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The link between great ergonomics and a more efficient warehouse

Ergonomics measures staff efficiency in relation to their working environment and many employers see investment in this area of their business as a perk, rather than a necessity, and they don’t realise it is something which can improve productivity.


One of the biggest productivity issues seen in warehouses is ‘bottleneck’ areas, where work can be delayed due to the lack of space, which can cause congestion. This problem can be solved by investing in specialist storage equipment which can make accessing products easier, quicker and safer, as well as saving time and improving efficiency. In terms of pallet racking Ireland has plenty of professional suppliers who can provide expert advice.

Staff Welfare

Staff welfare is vital and warehouse employees can be exposed to potential hazards including physical injuries caused by lifting and stretching. Having goods stored at the correct height can minimise the risks and speed up the process of storing and moving goods.

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Having a tidy organised work space also saves time, makes product rotation easier and improves the working environment. If you’re looking to install pallet racking Ireland based Rackzone will be happy to help.

Workforces are getting older, with employees working later in life. By making simple changes, including providing specialist footwear and hoisting equipment for heavy goods, productivity can improve and so can staff morale, which leads to a happier workplace.

The government has recently introduced new initiatives to encourage older workers to stay in employment and access information on training and new career opportunities.

Training and Input

Training employees in systems and procedures, as well as how to safely use equipment is not only essential, but also a legal requirement where machinery is involved. Having regular meetings, where employees are given the opportunity to express any concerns or suggest improvements, will help with efficiency and make staff feel valued.

Systems including log books, where any incidents or faults are reported, will help highlight any problems and help with planning any changes. Allocating the responsibility or this to a particular staff member or team will ensure they are monitored and kept up to date.

Whether it’s heavy duty storage, or adjustable systems, a tidy, clean and organised workspace is not only a better working environment, but also a more productive working environment.

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