Inspiring Movies that feature a strong female leader


Male characters and heroes dominate the movie industry, but female heroines are the ones who run the story and make it dynamic. Feminism and equality are now topics that are always discussed, so they got their place in Tollywood too. Just because of that, we are recommending you the best three movies with inspiring and influential female leaders. You can watch all types of Telugu Genres here.

Kartavyam (Vijaya Shanti)

This 1990 film, a political action drama about Vyjayanthi, an assistant of Police. She is a very dedicated policewoman who is trying to arrest corrupted leader Maddurkrishnayya together with his son. The movie is about the dedication of her duty and actively wants to show the world that Maddukrishnayya’s son, Chakravarthi, is guilty. He committed an assault on a girl. Some of the most significant hardships she will pass in the process will show you her independent side.

Swarnakamalam (Venkatesh):

If you are an artistic soul, you will love this film. Swarnakamalam is about a painter who helps his new neighbor, who is a dance artist. He started helping them while painting advertisers about events where this artist performs with his daughters. The younger one doesn’t want to dance. Instead, she has a wish to work and make it in America, but she also falls in love with the painter. Full movie you can watch here.

Shubalekha (Chiranjeevi):

Chiranjeevi is a multi-talented person who is working as a waiter in a star hotel since he is unable to pass his exam. He meets Sujatha, a lecturer who works in a college. Mohan, an engineer and older son of Adiseshayya is coming into Sujatha’a parent’s home, all together with his father, because he wants to marry her. Sujata doesn’t want to marry him. This story is about a young lecturer standing against dowry, which creates a rift in her life. Will she overcome it?

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Celebrate with Shrek and Fiona for Kids Birthday


The date is around the corner. If your kids happen to love Princess Fiona, Shrek, Donkey, or even Puss in boots, then the Shrek birthday party is the right option to choose.

The Shrek birthday party can work for both boys and girls. Your kids will love the Shrek Royal Castle theme, or Shrek swamp theme, or just the combination of both for the Shrek birthday party. You can rely on Miami Superhero to handle the Shrek birthday party ideas from the invitations, decorations, overall themes, Shrek’s characters, favor, entertainment, and other aspects.

Consider using Shrek birthday party invitations to family and friends to invite them to your kids’ birthday party. You can let Miami Superhero handle the invitations designs for you, giving you the best party characters in Weston Florida, Plantation Florida, Davie Florida and Pembroke Pines. You will just need to share all the necessary information to paste into the invitation.

Since it is the Shrek theme that you are about to apply, it is only natural that the Shrek birthday party decorations will bring the theme to life. Consider adding the Shrek themed plates and napkins on the table to serve the cake. Decorate one table with the Royal Castle Shrek theme, and you can decorate the other one with Swamp style.

Of course, there is no complete Shrek birthday party without the Shrek birthday cake. Include all the shrek’s things to the birthday cake and you will be golden.

The popular characters include the Shrek, Princess Fiona, Donkey, and Puss in Boots. When it comes to favors, Miami Superhero talents will dress as the favorite characters of the Shrek animation. Depending on how you are going to throw the party, your Shrek’s characters can be the elements of surprises who will appear in the peak of the party or will perform from the beginning to the end, including handing out the Shrek party favors to the kids. Imagine how joyful they can be when they are welcomed with their favorite characters.

Miami Superhero will also help you with the Shark themed items, decorations, and every element of the party. If you have no idea about how to execute the Shrek Birthday party for your kids, you won’t need to do this alone. Let Miami Superhero helps you with all the things. The Miami Superhero creative team will help you grant birthday wishes for your kids’ Shrek birthday party.

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