Why You Should Not Skip Renewing a Two-wheeler Insurance Policy?


The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, has made it mandatory for every two-wheeler plying on Indian roads to have a valid two-wheeler insurance policy. These policies are usually offered for a tenure of one year and need to be renewed annually. However, many bike owners tend to miss the date of the bike insurance renewal and still drive their two-wheelers around. This can pose legal and financial risks, as described below.

Understanding the Importance of a Bike Insurance Policy

There are different types of bike insurance policies available:

  • Third-party bike insurance policy: It offers coverage from damage caused to a third-party person or property by your vehicle. This is mandatory coverage as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  • Comprehensive bike insurance: This offers coverage from damage to you, your bike, or a third-party person or property. This is optional coverage.
  • Own damage bike insurance: This is a standalone cover that you can purchase along with a Third-Party liability-only policy to get coverage for damage to you or your bike.

Apart from the mandatory aspect, a bike insurance policy that covers you and your bike offer financial protection from damage caused due to an accident, mishap, or disaster. However, these policies have an expiry date and need to be renewed to keep them active. 

Failure to do so can result in the lapse of the insurance policy. This means that it will no longer be valid, and you will not be legally allowed to ride your two-wheeler on the roads. Also, it will not offer coverage for any damage.

Usually, insurance providers offer a grace period within which you can renew the insurance policy without losing any benefits. Failure to renew within this period can result in a lapsed policy.

Implications of Not Renewing Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Here is a quick look at the risks you are exposed to if you fail to renew your bike insurance policy within time:

  • Penalties

Since it is mandatory for all two-wheelers to have an active insurance policy, if you don’t renew your policy and it lapses, then you will no longer have valid insurance for your bike. If you are caught, then the traffic department can impose a penalty of 2000 and/or imprisonment of up to three months for the first offence. If you are caught for the second time, then the penalty can increase to 4000 along with the three months of imprisonment.

  • Legal liabilities

When you opt for third-party online bike insurance in India, the insurer offers protection against damage/injuries to a third-party person or property. If you have purchased a Comprehensive Bike Insurance policy, then the coverage extends to you and your bike too. 

However, if you do not renew your policy, then it lapses and offers no coverage. If you meet with an unfortunate accident during this period, then you will have to bear all the costs of repair or hospitalisation out of your pocket.

  • Loss of NCB

The purpose of buying a bike insurance policy is to receive reimbursement for any costs relating to the repair of the vehicle or physical injury to you or a third party. If you don’t file a single claim in a policy term, then the insurance company has no outgoings, and the premium paid by you is its profit. 

When you renew your policy, many insurers offer a discount on the premium for every claim-free policy term. This is called No Claim Bonus or NCB. It is a progressive discount that increases with every subsequent year of not filing any claims. It can go up to 50% of the premium amount. However, if your policy lapses, then you can lose the accumulated NCB discount.

  • Hassle of buying a new policy

If your bike insurance policy lapses, then you will have to purchase a new policy. This means that you will have to go through the lengthy process of getting your vehicle inspected by a surveyor and submitting all documents. In addition, if you had accumulated discounts and benefits on your lapsed policy, then you will lose them and might pay a higher premium.

Summing Up

Most insurance companies offer online bike insurance renewals to help policyholders avoid policy lapses and renew their plans from the comfort of their homes/offices. Make sure that you set reminders to ensure that you don’t miss the renewal date. Also, you can consider opting for multi-year online insurance for two-wheelers that offers a policy term of five years. Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t skip renewing your Two-Wheeler Insurance policy in time.




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Car services from Denver

denver-limo (1)

The rhythm of modern life is constantly growing, which obliges each person to adapt to it. Most tourists choose to vacation on the Denver to Breckenridge route. More and more people visit the ski resort every day. Our company Mountain Stars Transportation strives to maintain an ongoing reputation as an excellent partner and reliable carrier.

We take the trust placed in us seriously and understand the responsibility placed on the firm. Therefore, we try not only to expand the range of services provided, but also treat the reliability, comfort and safety of customers with all rigor.

Features of our company

The size and length of the route is about 1200 km and about 2 hours on the road. During this time, you can admire the beauties of nature and enjoy a pleasant trip. Sometimes it takes almost several hours to cover the distance from one end to the other. As an airport city, Denver needs a service like passenger transportation. The company providing transport services to the population has a wide range of bus models with a capacity of 2 to 14 seats.

All cars are in perfect technical condition, maneuverable and always ready to go. The company’s drivers are experienced professionals who are able to confidently drive a car even in extreme weather conditions and traffic jams. Competing with other service companies, the passenger transport company builds its activities in such a way that each client who applied for help could become its regular client.

Why us?

Sometimes a situation arises when the capacity of the bus and minibus is too large to transport a group of people, and a regular taxi is not enough. In this case, it would be appropriate to order a minivan – the car is slightly larger and more spacious than an ordinary passenger car. Its compact cabin is designed for up to 14 passengers and is equipped with stunning panoramic windows that allow you to enjoy the views from the window. Traveling on such a vehicle is comfortable and convenient – this car, driven by an experienced driver, is able to deliver passengers to their destination on time and without the slightest risk.

It is known that a person quickly gets used to quality services. The company’s team provides its customers with affordable passenger transportation services and a high level of comfort and safety, which in many respects surpasses the quality of similar services of other companies.

In any case, ordering a car on the site is an impeccable solution, also because our modern fleet compares favorably with a comfortable and spacious interior, soft seats, air conditioning in hot summers, an audio system and a TV will turn even a long journey on an exciting journey. an exciting journey and a pleasant stay.

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Car accident settlement process


If you experience a car accident due to the negligence of another party, you will be entitled to request a settlement through a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of an auto accident, handling injuries and navigating a complicated car accident settlement process might be challenging if you do not understand how the process works. Below are the steps involved when pursuing a car accident claim.

Gathering of evidence

Immediately after a collision, you will be expected to gather evidence from the accident scene, your vehicle repair company, employer, and health care center attending to your injuries. In gathering evidence, you will need to hire an auto accident lawyer to help you conduct an independent investigation into your car accident to gather adequate evidence and develop your case. The pieces of information which can support your car accident claim include:

  • Financial records demonstrating financial damages due to the accident.
  • Medical records
  • Statements of the involved driver
  • Statements of witnesses
  • Video or photos of the car(s) involved
  • Police report

Consultation with experts

It is advisable to contact experts who can provide valuable insights into your injuries, car accidents, and the associated damage. Some of the experts include:

  • Medical experts might help in discussing your prognosis, injuries and treatment administered. 
  • Civil or mechanical engineers can help in explaining if road features or a faulty part of a vehicle contributed to the car accident.
  • Accident reconstruction experts can help to investigate the crash and determine the factors which contributed to the collision. 

Demand letter

Your lawyer will help draft a demand letter and send it to the insurer of the at-fault party. The demand letter will indicate the details of the accident and the amount of compensation you are requesting within specified data to solve your claim. However, you should not hurry to send a demand letter but wait until you recover from your injuries or attain optimal medical improvement. With that, your attorney can easily get the best estimate of the settlement you will require to cater for your damages.

Settlement negotiations

The insurance firm will undertake its investigations to determine the worth of your case. After they have received your letter, they will start the process of negotiating for your settlement. In most cases, you can face a tough negotiation, but your lawyer can describe the merits and demerits of accepting a certain offer so that you make an informed decision. If you reach a fair agreement, your case will be settled, meaning you will not have to file a lawsuit. Depending on your car accident details and the associated injuries, your settlement needs to reflect the value of your:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses

A knowledgeable car accident lawyer needs to understand how to determine the ideal value of your present and past damages. By determining the actual value of your damages, you can pursue maximum compensation.

Filing a lawsuit

If you fail to reach a fair settlement agreement during the negotiations, your attorney can assist you in filing a lawsuit. Most nations have a statute of limitations that stipulates that car accident victims can legally file lawsuits within two years after they suffer from an accident. Your car accident lawyer will represent you in all court proceedings. Most importantly, they will advise you on what you can say and expect and guide you through every trial step.

The signing of a settlement agreement

After you reach a fair settlement offer, the jury will request you to sign a settlement agreement. The agreement is meant to withdraw legal action from the insurance company and other parties involved. However, you need to ensure that you thoroughly read the agreement with your attorney before signing it. After that, you can wait for a couple of days or weeks to receive your settlement, which would mark the end of the claim process. 

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Is Buying Your Leased Car the Best Option?


Is the car you are currently using under a lease contract? Perhaps, you chose to lease it is because you did not have enough cash to purchase a car, or you’re a new driver who wanted to master your driving without the financial burden of a car owner. But, here you are almost over your lease contract. 

There are probably two things on your mind. Get a car loan to finally own a car or lease out another for another three or more years. 

What if you’ve grown attached to the car you have been driving for years now? Good for you, you have the option to buy it from your lessor. What’s better is you’ll save a lot more than if you buy a brand new car. This arrangement is called a lease buyout. But, just before you bite the bullet, consider these things first:

Before Expressing Your Buyout Intent

Sometimes, it’s best to wait it out until the lessor reminds you that there are 90 days left of your lease contract. You can gain an upper hand in the price negotiation when you don’t immediately express your intention of buying the car. You can also use the remaining time left of your contract to weigh out the pros and cons of eventually owning the car.

What’s the car’s current market value?

There are two ways your leased car’s value could be assessed. One is its retail value which is the amount you would pay if you purchased the car from a dealer. The other is its wholesale value which is the amount a dealer would pay if he purchased the car from an auction.

Inquire from different dealers or be guided by car-oriented online resources. With the prices you have accumulated, compute an estimate you would go for when declaring an offer to your car lessor. The worst that could happen is your lessor rejecting the offer because of a big discrepancy between your estimate and the amount they demand. In that case, you may want to think your decision through.

Check the wellness of the car’s parts and assess how well it meets your needs. Aside from its functionality, check for non-mechanical damages, scratches or dents on the car’s body and windows, dirt on the seats, dashboard, and the car floor for instance. After all, your decision is still partly based on the vehicle’s aesthetic value and how much cleaning and remodeling it requires.

How will you finance the purchase?

If you have the negotiated amount on hand, then that’s great. But, this is rarely the case for many. You can still finance this car purchase through a title loan, for instance. You can make it favorable on your end by stretching the loan across a short timeline only, knowing the car’s depreciated value. Otherwise, you will only unnecessarily rack up interest payments and end up paying more for what the car is worth. 

You can shop for the cheapest loans in the market, but nothing beats the discounts you can get from having a good credit score. If you have a track record of paying beyond credit payment due dates, which pulls your credit score down, you cannot expect lenders to give you affordable deals for the risks they’re willingly taking on your behalf. In some cases, you could have a low credit score due to erroneous entries on your credit report which you could have corrected before applying for any loan. 

When will you start paying for the car?

Timing your payments matters to help you save on additional fees. If you start paying for the purchase while the lease contract period isn’t up yet, you might incur additional charges. To help counter this, make sure your lessor understands that the interest you’re paying in the remaining duration of the contract does not signify your intent to prematurely cut the contract, instead, it is to pursue a lease buyout.

One more crucial detail you need to look out for is the mileage you have added to the vehicle since leasing it. Lessors usually stipulate a mileage limit on contracts and the lessee is required to pay an additional fee for every exceeding mile. Depending on the lessor, they could waive the charges if you decide to buy the car.

Still, waiting for the contract to end before purchasing it could be the best course of action. When there is little time left of their car’s lease contract, they would want to find their next lessee or buyer ASAP. They also know that it’s advantageous for them not having to look for their next client if you are going to buy it.

Just like investing in any big-ticket items, buying a car out of a lease requires assessment. Your decision must be based more on financial logic, on the prevailing market prices, and your capacity to pay. Likewise, the decision must be less based on emotion, how much you like the car, and without much regard to how long it could still hold out given its age and wear-and-tear.

Meta title: Navigating the Lease Buyout Process
meta desc: Is your car lease about to end? Perhaps, buying it crossed your mind but you aren’t sure if it’s the best choice. Find out how you can decide considering your financial circumstances.

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Knowing The Main Accessories For Riding


For those who want to dedicate themselves to riding, it is important to be familiar with the most suitable accessories for the activity. Check out a list of the must-have items on your list below and tips on how to choose them Of course, it’s also super important to have the right protective gear and helmets to make sure you’re safe on the road”


This instrument dates back to the most distant times of riding and, today, it has a different function from that time. This instrument is no longer used to inflict pain on the horse, but rather to establish effective communication with the rider when voice commands and leg movements are not sufficient. Therefore, the rider must learn how to tame and persuade the animal without resorting to sudden actions that will only lead to difficulties.

There are different models of whips according to the activity to be performed, braided models with a leather tip, riding whip models with a cable, and rubber tip, among others. The wrist strap on the whip makes it easy to handle and can be especially interesting for triple accessories. Some pieces stand out for being made of different materials, such as rawhide.


Riding accessories for equestrians include elegant gloves that make handling the horse more correct, preventing the reins from slipping and slipping out of the rider’s hands. Gloves that have Velcro adjustment make all the difference in terms of comfort.

Gloves in this modality are largely made of leather and spandex. Gloves that have rubber drips are interesting to prevent the reins from slipping out of your hands, as they offer more grip. For those who prefer, it is possible to use cotton gloves to perform equestrian activities.

Riding Pants

A very useful riding accessory for cowboys and cowboys to carry out farm or stud activities. Worn over clothes, it protects the cowboy from the animal’s sweat and any injuries during the work.

In addition, these pants also allow greater mobility and adherence to the saddle. Riding pants usually feature reinforced seams. You can find closed models and parts that have open sides. The choice is up to your preference, which will make handling the horse easier for you.

Knee Brace

Equestrian activities can cause some accidents that impact the body, and it is essential to use safety accessories such as knee braces. Look for anatomical pieces and materials that allow good adaptability to your body such as neoprene knee braces.


A piece was suitable for those who are going to ride wearing short boots and boots. The leggings are used to make the toe of the boot larger, to provide more safety for the rider to lead the animal. A short boot, without the addition of the leggings, can facilitate the occurrence of incidents.

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City Services


Urbanites everywhere benefit from the services their city provides. Your mind probably immediately goes to things like public transportation and trash removal. However, your city also maintains roads, operates schools and oversees all the public parks within its domain. No public park is more famous than New York City’s Central Park, but that’s not the only one NYC operates. City government operates several different kinds of parks in NYC and has improved many of them.

The Process

Any time city planning includes the Parks Department, permits are needed. These permits take many variables like electric, gas and sewer lines into consideration and frequently require a source of outside assistance like MTA Capital Improvement New York City to manage possible roadblocks. Brainstorming the improvements, choosing the neighborhoods which will be positively impacted and securing funding from the budget and/or donors are all steps that must be taken before any actual work begins. Having someone else deal with the necessary permits alleviates one source of stress for those involved in building or improving city parks.

Recent Initiative

The New York City Parks Department recently began an initiative to improve the parks in 110 underserved neighborhoods. The reasoning behind this is to elevate the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of these parks to ensure that people in all neighborhoods of NYC receive a more balanced access to the amenities parks offer. Green spaces and play spaces inspire creativity and reduce stress. Government officials in NYC realized that those benefits should be equitably spread among all residents.

To continue this initiative, the Parks Department has identified other parks in other neighborhoods to receive upgrades, too. These improvements include repairing damaged equipment and fencing, planting and maintaining new trees and lawns and repairing and upgrading playground equipment and ball courts.

Among the many benefits your city taxes fund, parks are among the most beautiful.

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Helpful Informative Tips to Live in Tampa and Florida


Tampa is a perfect place to settle down for people, who prefer the best of manmade and natural world. It is a great place to enjoy sunny weather most of the year and of course dreamy beaches lures every tourist to visit Tampa at least once in their lifetime.

Now, many tourists prefer to spend long and weekend holidays in the sunshine state, Florida. Tampa attracts them more because it offers loads of entertainment. You have beaches to explore, night clubs to enjoy your night and spectacular views to immerse yourself while relaxing with a cup of your favorite beverage.

You are quite lucky if your livelihood drives you to Tampa, the metropolis city of Florida. No worries about transporting your vehicle, as there is top rated vehicle transport ready to ship out your vehicle in safe way. You can anytime contact Ship a Car, Inc. You will know more in detail about them by reading their customer reviews. You just need to give a call and they will provide you valuable service to transport your vehicle safely and on time. They provide transport service for immediate shipping to Florida as well. That helps greatly to enjoy visiting Tampa in your own vehicle.

Now, more in detail about why the need to enjoy Tampa:

  • Convenient to travel from anywhere.
    • No doubt it is one of the most suitable tourist destinations to travel with ease. You can reach there from any region of US in just few hours of drive or by air.
  • It is the most desired spot in Florida.
    • It offers unique entertainment for all ages of tourists. There are beaches known to be the best globally that the whole family can enjoy. There are amusement parks, gardens, Florida aquarium and top-class Tampa Lowery Park zoo are must visit places for youngsters.
    • The Bush Gardens with its unique thrilling rides, the theme parks are fun and educational for children.
  • Manmade mystic wonders like Sunshine Skyway Bridge are an iconic milestone that acts as a great background scenario to click awesome pictures.
  • Historical places:
    • Ybor City is one of the 18th century interesting sites for historians. The touring spot is well known as home of immigrants and production of early century cigars. The place has notable markets and restaurants providing mouth watering local cuisine food to lure tourists to visit often.
    • Tampa theatre is quite famous to screen all kinds of local and international movies. It is an historical theatre proudly screened in many movies and still promotes cultural entertainment.
  • Most happening sites.
  • Amalie arena is a great place to crowd around to watch international concerts and sports events.
  • Adventure Island, the water park is all time summer attraction having huge water slides to enjoy even in the cold winter days.

There are also other quick means to reach this exciting city. Just hire the services of reliable auto transport service providers to ship out your vehicle to any address. There won’t be any hassles and you can visit all the city wonders in your own vehicle.

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Driving Safely Around Big Trucks


Until teleportation is invented, you’ll most likely be sharing the road with an 18-wheeler or two every time you get in your car. Learning to coexist with beasts of the road will make you and the semi drivers safer. Follow these two tips to put your best wheel forward.

Drive Courteously

Although this is a good rule for driving all the time, it is especially important when you’re driving among large tractor-trailers. Because they are professionals, semi drivers are probably less prone to road rage than your average sports car owner, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of their lumbering movement. Large trucks take a longer time to stop, so if you cut in front of one to change lanes quickly, you may find a very big vehicle on your bumper. Professional truck drivers don’t want to hit you. They carry insurance and many have TVC pro driver memberships because they do not want to get in an accident with you. Do your part by not putting them in the position of having to slam on their brakes as they simply may not be able to stop in time.

Stay Out of Blind Spots

Semis have extra mirrors, but they still have blind spots. Most trucks have warnings posted on their backs asking you to please not tailgate. This is for your safety, not because they are road hogs. Even with mudflaps, debris can still fly up from under an 18-wheeler and hit your windshield. If the driver must hit the brakes, he won’t be able to judge how hard or how fast he can do so safely if he doesn’t even know you’re back there. When you do pass an 18-wheeler, make it quick. Just like all vehicles, there is a blind spot as you approach the front. Don’t linger or you both may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

We all must share the road, so why not do so safely? Keep these safety tips in mind to help big rig drivers help you stay safe.

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