentist. It is vital to distinguish between a normal dental issue, which can wait to get treated and a real dental emergency, which requires immediate attention.

Dental emergencies can be life threatening if not treated. Orion dentist specialties are the best emergency dentist near mefor getting instanttreatment to lessen severe pain, prevent infection or stop bleeding. Visit us at 12430 Grant Road, Suite C, Cypress, Texas, United States or contact us at emergency number (832) 610-0428 or (281) 235-0334. Make an appointment with our pediatric dentist, family dentist, cosmetic dentist, periodontist and emergency dentist.

These points should be considered in determining if it is dental emergency or not:

  • Severe pain and bleeding in teeth or gums.
  • After losing a tooth, urgent treatment can save your tooth.
  • It’s not common for adults to have a loose tooth. If you have a painless loose tooth it can be a sign of a serious problem. 
  • Having abscess or infection in mouth can be dangerous for your life so without any delay you should visit a doctor. Swelling on face or gums may also occur in an infection.
  • Bleeding from your mouth.

It is an emergency if you experience any of these symptoms. Go to a dentist immediately, if dentist office is not open visit emergency dentist in Cypress TX.

It is not considered a dental emergency if the problem can wait few days to be treated by the dentist and won’t notably get worse by passing days. For example, a chipped tooth if it is not painful or mild toothache if it is not severe.

Things to do at the time of dental emergency:

  • Dental Abscess needs to be treated immediately by going to a dentist, to ease the pain while waiting for dentist salt water rinse can be done.
  • A hydrogen peroxide solution is to be used to rinse the mouth in case of bleeding gums. Also to stop the bleeding and to lessen the bacteria warm salt water rinse should be done.
  • In case of knocked up teeth, the tooth needs to be placed back into its socket without touching the root after rinsing it with water without scrubbing. If that is not possible place the tooth in moist place like in milk or between the gums and the cheek.
  • Rinsing with warm water and gentle dental floss to remove any food debris stuck or use over-the-counter medication to help in extreme tooth pain. In case there is swelling on the face, ice pack inside a towel on cheek can be soothing.
  • After getting a cracked or chipped tooth the first thing to be done is rinse the mouth with warm water and then call for emergency appointment.

Some Dental Emergencies

1.     Knocked-Out Tooth

Heavy impact on your mouth can knock out your tooth. After this quick action has to be done to go to the dentist quickly to preserve and reinsert the tooth.

2.     Chipped/ Cracked tooth

Having a chipped or cracked tooth with sharp edges and painful requires medical attention. Chewing can worsen the chipping, severe fracture can result in losing the tooth.

3.     Dental Abscess

It is an infection caused by pocket of pus formed in the tooth; the infection can spread to surrounding tissues and jaw. It can trigger high fever, swollen face, sensitivity, bumps on gums and continuous toothache.

4.     Swollen/ Bleeding Gums

Dental examination is necessary to understand the reason for bleeding gums and if it is minor or major health issue. Having occasional gum irritation is normal but bleeding, swollen and painful gums are not normal.

5.     Exposed Nerves

Exposed nerves can be agonizing and can worsen if dental treatment is delayed.  If visit to dentist is postponed it can lead to infection or more nerve damage or extensive treatment.

6.     Unexplainable  Painful Tooth

Extreme tooth pain is a bad indication and should not be taken lightly. It is a red flag given by body telling there I something wrong with it. Treat it as soon as possible.

7.     Broken Crown

Dental crown when breaks or falls off entirely can infect and damage the tooth. Emergency dental treatment is required to avoid needing root canal or extended procedures.

8.     Swollen Mouth/Jaw

Immediate treatment by a dentist is required if there is unexpected swelling on mouth or jaw for no obvious reason. It can be due to an infection, irritation in lymph nodes or there can be other reasons too.

9.     Missing Filling

The teeth can easily break or chip without filling. It will result in exposing the nerves, which can lead to other issues.

A study shows that around 88% of dental emergency can be avoided by having regular dental examination, x-rays and teeth cleaning. Routine checkups can help dental emergency at bay, but not fully prevent them. The dental emergency in Cypress TX can be treated quickly, so that they don’t get worse and cause further problem.

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Types of Dentures You Could Choose From


If you miss some or all the teeth in one or both jaws, you could solve that issue by opting for full or partial dentures. Whichever you choose, partial or flexible dentures, they have their pros and cons. You can opt for dental implants, traditional partial dentures or flexible partial dentures. 

Flexible partial dentures have two primary features. They are designed to replace some of your natural teeth. It is made of a softer and more flexible material when compared to traditional dentures that are made of chrome, resin and porcelain. They are more flexible and softer materials and are more comfortable when compared to traditional dentures. They are more attractive as they won’t require metal clasps or fasteners which you can find on traditional or partial dentures. Flexible partial dentures replace the natural teeth that might be missing due to accidents, injuries or tooth decays. Getting flexible dentures can be a solution that would help people who miss a set of teeth within their mouth. They might be looking for something more comfortable than traditional partial dentures

Flexible partial dentures, when compared to dental implants, are less invasive of an option to replace the missing teeth. They could be one of the best options for people who experience allergies to various materials that are used to make traditional dentures. As they are made of more flexible materials when compared to traditional dentures, it lasts longer than traditional dentures. Due to their flexibility, they are less likely to break. If you would like to increase the lifespan of your dentures, you should follow the instructions of the dentist on how to clean them every day and soak them overnight to prevent damage.

Cleaning and soaking the dentures every day is very important. Cleaning and soaking are essential steps to maintain good oral hygiene. Dental implants need not be soaked and removed as they are permanently fixed within the jaw. However, they have the disadvantage of being a more invasive solution rather than flexible or traditional dentures. 

Titanium dental implants could be the best choice as they help in restoring natural dental function when compared to traditional or flexible dentures. The implants are rooted equally into the jaw, you could chew, eat and speak naturally. If you are wearing the flexible, traditional type of dentures, it will help in restoring the cosmetic losses that are associated with the missing teeth and most of the dental functions. However, many people experience restrictions that are related to chewing and eating.

Flexible dentures may not be the best for you if you expect to lose more teeth soon or if you already have some loose teeth. Once they get prepared, more teeth cannot be added to them later. However, you can add additional teeth to temporary partial or transitional dentures that are made of traditional materials. If you expect to lose more teeth soon, you could opt for a traditional type of denture than a partial flexible denture.

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Tips for Running Your Medical Center More Smoothly


When you are running a medical center, there can be a lot to keep track of and think about on a daily basis, no matter the size. While it can be fulfilling, it may also feel challenging at times, too. This can be especially true if you feel that there are ways that you could be improving the way that you do things. If you are looking for some simple tips that can help whip your medical center into shape, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Track What Matters

One thing that can make a big difference for your medical center is making sure that you are tracking the things that matter, one of them being the payments that you have coming in. By focusing on chargemaster management you can help ensure that you are getting the payments that are owed to you, and that you are getting them on time.

Getting the payments that your medical center is owed has a lot to do with how stable your center is financially, and your ability to move forward and make the changes that you need to. The better you get at tracking payments, the more successful your medical center is likely to be.

Offer Great Service

Another key component of having a successful medical center is making sure that you are always offering great service to your patients. Increasingly, patients are expecting better service and care that is centered around them.

The more that you can show each patient that it matters to you that they chose your medical center over others, the more likely they are to continue coming to your center. Some simple ways to show your patients that they matter can include making sure to always use and remember their names, as well as being prompt in addressing any concerns or issues they might have. Here you can checkout sleeping habits of healthy people.

Hire the Right People

In addition to making sure that you are taking good care of your patients, you also need to make sure that you are hiring the right team for your medical center. This can be even more important the smaller that your center is. By creating the right culture at your center, you can help ensure that it is one that patients will trust and be willing to return to. 

There is often a lot to track and deal with when you are running a medical center. While it may seem like a lot at times, the good news is that there are simple things you can do to help improve and strengthen it. 

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What you should know when filing for medical negligence claims


Medical malpractice is one of the serious offenses that health care providers or professionals can commit to making them face lifetime imprisonment. The offense can happen when one neglects to offer the appropriate treatment, offers substandard treatment, or omits to take appropriate action that contributes to death, injury, or harm to a patient. However, medical negligence involves several aspects. Keep reading this guide to understand them.

Examples of medical negligence

  • Failure to warn the patient about certain risks
  • Failure to properly monitor the patient during surgery
  • Leaving a foreign object inside the patient’s body
  • Wrong-side or unnecessary surgery
  • Poor aftercare or premature discharge
  • Inadequate treatment a certain health complication
  • Prescribing a wrong dosage or medication
  • Failure to undertake proper communication with other medical providers or doctors
  • Ignoring results or mixing test results
  • Misdiagnosis of a condition or illness

People held accountable for medical negligence

  • Dentists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Surgeons
  • Treatment centers, clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Radiologists
  • Doctors

Elements of a medical negligence claim

There are certain aspects that you should prove to successfully establish a negligence claim. In most cases, you need to prove the following aspects:

The negligence of the medical expert caused your injury

For your medical malpractice lawsuit to become valid, you need to prove that you sustained an injury that could not have happened if the doctor had been careful in administering treatment. For instance, if you undergo a surgical procedure and immediately experience complications leading to injuries, you can claim that the medical provider’s negligence contributed to your injuries. In this case, an unfavorable outcome such as when the patient’s condition worsens, or one has an untreatable condition is not classified as malpractice.

Standard care violation 

Most countries/regions have enacted laws that recognize certain medical standards as acceptable medical care by Prudent health care experts. Therefore, patients have a right to expect their doctors to deliver care that aligns with the set standards. That means, if you manage to determine that the health care professional did not meet the standard care violation, you might establish negligence. 

The injury contributed to significant damage

Medical negligence claims to be costly to litigate since they need frequent testimony from disposing of medical experts and an extended period of dispositioning a testimony. Therefore, if you want your case to become viable, you need to demonstrate that you suffered significant damage emanating from an injury that happened due to medical negligence. The damages can be in the form of monetary and non-monetary expenses. In particular, you need to demonstrate that the injury contributed to your disability, emotional distress, huge medical bills, loss of legs or vision, and loss of consortium

Statute of limitations

Generally, medical malpractice cases have a short statute of limitations, implying that you should file them immediately you experience or discover an injury. Normally, the period of filing for claims is between 1-2 years, but that can depend on the laws of your country. The short period might appear unfair to the patient, but medical malpractice evidence can easily fade after a short period. Also, the pain and discomfort that the patient will suffer from these cases are expected to be addressed quickly. 

Some states provide a longer period for filing medical claims. For instance, the Massachusetts statute of limitations for medical malpractice is three years from when a patient discovers the injury. However, this state has an exception of providing a seven-year limit. Regardless of when the patient started to experience injuries or the malpractice happened, the absolute deadline to file a medical negligence claim is seven years. However, this state provides an expectation, especially when a patient discovers a retained foreign object in their body system. Apart from that, there are varied rules that apply to minors, and you can learn them by consulting your local lawyer. 

Why Consult an attorney?

Medical malpractice lawsuits tend to be complex and technical and have short deadlines, which might compromise your case if you miss them. Therefore, you need to contact your local personal injury lawyer when you want to find a medical negligence claim. The lawyer can examine your case, attempt to seek a settlement on your behalf, and even help in filing a court case when the accused fails to agree with your demands.

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General Classifications of Drug Treatment Approaches


In the modern world, addiction treatment approaches and programs evolve and diversify to fit and manage drug addictions. Drug treatment approaches begin with detoxification and medically managed withdrawal. The approaches are well designed to manage the potentially dangerous physiological effects of stopping drug use.

The process by which the body clears itself of drugs does not address the social, psychological, and behavioral problems associated with addiction; hence, the need for drug addiction treatment and formal assessment. Drug addiction treatment centers like are imperative in administering medically managed withdrawal.

Short-Term Residential Treatment

They offer a program based on a 12-step approach. The treatment is intensive but relatively brief. Originally, short-term programs were crucial in treating alcohol problems.

Drug addicts can use the approach to treat other types of substance-use hurdles with a treatment model consisting of 3 to 6-week hospital-based inpatient treatment. The phases are then complemented by extended outpatient therapy and aftercare programs. The approach is critical in mitigating relapse cases.

Long-Term Residential Treatment

This entails a non-hospital setting that provides treatment care 24 hours a day. The well-known long-term residential treatment model is the therapeutic community (TC). The therapeutic community integrates planned lengths of stay of between 6 and 12 months, focusing on re-socialization.

Long-term residential treatment focuses on developing personal accountability, responsibility, and productive living for the addict. Through highly structured treatment concepts, addicts can adopt new, harmonious, and constructive ways to interact.

The therapeutic community provides support services like onsite employment training. Additionally, the treatment helps patients examine damaging beliefs and destructive patterns of behavior. The treatment program is ideal for addicts with needs and mental complications.

Outpatient Treatment Program

They vary on the intensity of services offered. Compared to inpatient treatment, the program costs relatively less. Outpatient treatment is best suited for less serious addiction and people with extensive social support and jobs.

The effectiveness of the program depends on the individual patient’s needs and characteristics of the services. Outpatient treatments incorporate group counseling for persons with similar drug disorders.

Individualized Drug Counseling

The approach seeks to focus on stopping substance abuse and addressing related areas of impaired functioning. The program emphasizes content and structure of recovery while rooting out details such as employment status, illegal activity, and social relations.

Individualized drug counseling help patients develop coping strategies and tools to abstain from substance abuse use.

Group Counseling

Group therapy sessions are aimed at enhancing drug-free lifestyles. Group therapies capitalize on the social reinforcement offered by peer discussion. Persons with almost similar disorders can open up to psychiatrists and fellow addicts to create cognitive and community-friendly therapy. Accepting addiction as a personal problem is vital towards recovery.

The essence of drug treatment centers

Stable environment: Treatment facilities offer stable and secure surroundings to keep recovering addicts away from temptations.

Counselors: They are a key component in a rehab center as they aid addicts to get past their addiction.

Learning: With a drug-related disorder, an addict learns about addiction, how to overcome it, and how to mitigate relapse. Instilling knowledge to an addict is vital in promoting recovery.

Peer Support: A Rehabilitation center is surrounded by people going through the same things. Thus, any addict can gain much-needed peer support during the recovery phase.

Aftercare: Care after treatment is important as the patient transits back to society. It deters relapse.


Detoxification is considered to be the first stage of treatment in most substance abuse treatment centers. Detoxification alone creates short-term behavioral changes necessary for recovery, thus, integrating higher chances of relapse. Physicians can mitigate fatal side effects stemming from withdrawal symptoms in either inpatient or outpatient settings by administering the right medications.

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What Are Other Diseases That Can Resemble Ringworm

Paste (6)

Quite often misjudged, Ringworms are commonly mistaken to be associated with parasitic worms. However this skin disease is usually caused by either Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton species. This fungal infection is also known as tinea (corporis / capitis / cruris / pedis), dermatophytosis or dermatophyte infection.

Ringworm can be presented via different names when occurring at different parts of the body. For example ringworms that occur around the inner thigh, groin, and buttocks are commonly known as jock itch. Besides that, ringworms infection of the foot is well known in the athletic realm as athlete’s foot. Furthermore, ringworms that occur around the body and scalp are contemporarily called tinea corporis and tinea capitis respectively, or body/scalp fungal infection in short.

It’s clinical manifestation upon the skin is usually described as having

  • Red, itchy, scaly, bumpy & roughly circular patches around the infected areas
  • Patches that may develop into chronic blisters if left untreated
  • Patches that are redder on the outer circular layer – forming a ring-like appearance
  • Patches with a well define and slightly raised edges

Notably with an experienced clinician eye, one can most likely determine whether a skin abnormality is caused by a fungal infection or other similar disease that might resemble ringworms skin infection. Nonetheless, further investigation must be done prior to obtaining a wholesome conclusion. Even so, other skin condition that might be mistaken for ringworm disease also includes:

Nummular Eczema

Also known as nummular dermatitis or discoid eczema, this chronic skin disease has no definitive causes but is mostly associated with people that have family history of allergies, asthma or atopic dermatitis. It is non contagious, mostly occurs in th elderly and has a distinctive coin-shaped lesion to the affected areas.

Contact dermatitis

May be caused by a direct skin exposure to an allergen that is susceptible specifically to certain individuals. Its clinical symptoms usually include redness that may develop into severe itchiness. These rashes like symptoms usually occur on individuals with a history of previous dermatitis predisposed by the usage of  a new product. It can also be accompanied by cracked, scaly and swelling skin.

Pityriasis rosea

It is an idiopathic skin condition that some scientists associate with a certain strain of virus. Pityriasis rosea is commonly known for it’s ‘Herald patch’ lesion that is a large and slightly raised scaly skin followed by a smaller numerous oval shaped lesions surrounding it. Mainly occur upon the youth of 20-35 year of age, the skin abnormalities can usually be found around at the body and upper limb,


Is a skin disorder that is caused by an underlying inflammatory process and immune system abnormalities. This triggers an overdrive of skin formation that irritates the superficial skin layer. Psoriasis is typically associated with red, itchy, scaly and bumpy patches that are often located on the body, scalp and extremities. Psoriasis usually runs in the family, and its symptoms often develop between the ages of 15 to 25 years old regardless of gender.

Erythema migrans of Lyme Disease

Erythema migrans or also known as Erythema Chronicum migrans are skin abnormalities that are associated with Lyme disease. It is a skin infection that is caused by the bacteria Borrelia mayonii. The affected areas are often described to elicit circular bumpy rashes that become wider across time, and are often accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever, headache and fatigue.

Cutaneous Lupus

Also known as skin lupus or discoid lupus are chronic skin disorders associated with an immune system abnormality. This disease often affects more women as compared to men around the age of 40-60 years old. Tend to be similar to ringworm disorder because its skin rashes can develop into the form of red and scaly coin-shaped or ring-like lesions that are accompanied by severe sores with varying thickness.

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