Why E-mail Address Verification is necessary?

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E-mails are nothing new in the modern world. From students to job holders, e-mail is an important thing that everyone cares about. Even institutions and business organization have e-mail addresses to help people reach out to them. While it is a way of connecting with others and used for both personal and professional used, its efficiency is great for marketing purposes also. Gone are the days when people got to know everything from the advertisements on TV screen and hoardings. Today we have more than enough brands and companies offering us huge numbers of products. There is a huge competition to drive the attention from a product or a line to another with attractive offers and discounts. With the emergence of so many brands and companies, people have become choosy and they like to do more study before choosing any product. It has become necessary for companies to reach people in a more eye-catching way to let them know about new products and brands. 

E-mails are efficient in helping companies in meeting their marketing requirements. E-mails are specifically great for customized addresses as it can be used to target individuals. Today customers appreciate offers and discounts especially forged for them. A special gift coupon on birthday can help to get a loyal customer. But such efficient strategy can even fail at points of time and there are proper reasons for that. The list of e-mail addresses that a company has is either bought or acquired through subscription. But there is no guarantee that these addresses will remain at the possession of that person for long. There are quite a few reasons for which an e-mail id becomes invalid. Then there are spam traps from which every company must stay away. 

Non-existent domains

Sometimes domains get changed or shut down. In such cases, e-mails belonging to these domain gets invalid. An e-mail verifier helps to determine if an e-mail belongs to a non-existent domain. Removing these addresses from the list helps to bring down the bounce rate. 

Change of job or position

In many cases people choose to put in their work e-mail addresses rather than their personal ones. There is no surety that the person will work for the same company or at the same post after submitting the e-mail id. With the change of job or position, the previous id gets invalid as there is basically no recipient to read the messages. Sending messages to these e-mail ids will ultimately result in increasing bounce rate. An email validation tool helps to solve the issue by marking out the invalid ids. Though you might get a shorter list to send mails, each of those would have the potential to create leads. 


Ultimately the mail addresses are being submitted by a human being. There might be errors which will prevent your yours mails from ending up at the right place. These addresses with errors with them are invalid and it is easy to get rid of these with the help of email verification.

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SEC Focus on Communication Compliance

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For a company to succeed, effective communication is essential. This is especially true since employees must work with real-time context and information. The advancement of digital communication technology has made communication more accessible and more efficient than ever before.

Apart from technological advances, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted companies to use digital communication tools to improve communication between clients and employees. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco WebEx are the most popular and widely used tools for remote collaboration.

Instant messaging services such as WhatsApp and Signal have seen a significant increase in use for work-related communications. Employees prefer instant messaging because of its simplicity and convenience.

Some organizations fail to improve their digital technology monitoring and archiving systems. The SEC Director of Enforcement Division’s recent speech and subsequent sweep shows that the SEC is still focused solely on communication compliance.

Generally, company servers do not capture communications between employees and their personal apps. Companies may not be able to find relevant documents sent to employees’ personal apps when they conduct an internal investigation, respond to a lawsuit document request, or answer a regulatory investigation.

This is the reason why the SEC is now primarily focused on compliance with communication rules and has imposed strict compliance rules. They also take compliance violations very seriously. SEC has also increased enforcement by ensuring that businesses have the proper monitoring and instant messaging archiving systems for business-related communications.   

If a company must keep records for regulatory purposes or monitor business communications to ensure compliance, regulatory, or cybersecurity, the monitoring process cannot review personal communications.

To avoid non-compliance penalties and fines, financial firms and broker-dealers must adhere to WhatsApp FINRA regulations. This regulation to record mobile messages via the app is not simple to follow, especially if there is no compatible WhatsApp recording solution.

For more information about the focus of the SEC in terms of communication compliance, see this infographic from TeleMessage.


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Sam Yari Talks About Photography – His Biggest Passion


Sam Yari, an Iranian who grew up in the UAE, is one of the most prolific photographers in Southeast Asia. In 2016, when Iran started a nationwide program to arrest models and photographers, he immigrated to Turkey, and worked as a photographer from 2016 to 2021.

He is also the founder of Sam Yari Studio, which is based in Istanbul. Sam Yari’s work has been published by SkyLife Magazine, and he is one of the biggest photographers in the country. he has collaborated with big names like the French-Paris Metropolitan Modeling Agency as well.

Sam Yari is has held many photography exhibitions around the world, and his work, especially his long exposure photos, have been exhibited around the world. Yari believes that art comes from the heart, and a person should be able to freely express their surroundings. Yari, who is quite familiar with viewing the world from behind a camera lens, has quite a lot to say

1. Don’t rush to buy the most expensive camera.

Take into account that when you are fond of photography (without making money from it) everything you acquire will be an expense. Starting with an amateur SLR camera will be just what you need, later you can evaluate if you want a more advanced camera and make the leap to a semi-professional camera.

Professional cameras will not be the most recommended unless you already dedicate yourself to photography as a profession since the jump to professional cameras becomes much more expensive, the body is more expensive, the lenses you have from your amateur or semi-professional camera They may no longer serve you, this is because you could find a vignette in your images and the quality of the photo could be affected.Yari started off with relatively little, but because he had a penchant for this, he was quickly able to build up an excellent portfolio.

In addition to this, as Sam Yari always says, the photographer is the one who takes the photographs and not the camera, of course with a more advanced camera the image quality can improve, but before thinking about buying a more expensive camera I recommend that you invest that money in your development as a photographer.

2. Consider buying a tripod.

The tripods allow you to take pictures with enough clarity that, holding your camera with your hands, it would be practically impossible to capture, for example, the famous silk waterfalls, fireworks, light trails or light painting. For all these, slow speeds and a lot of stability are required, the latter is what will give you a tripod.

The price of a tripod varies depending on the brand and the material it is built with, but it’s definitely a wise idea to invest a good tripod. Yari believes that it can help you take better photographs.

3. Make a list of the places you would like to photograph.

There will be many moments when you will not have your camera but you will think “this is a good place to take a picture”, I recommend that you write down in a notebook or on your cell phone those places you would like to return to take pictures. To that list you can also add those places that you would like to visit, they can be magical towns, cities with cathedrals and architecture from past centuries, places with a rich culture or history, in this way you can plan a trip to visit those places on your weekends. week or on your vacation.

4. Enjoy the learning process.

The best part about having a hobby like photography is that the learning curve is so much fun. You can join a group of amateur photographers who get together to go out and take pictures, use your friends, partner or family as models for your photos, you can take pictures practically anywhere, in addition, as you develop as photographers you begin to see all of them places with the eyes of a photographer, seeing things that others do not see.

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Look at What Would Be the Best Coming With the Pune Digital Marketing Courses

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As a result of its rapid growth, the sector of digital marketing offers a broad variety of job options. A profession in digital marketing is getting more popular, and there are several advantages to doing so. These include digital marketing companies, advertising agencies, and marketing departments in a wide variety of industries. Taking a Digital marketing courses in Pune can help you advance in your career since so many organizations nowadays are looking to establish themselves online.

There are a wide range of job opportunities in digital marketing, which is expanding at a rapid pace. Inbound marketing, social media, copywriting, SEO, and search engine optimization are just a few of the many facets of digital marketing that digital marketing experts work in. It’s always possible to get a great career in this industry. Because of the skills and experience obtained in digital marketing, you’ll be more equipped to get a job in the future.

What will the Digital Marketing course be about in 2022?

  • When it comes to getting the greatest results, digital marketing experts have greater leeway to try new things.
  • The potential for digital marketing is developing because companies increasingly place a greater emphasis on a person’s experience and abilities than on their academic degrees.
  • Students who finish the Digital Marketing course are better able to meet the needs of employers. The scope of digital marketing is always expanding, and it will continue to do so for many years to come.

More and more businesses will need to use digital marketing strategies as the number of businesses grows. There are many jobs that can be done by someone knowledgeable in digital marketing, and it is because to digital marketing that the right audience can now be identified and contacted based on their demographics.

For every product or service to reach its intended and potential clients, digital marketing has become more important

Digital marketing is a field in which there is a critical shortage of competent workers, and there are several employment openings available. Digital marketing offers a wide range of opportunities, whether via social media marketing, SEO, or influencer marketing.

In addition to helping students improve their creative writing abilities, it also provides them with a wide variety of educational benefits. A greater knowledge of the sector and its consumers may also be gained via this method. The Digital marketing classes in Pune offers a proper idea of the same.

As long as the profession continues to grow and develop, it is possible to go up the career ladder.

Digital marketing has a plethora of employment opportunities

The advent of digital marketing heralds a new age in marketing. Because of the significance of industry trends, particularly social media trends, it is essential to keep current.

  • A career in digital marketing will provide you a wide range of skills and expertise that will open the door to a wide range of professional opportunities.
  • To maintain a brand’s long-term viability, digital marketing is essential. Digital marketing is beneficial to both individuals and businesses because of its broad appeal.


People may learn new talents to help them advance in their careers. Any product, company, or service must be advertised effectively and via the relevant media channels in order to reach the desired audience. A digital marketing professional is needed by every company to do this. India’s digital marketing industry is expanding, and more jobs are becoming accessible in this sector.

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Why is laminate flooring the best option among other flooring?


Are you looking for the foremost well-liked flooring selections within the client market, laminate floors seem to be quickly turning into one among them. Laminate flooring originated in the 1980s, and it­’s come back with an extended approach since then. Other than hardwood, stone or tile, this laminate flooring is usually less expensive and easily affordable.  However, the laminates popularly are not all regarding value. For everyday use best Laminate floors will replicate the forms of wood that will usually be too fragile.

Key features of laminate flooring

The key features of this laminate are as follow,

  1. Laminate floors have a woodgrain look and planks
  2. This flooring has constant size and form as wood floor planks
  3. They are a convincing substitute for hardwood.
  4. They have the quality to last for much longer than even sturdier woods can.
  5. Laminate Flooring Installation as a result gets their styles from photographic pictures instead of a physical layer of wood.
  6. Individuals will opt for the planning of any wood look they want without fear regarding sturdiness or Laminate Flooring prices.
  7. For those that wish the planning of over one surface in their home, laminates may mimic stone
  8. High-end laminates provide a rough look; therefore, the end appearance looks realistic from near and far.
  9. Original laminates do not have these finishes and tend to appear a lot realistic from a distance.
  10. Laminate floors will replicate many sorts of wood that is oak, Brazilian cherry, mahogany, walnut, chestnut, hickory, maple, ash and pine, and a couple of other species as well as their colors.
  11. All those traits build laminate flooring, a lovely alternative for those that wish exotic and authentic appearance in their homes.

Benefits you will have when installing laminate in your space?

  • Laminate is sturdy:

Laminate Flooring is a strong, scratch-resistant, and extremely durable flooring surface. Protected by a tough exterior layer giving it the feature of lasting long.  It’s nice for heavy foot traffic and homes wherever there are pets and kids.

  • Laminate is easy to install:

Laminate Flooring is known for its easier installation than alternative floor varieties. That’s because of the boards that are designed uniquely with trendy designs to interlock, creating them simple to figure with.

  • Laminate is affordable:

The price of laminate Flooring prices are reasonable than the traditional hardwood, however, it doesn’t come short once it involves look and quality. There is a good Laminate Flooring Installation selection for each cost range.

  • Laminate is stylish:

Best Laminate flooring options are sold in an exceedingly big variety of wood, stone, and tile finishes. All of those are out there in several colors, surface treatments, thicknesses, and plank designs.

  • Laminate is simple to scrub and maintain:

Laminate Flooring is wet, and stain resistant surface makes cleaning the spills simple. There are not any special cleaners required to stay a laminate floor in high form. Daily sweeping is all you need!

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4 Most Popular Woocommerce Hosting Providers in India for 2022


Are you looking for ways to flourish your online store in 2022?If so, this is the right time to plan well for your business. If you own a small business with the aim to open a fully functioning online store, then WooCommerce hosting is the best option for you. Choosing a WooCommerce hosting package will let you move in the right direction in a hassle-free way. Even if you don’t have any technical skills, you can get a blazing swift online store ready to go.Usually, normal web hosting is not a good option for WooCommerce as more resources including security, SSL certificate, and a support network based on WooCommerce are needed. In addition to this, you need to manage the traffic and downtime.

With thousands of WordPress hosting providers in India, selecting the best hosting provider that offersreliable, high performance, high quality,and affordable services with excellent technical support is one of the most important steps in the success of your eCommerce business.

Let’s have a look at top picks for the best WooCommerce hosting servicesin India that will help you make the right decision to create and manage a stunning and highly converting Ecommerce experience-

Bluehost – With the experience of more than a decade, Bluehost is a top-rated web hosting provider. it is an official ‘WordPress’ and ‘WooCommerce’ recommended hosting provider. With bundled services of Bluehost with WordPress and WooCommerce, you need not worry about anything to create and operate online stores. Also, there is no need to worry about lots of visitors making the website slow. It offers various hosting packages, including shared hosting at the entry-level and more advanced VPS hosting or Dedicated Server hosting services, so you can choose according to your needs.

Key features – 

  • Auto-install of WooCommerce
  • Free Domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • PPC Credits
  • Excellent 24*7 customer support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Easy refund policy
  • Storefront Theme Pre-Installed
  • SSD Storage
  • Free Speed Boosting CDN
  • Jetpack Personal Pre-Installed
  • Free Domain & SSL
  • Free Website Backup

Hostinger – This well-known platform is aimed at overall WordPress management. They offer WordPress hosting plans to provide the best customer experience. They allocate ample WordPress resources to ensure the seamless working of your WooCommerce store at its full capacity.

Key features:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24*7 Customer support
  • Scalability
  • HTTP/2
  • Assets like PHP 7+
  • Loading speed
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Cloudflare integration

HostSoch– This is one of the reliable web hosting providers in India and specializes in shared hosting services with several impressive features. It is the best option to create your new site at very affordable rates for hosting.

Key features

  • Free SSL Certificates for Lifetime
  • Affordable rates
  • Unlimited Space and Bandwidth
  • CloudLinux
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free website builder
  • KernelCare
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Free Domain Privacy

SiteGround– SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting providers in the WordPress community and offers an array of hosting plans to simplify your Woocommerce site management.

Key features:

  • Free SSL
  • In-house WordPress speed and security solutions
  • 24*7 support
  • pre-installed WooCommerce
  • One-click staging and GIT version control
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Built-in WP caching

Selecting the best hosting provider is an essential aspect. You can assess different web hosting services and then select the right option depending on your needs.

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Tapping Influencers to Make Your Campaigns Effective


Anyone in the marketing industry understands that influencer marketing is one major part of a campaign strategy to drive more sales to a product or service. More than just a trend or buzzword, it can be a powerful tool that gives your brand greater recognition across social media channels and other online platforms.

In simple terms, influencer marketing taps independent content creators with a following on social media, more commonly known as “influencers,” to do endorsements through various posts. Influencers publish content on their pages, from pictures to videos and even testimonials of their experience with the product.

It is a widely used strategy today because it reaches consumers directly. Influencers hold a certain amount of authority within their own niches, so their followers trust their opinions.

The question now is this: how do you successfully reach out to influencers to promote your new product? We have a number of tips to make sure you appeal to content creators that offer results.

Making Sure You Have a Great Product

The most effective method to have influencers take on the promotion of your new product is to have something that you are proud of. You are not the only brand that will be tapping influencers to create awareness for your product, so you need one that stands well on its own.

Another reason you need a strong product to sell is that when influencers endorse a product, their credibility is also on the line. If your product has nothing to say, it will be difficult for the people you tap to encourage customers to follow suit.

Great products also make your giveaways and special offers more valuable. It gives you greater confidence to market the product with rebate rewards and other incentives because you know that both influencers and consumers are receiving a product that improves their quality of life.

Reaching Out to the Right Influencers

Now, you have to find the most suitable influencers to ensure that your products find their way to the people who will benefit from them the most. There are two key ways to accomplish this.

Identify the best people to tap

Know the people who will have the most use for your product. Once you have figured that out, take time to learn their internet habits. Ask questions such as, “What social media platforms do they prefer?” and “What are their browsing habits?” to determine which influencers will help convert them into loyal customers.

One crucial factor is also your influencer budget. Influencers can cost a pretty penny depending on the size of their following and on what platforms they promote their content on. 

When you round up your list of possible content creators, find those who give the best value for your money. Alternatively, it also pays to know how much you could lose if you forgo influencer engagement.

Remember that not just any content creator can create lasting engagement for your brand and product. You need to tap individuals whom your audiences follow and enjoy engaging with. You also need to make sure that the influencer’s image and content style are a good match for your brand identity.

Make long-term engagement your goal

A mistake that many marketers make is to use influencer marketing as a one-time promotion strategy. The risk is that you make a lot of noise during the product launch but have the excitement die down soon after. This quickly lets you lose engagement with your product.

To avoid this, do not exhaust all your resources for the launch. Make sustainability your goal and tap various influencers at different stages of your marketing efforts.

Do not just ask for the same kinds of content from the people you tap, too. These content creators have different areas of expertise, so diversify the posts in which viewers can find your products plugged in. Just make sure that even with different kinds of content, they remain relevant to your target market.

Monitoring and Measuring Your Campaign ROI

Pay attention to how well consumers are receiving your products, thanks to your marketing campaign. These involve the monitoring of numerous factors, including post views, likes, comments, and views. You should also look at how many people click links to your shop after viewing your materials.

Your biggest goal in tapping influencers for your marketing campaigns is to collaborate to build long-term benefits for your brand. At the same time, however, you also must offer genuine advantages to the creators you reach out to. Influencer marketing should develop a symbiotic relationship between you and the influencer.

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Security Guard Jobs: Why Do Hospitals Need Guards?

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Security guards are an important part of a hospital’s team. They ensure that all patients and staff are safe and secure.

Security guards play many roles in the hospital, including:

-Assisting patients with directions and escorting them to their destination

-Monitoring hallways for suspicious activity or unattended items

-Providing security for the staff, visitors, and other patients

-Reporting any suspicious activity to their supervisors

Becoming a Guard and Making a Difference in Healthcare

A security guard is a person who is employed to protect the safety and property of people, businesses, or other assets. Security guards serve as a deterrent to crime by their mere presence. They are often employed in places such as banks, schools, hospitals, and airports.

The security guard job market is booming and it’s not hard to see why. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of security guards will grow by about 17% between 2016 and 2026.

A security guard is responsible for protecting people or property from harm or theft. This can be done through many different methods including:

-patrolling an assigned area;

-maintaining a constant watch over an area; providing assistance in case of emergency;

-deterring criminal activity through the use of force if necessary;

-maintaining order at public events;

How to Get the Best Security Guards in the Market

Security guards are the last line of defense for any hospital. They are responsible for the safety of patients and staff members.

Security guards are trained to be calm in dangerous situations, which is what makes them such a valuable asset to hospitals. This is why it is important that hospitals find the best security guards in the market and train them on how to handle different situations.

What are the Roles of Security Guards at Hospitals?

Security guards at hospitals are responsible for the safety of the patients and staff. They are responsible for monitoring the premises, controlling access to restricted areas, and responding to emergencies.

Healthcare facilities need security personnel to maintain a safe environment for patients and employees. Security guards monitor hospital entrances, restricted areas, parking lots, and other areas of the facility where people congregate. They also respond to emergencies such as medical emergencies or violent situations.

Security guards are usually unarmed, but in some cases they can carry a baton or pepper spray that is not lethal. The law prohibits the use of deadly force unless someone is being actively and immediately pursued by law enforcement.

How to Hire the Best Security Guards for Your Hospital?

Security guards are the first line of defense for hospitals and other buildings. They are there to protect the building and its occupants from any external threats. It is important to hire security guards who have a lot of experience in this field, so they can handle any situation that comes their way. Buy the latest AK47 rifles for your hospital security guards.

Many hospitals hire security guards who are retired police officers, military personnel or security professionals. This gives them a lot of experience in dealing with different types of threats and situations that they might encounter on the job.

The hospital guard is the person that protects and watches over the patients in a hospital. They need to be alert and attentive, which requires a good attention span. They also need to be strong, not just physically but mentally as well. A hospital guard needs to have empathy for others and patience for the difficult situations that can arise in a hospital.

Conclusion: Security Guards for Hospitals and Their Vital Role in Healthcare

Security guards are often overlooked by the public. However, they are important in protecting hospitals and their patients from potential risks. Security guards provide a sense of security, which is essential to the healing process.

Conclusion: Security guards have an important role in providing security for hospitals and their patients. They can be considered vital as they protect the hospital from any potential risks that could harm it or its patients.

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How to Maintain your PC


When it comes to a PC, it is definitely not cheap to replace a poorly maintained system. A computer is an investment you make, which means like other investments, it also needs to be protected. You can extend the life of your PC by following some of the tips below:

  • Don’t shutdown your PC too often

Shutting down your PC too often is not good for its health, but this doesn’t mean that you keep it running 24/7 either. It is best to find a happy balance between the two. Also, make sure you shut down the PC correctly and not just turn off the power button, as this can inflict a lot of damage in the long run.

  • Don’t smoke, eat or drink near your PC

A lot of PCs are ruined because of smoke residue, spilled liquids and similar food accidents. This can be devastating for the health and life of your PC and if you don’t want to damage it, you need to eliminate these bad habits.

  • Blow out and clean the PC regularly

There are lots of moving parts in the PC that heat up when you use then. You have to keep the system as cool as possible if you don’t want it to heat up. Dust, dirt and debris can clog the fans and ports, which can cut down the airflow. Find compressed air to blow out the dirt and dust and if it is unavailable or out of budget, consider the alternatives provided at

  • Update software and do regular maintenance

Lastly, you should ensure that all security fixes, patches and software/driver updates are installed in a timely manner because they will keep your PC running smoothly. You also need to run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter regularly, so there are no unnecessary files on your PC.

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5 Mind Blowing Features Of A Smartwatch Fitness Tracker

The Rise In Popularity Of Smartwatches In The Market

Smartwatches are one of the greatest inventions in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Smartwatch is a small phone-like device that is worn on the Wrist. Many smartphones can get connected to the phones, and it gets a notification for incoming calls or messages. These watches are designed to wear daily and are also stylish enough to be styled for special occasions. It also offers more advanced features and connectivity than a usual watch. Smartwatches can run apps and also most of the social apps and also have Bluetooth inbuilt. These watches have a touchscreen and can control easily by the calculator, compass, and more.

Like a smartphone with an internet connection, one can access GPS navigation functions, and some smartwatch fitness trackers are also built explicitly for athletes with speed, wind direction tracking features. Some exciting features of a smartwatch are.

1.        Innovative Navigation For Your Journeys

It is the most loved part of a smartwatch that it can help you navigate using apps like Google or Apple maps. Getting direction on the watch is pretty easy and convenient and one of the practical applications. It is the most useful for older people or people with amnesia; it will guide you to house locations or elsewhere. To access the direction feature, you have to download the navigator app, and by turning on the notifications, the directions will show up on the screen then.

2.        Companion For Your Fitness Journey

Being fit and keeping yourself healthy should be a priority for everyone. This watch is perfect for older people and younger ones as it comes with a heartbeat monitor and an inbuilt SPO2 monitor. The smartwatch fitness tracker also helps you count your daily footsteps, a significant watch feature. A benefit of a smartwatch over a fitness band is that you can see your progress on the watch and not have to see the phone constantly.

3.        A Mini Smartphone On Your Wrist

The smartwatch can do all the possible things that the phone can do.

It allows you to access social media apps, calendar, Bluetooth, email, and many, many more that too on your wrist. Many smartwatches come with impressive battery life, running for about 10- 12 hours. Also, when in need, it can help your folks to access your location through GPS.

4.        Manager For Your Smart Home

A smartwatch can control most intelligent AI devices. After integrating the devices of your home with your watch, you can easily manage all the devices. It can easily monitor devices like lights, fans, or electrical appliances. Once you connect all the smart devices, you can easily control your home with just voice commands.

5.        Your Assistant

It’s hard for older adults to remember all the tasks at their fingertips. With your smartwatch fitness tracker, it helps you to remind you for your Pilates or workout sessions. It can update and remind you of all your tasks on time.

These factors make a smartwatch wearable and an excellent tech device for all your needs.

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