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The importance of commercial duct cleaning in a kitchen environment

Heating and ventilation are particularly important in commercial kitchen environments. And as with any equipment used where food is being prepared, it’s vital that cleanliness is taken into account. You need to keep your kitchen safe for both the people who work there and the customers you are serving.

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Ventilation in commercial kitchens is subject to regulation by the Health and Safety Executive, and this includes a requirement that it should be properly maintained.

This is key for a number of reasons. Hygiene is clearly one of them, but cleaning the ducting regularly also helps cut the risk of fire.

Duct systems

Any duct system including spiral duct needs regular maintenance. The ducts are used to remove hot air, but they also remove smells, steam, grease and more. Some of these things are in particulate form which has to go somewhere – and that somewhere is often inside the duct.

Cleaning your ducts on a regular basis removes dirt, grease, mould and more that can build up over time and lead to a decline in the efficiency of the system, as well as allowing bacteria to thrive. Cleaning is also an opportunity to inspect for any damage and repair it using ductwork parts from specialist suppliers such as https://www.dustspares.co.uk/ductwork-parts/galvanised-ducting/galvanised-steel-spiral-duct.html to keep the system running efficiently.

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Cleaning frequency

One of the most frequently asked questions is how often do you need to clean your kitchen ventilation system? There are a number of factors at work here including the size of the kitchen, and how often it’s used.

If a kitchen is only lightly used – say two to six hours per day – then cleaning ventilation ducts on an annual basis should be sufficient. For busier kitchens – those used between six and 12 hours daily – you should be looking at cleaning on a six monthly basis. Intensively used areas – 12 hours a day or more – will need their ductwork cleaning on a quarterly basis.

It is important to be flexible, of course. Rather than stick to a fixed cleaning schedule, you should keep an eye on your system and how efficiently its working. Look for any signs of problems like dust being pushed from vents, or poor airflow, and get them attended to even if it means an unscheduled clean of the system.

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