What Are Bail Bonds?


You may be in need of a bail bond if you end up in jail because of a criminal offense. You have not been tried or prosecuted for that crime, but you’ve been arrested. Bail bondsmen or agents are the ones you can speak to in order to pay your bail. Here’s how bail bonds work and why you may need one.


Bail gets set when you go to jail. This is an amount of money that you must pay to be released. Basically, this price ensures you’ll show up again for your trial. The more serious your crime, the higher the amount for your bail. It prevents people from fleeing, like a judiciary form of insurance. You will get your money back when you show up to your court date.

Bail Bonds

If you cannot afford to pay the amount of your bail, you aren’t alone. Many people can’t afford to pay the courts thousands of dollars in cash. As a result, they enlist the help of a bail bondsman. You can find a bail bonds company online by researching those in your county, such as Lancaster County bail bonds. To get a bail bond, you must provide a certain amount of the bail up front to the bail bond agency, as well as anything else that can act as collateral. The agent posts your bail for you with the guarantee that you’ll show up for court or they can take that collateral.

Returning the Bail

When you arrive at court, any money you paid is returned to you and the bail bond no longer applies. The bail bondsman keeps the percentage you paid initially, but that is all. If you do not appear, the collateral will be used to pay the courts and the bail bondsman. It is up to you if you get your money back or not.

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List Of Safety Devices Recommended By A Motorcycle Accident Attorney


If you ever get involved in a motorcycle accident, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent your claim is a great idea because the chances of winning are significantly improved when a professional handles the case.

Certain factors may however influence the failure of your claim. One of such is your failure to use safety devices. The following are the safety devices that an accident lawyer recommends:

  1. Safety gear: All riders are encouraged to wear the right safety gear while they are out riding. When you go out there, your helmet, riding boots, gloves, leather vest, and pants should not be left behind. They are designed to reduce injury when accidents happen. Leaving them out may affect your case negatively if you ever have to lay a claim.
  2. Airbag vests or jackets: Airbag vests are innovative designs that you should take advantage of. Designed to work like automotive airbags, these vests will further reduce the risk of fatal injuries in an accident. Certain insurance companies make it compulsory for their clients who own motorcycles to purchase and use airbag vests.
  3. Accelerating stability: Motorcycles are most vulnerable when accelerating or turning a corner on speed. New technologies are available to help your bike maintain wheel stability when you turn or accelerate. If your bike can be modified with this tech, you should get it done!
  4. Anti-lock braking control: If you ever have to stop suddenly, your anti-lock brakes will be of immense benefit. This technology is successful in motor vehicles, and now, motorcycles can adopt it. The anti-lock system pumps the brakes if applied hard and suddenly, giving you greater control to maneuver the steering.
  5. Functional tail lights: If you get rammed from behind in the dark, a motorcycle accident lawyer will most likely ask if your tail lights were on. Tail lights are safety equipment that helps to keep your motorcycle visible from the rear.
  6. Post-manufacture protection: Certain safety devices may not be on your motorcycle from the manufacturer. Your motorcycle accident lawyer may recommend a few, depending on the distance you ride. If you are a long-distance rider, the GPS navigation system is a must. Getting a hands-free device to help you make calls while riding safely is crucial.

Your safety is essential; add as many devices or gear as you can, to increase your chances of coming out of an accident unhurt.

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Wrongful convictions or miscarriage of justice cases are more common than one might think. Police make mistakes, and it’s a fact. Many a time, arrests are made due to lack of evidence or based on suspicions which may later turn out to be ineffective. Police are also known to arrest people from black and brown communities more so compared to white populations. The racist mindset of police often leads to wrongful arrests. 

Timothy Atkins when behind the bar, he was only 17 for a crime he did not commit. He was released 23 years later from jail when the key witness of the crime declares that he only named Atkins because the police told her to do so. These innocent victims spend most of their lives in jail for a crime they did not even commit. Continue reading this article to know what is to be done to get someone out of jail when they are wrongfully convicted. 

Right to Bail: When someone is arrested with a criminal charge, he or she is taken to the prison where they are supposed to stay until produced to the court for bail trial. Now, depending on the severity of the crime and one’s prior criminal record, the judge decides a bail amount for the defendant. One can walk out of jail freely by posting the bail amount to the court. It sounds easier than it actually is. 

  • A bail amount, set from a pre-determined bail schedule, can be several thousand dollars. Not everyone has that kind of money lying around, ready to post for bail. So, a defendant might feel as if his hands are tied. If he cannot come up with the sum, he must wait inside the prison until his trial, which can be weeks or months from the initial arrests. 
  • California law has introduced a new rule that helps the defendant get bail even if he is not financially well-off. Bail bonds San Diego helps a defendant get out of jail by posting bail on his behalf. The bail firm takes a fee of ten percent of the whole bail amount. These reputed bail firms play a vital role in getting a defendant out of jail in their moment of crisis. 

Prepare for the trial: Once the defendant is out of jail, he must prepare for the upcoming trial. The war is far from over yet, so one must be very meticulous when it comes to gathering proofs for the hearing. Engaging an experienced lawyer is mandatory, as legal help is the only way to get out of this mess. 

Compensation: A person wrongfully convicted can press charges against the authorities for compensation. Legal professionals will have more knowledge about the issues as they deal with such instances on a regular basis. Filing a lawsuit as soon as possible provides one with the opportunity to get better compensations. California penal code 4900, passed in 2000, talks about compensation terms of wrongfully convicted. For each day a man spends behind the bar, for wrongful convictions, he will receive a $100 and for a year $36,500. The amount is not much, but people like Timothy Atkins, who find themselves in a difficult situation after getting out of prison, not knowing the new way of the world, need this compensation to carry on with their lives. 

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What Is Personal Injury Law?


Personal injury is one area of civil law. It refers to seeking damages for injuries to a person.

Personal injury cases may stem from a variety of accidents or situations. They involve one person’s negligence causing the injuries of another person.

If you bring a personal injury case to court, you can seek monetary damages if you win. There are several types of damages you may get.

Personal Injury Elements

Wikipedia explains that your personal injury case may seek compensation for physical, emotional, or mental injuries. Do note that a civil case does not involve criminal penalties. It is possible that the other person is facing criminal charges, but they are not a part of your personal injury case.

To prove your case, you must show there was a responsibility of the other party to act in a certain way, but he or she did not act that way. Because of his or her negligence, you suffered an injury and a monetary loss as a result.


Damages are the award the court gives you, which is monetary in nature. You can get compensation from the court for things such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of life
  • Loss of companionship
  • Damage to mental health
  • Long-term suffering

In some areas, damages may include the option for punitive damages, which are the civil law form of punishment. The court orders this type of damages specifically to punish the person at fault, and you get the payment. You should consult personal injury law Grand Prairie TX to see if Texas allows for punitive damages.

Type of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases can involve any situation involving an injury and loss of money:

  • Car accidents
  • On-the-job accidents
  • Premises accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Product defects
  • Poisoning from pollution

Wrapping Up

If you have a situation where someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, then you have a personal injury case. You should exercise your rights to seek proper compensation.

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Hiring the Right Driver Can Reduce Business Liability


Companies that employ drivers can face legal liability if an employee causes an accident while on duty. Not only can this rack up legal bills for a business, but it can also increase insurance rates in the long run. The company’s reputation may also suffer. Checking the driving record of potential employees can help mitigate these issues.

Evaluating the Costs of Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that the average car accident can cost an employer nearly $20,000.  If an employee is injured, the cost rises to almost $75,000. If the accident results in a fatality or punitive damages, the costs can range from $500,000 to a million dollars. The financial effects of legal fees, medical expenses and property damage can easily bankrupt a small company.

Lowering the Liability Odds

Reducing the risk of liability can be achieved by hiring the right person. Checking the pre-employment driving record of a potential employee will alert a business to any possible issues. A clean driving record doesn’t mean an accident won’t ever happen, but it does indicate that a candidate is responsible. If the potential employee uses the same care he or she has in the past, the likelihood of avoiding accidents in the future is high.

Assessing Records Available to Employers

A business that hires drivers can request a motor vehicle record to screen a potential employee’s driving history. This background check varies by state but typically includes the number, class and status of the driver’s license. It will also show if there have been any suspensions or revocations in the past as well as any crimes committed with a vehicle, including convictions for driving under the influence. A motor vehicle record will also show traffic citations, accident reports, unpaid tickets and lapses in insurance coverage.

Although nothing is foolproof, finding the most reliable candidate to drive for your business will greatly reduce your liability. A lengthy driving record showing responsible behavior is the best indicator. The time and effort spent screening candidates will pay off in the long run.

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Under Arrest: Here’s What to Expect


When an officer places you under arrest, you need to be aware of what to expect. Knowing what’s to come can enable you to get your situation in order while also protecting yourself against further legal issues.

Remember that once you are under arrest, you have certain rights and responsibilities. You also are at the mercy of the court from this point forward.

Your Rights

The arresting officer must explain your rights to you. FindLaw states that these include your right to an attorney and the right to remain silent. You should exercise these rights. Do not talk to anyone until you secure an attorney.

Pay close attention when the officer reads you your rights. He or she should read them in full. If the officer failed to do so, you need to let your attorney know as soon as possible.


Once you get to the jail, the booking process begins. An officer will take your picture and fingerprint you. You will likely go through a strip search. You will go into a holding cell at this point. You may have to give up your clothing and shoes and wear jail attire, but this does not always happen.


Shortly after your arrest, you will go in front of a judge. This usually happens within 72 hours of your arrest. The judge will read the charges against you and ask for your plea. If you do not plead guilty, then the judge will typically set bail.


Justia explains bail is the amount of money you must pay to get out of jail until your trial date. It is a security deposit of sorts that guarantees you will show up for your next court date.

Typically, the bail will be a high dollar amount. You can pay it in full if you are able, but most people will seek a cash bail bond.

You will need to work with a bail bonds agent to secure a bond. The agent will pay the bond for you. You must pay only a percentage directly to the agent. You also must put up collateral to secure your bond.


When your trial date comes, if you paid your bail out of your own pocket and show up at court, then you will get your money back from the court. If you used an agent and you show up to court, the agent gets his or her money back and releases the hold on your collateral.

If you fail to show up at court, you forfeit the bond you paid. If you used an agent this also means you lose the collateral you put up for the bond. The court will also issue a warrant for your arrest.

From Beginning to End

It is imperative that you understand the arrest process and what happens after your arrest. You want to protect yourself and have the potential to fight the charges against you. It also can make things less stressful when you know what will happen. Plus, you should plan ahead for paying your bond so that you aren’t stuck in jail until your trial.

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Tips to Find a Quality Personal Injury Attorney


If someone is injured because of someone else’s fault or action, they have the right to receive compensation for their injuries and the damages that occurred. Unfortunately, the process of getting this compensation is often complicated.

For those fighting to get the compensation they deserve, hiring a competent car accident lawyer Kent is highly recommended. However, not all attorneys are created equal. Keep reading to find out what to consider when hiring this legal professional.  

Experience in the Local Area

One of the first things to consider when hiring an attorney for any legal matter is their experience. How many cases have they represented? How many cases did they represent successfully? Take some time to learn about the attorney’s or law firm’s background to determine if they would be a good fit for your case.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Today, most personal injury attorneys are more than willing to provide a potential client with a free consultation. This is because it allows you and the attorney to see if it is a good fit. At this point, you can ask the attorney any questions you have and discuss the details of your case. This is a great “get to know you” meeting that will help you make your final decision about which attorney you should hire. If possible, schedule three to four consultations with different attorneys before choosing one.

Finding the Right Attorney

Finding the right attorney can be challenging. While this is true, when you know what to consider, it makes the process a bit easier. Use the information above to feel confident you have found the right attorney for your case and your situation. Being informed is the best way to make this critical decision. Remember, the lawyer you hire is going to impact the compensation you receive.

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3 Common Reasons for Divorce


Everyone’s marriage is different, and the reasons that people fall in or out of love are complex. While most people who get married envision a lifetime of happiness with their partner, sometimes things do not turn out as planned. Problems effectively communicating with a spouse, disagreements about financial issues or incompatibility can all lead to divorce under certain circumstances.

  1. Communication Issues

Even couples who start out living together harmoniously may find that their ability to effectively communicate has eroded. Being able to work through everyday problems together and come to a solution is a huge part of a healthy marriage. If spouses are not able to come together and respectfully discuss issues together, then it is a big problem. Chronic, serious disagreements can lead to a contested divorce Tampa, which can be stressful.

  1. Disagreements About Money

Money plays a big role in people’s lives. No matter what income bracket a married couple is in, it is important that they agree on money matters. Even if a couple has more than enough money to live comfortably, if they cannot agree on what purchases to make, there will be problems. Spouses should agree on major purchases and long-term financial goals because if they do not, then that can lead to problems in the relationship.

  1. Incompatibility

People change over time. Spouses who have been together for decades are not usually exactly the same as they were the day they wed. Personalities may change as people grow and mature, and hobbies, interests and social groups evolve. If one spouse develops a passion for a certain type of lifestyle and the other person is not interested, then they may not be able to resolve the issue with a compromise.

Not every divorce happens because of an infidelity or a grand event. Oftentimes two people realize over time that they are no longer happy and want to end the relationship. While it is not a pleasant experience to go through, both spouses may find that they are better off without the marriage.

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Find the Right Attorney who helps you with Fathers’ Rights in the Divorce Claim 


If you were seeking a divorce from your spouse, consider looking for an amicable settlement. It would be pertinent to mention here that the best divorce attorneys in the region handle numerous divorce cases without an outcry. It implies that the people in the present times have become smarter. Men would consider seeking a divorce from their respective spouse without the need to fight or argue on the matter in the court of law. It would be a boon for you to find the best divorce attorney suitable for handling your divorce case. The attorney should emphasize on Aurora father’s rights when filing a divorce case in the court of law. 

Rest assured a qualified divorce attorney would not hamper your rights in a divorce case. Despite the father having limited rights when it comes to the custody of a young child, the father could contest his rights in the court of law. If at any point in time, during the divorce process, if he feels the spouse infringes on his rights, he could contest the claim made by the wife. However, it would be important to hire a suitable divorce attorney for handling such delicate issues in the court of law. The father could ask for visitation rights of the child, who is in the custody of the mother. The order of the judge would be binding on both the parties. 

When it comes to the custody of the child, the chances of the court giving the custody of the child to the mother would be higher. It implies that the father would be given visitation rights to the child on a specific day or days of the week and special occasions. The competency of the attorney would help the father gain more than mere visitation rights to the child. However, it depends on how dedicated the divorce attorney is while handling your case. 


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Why Experience should be an Essential Aspect in the Workers Compensation Attorney 


Have you undergone any kind of work related injury? Is it tough for you to acquire the deserved compensation award? In such a scenario, your best bet would be to look for North Bergen Workers Compensation Attorney. There may be conditions when the company or insurance declines your claim despite you providing legitimate medical documents and healthcare expenditures. Rest assured a worker compensation attorney understands the complex legal system and could help you learn about the rights and responsibilities while adhering to the rules governing work-related injuries occurring in the state. 

You may wonder about the need to find the best workers compensation attorney near you. It would be pertinent that you should find at least three to four attorneys near you and schedule an immediate appointment. Most workers compensation attorneys would not demand an upfront payment for their initial discussion. During the initial consultation, the attorney would analyze your situation, while you would be required to determine the competency of the attorney to handle your claim in the best possible way. You may also evaluate if you wish to hire the services of the attorney to handle your claim or not. If you were unable to schedule an initial consultation with the workers compensation attorney, rest assured he may have a hectic schedule or does not have the appropriate facts for handling your claim. 

When you consider hiring the best attorney for your workers compensation claim handling needs, consider the experience of the attorney as an important aspect. If the attorney were not experienced in handling the worker compensation claims, chances of you winning the claim would be relatively lower. You should emphasize on the need for hiring an attorney having adequate experience in handling all kinds of workers injury claims in the region. It would be essential that you should not be complacent with your attorney finding needs. 

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