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Better room layout and bathroom wall decoration!

A common problem in the bathroom area is clutter. To avoid it, try to keep your bathroom fittings and accessories in one place, as they are located here and there, looking like forgotten stacks in a small space.

With regard to the bathroom part, for a better fitting of your bathroom, which is usually a small space, choose a clear shower door made of light glass rather than a frosted with dark colors, or just use a shower curtain that can push back when the bathroom area is not in use. This will give you depth in that room and overall in the bathroom.

Choose light colors for the bathroom

Use the advantage of light, along with light colors on the walls and a light-colored bathroom floor to make the bathroom look bigger. If you stay in a rented apartment and you can not change the color of your floor, a light carpet can cover the floor and do the same job.

If you use wallpaper on your bathroom walls, choose one of those with a white, yellow, neutral or other light background and an open and airy design.

Art in decorating the bathroom walls

You can add artistic touches and give a deeper depth to your bathroom wall with painting, or a decorative mural – for larger walls.

If you want, use other artistic pieces on the walls, reminiscent and bring various outdoor spaces inside your bathroom, and be sure of a successful end result!

You can also choose to create a fake window, overlooking a framed photograph depicting the beauty of nature where you once had or would like to see from your bathroom window. The picture can be from a garden or a beautiful horizon and is sure to add space and beautify the overall decor of your bathroom.

Bathroom walls full of illusions!

Raise your limits and senses visually by drawing a grid pattern or molding around each end of your wall space.

There are various painting techniques that can give your bathroom a sleek look. Make sure that in addition to a beautifully decorated bathroom, you have one that is always neat and clean, making it look more spacious. Remove all unnecessary things and keep the essentials, which you can hide in organized places. You will be surprised by the result! You can also add some waterproof sustainable design posters in order to add some artistic

Create a ceiling of plasterboard

If you have a high ceiling, create false ceilings with the help of plasterboard in the shape and color you want. This will surely give you a pleasant touch in your room and your psychology.

You can even paint it as you like: create sky, clouds and sun, or other designs that you like, such as flowers or inappropriate shapes in the color of your bathroom walls. It will be something different and wonderful!

Remember how the interior in your bathroom is a reflection of yourself. So, translate some of your personality features into the decoration of the bathroom walls and its overall layout!

You will earn a lot of money if your remodeled design can take advantage of the plumbing facilities for both your bathroom and your bathroom bathtub at the same time. If you choose a new larger bathtub, will the walls need to be moved to install it? There are things you need to think beyond what looks better and more beautiful.

All this, combined with the personal choices you have in mind for your space, are ideas that will shape and decorate your bathroom in such a way that the result is more than satisfactory!

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