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Sydney Coworking Arena With the Smartest Deals

At the beginning there were rumors between freelancers and bloggers for sporadic experimentations of creative contamination, small groups of friends who shared a space and a passion, especially in the Australia. Then came the first pages on international magazines, the experimentation became an organization and important companies and institutions entered the field to participate in these types of projects. Today’s creative workplace has a name, coworking, and the watchword to defeat the precariousness of the creative professional is: nomadic sharing.

  • Organizing a coworking space means meeting this need and means activating a network of contacts, knowledge and collaborations that enrich and contaminate one’s workplace and one’s professionalism. Do you have an office desk, a chest of drawers and an extra chair? In these times of crisis it often happens to have a very (too) large office, empty jobs. why not exploit them? By renting these spaces or these jobs to outside people you can collect small profits or you can lower the weight of your bills. For those who use it, the advantage is to have a job ready immediately, without too many constraints, at affordable prices.

Up to this point, nothing really innovative

But opening your own office, your own studio or your organization by hiring workstations to “knowledge workers” who participate in a project of sharing ideas and passions as well as simple spaces, is a way of giving meaning to the coworking phenomenon and to exploit the advantages of social networks, the network and actually creating the basis for the creative office 2.0. In order for this mechanism to work, there is a need for rules and some associations help us to carry out a coworking in a workmanlike manner. For the coworking space for long term contract based in Sydney this is a perfect bit.

Or you can take advantage of the coworking phenomenon as guests, using the workstations of the many realities of excellence born in the world. Coworking is born therefore to make a virtue of necessity, but over time coworking matures and becomes a sharing experience.

The first coworking spaces were born and designed immediately as such, in which the exchange of ideas, the sharing of values, and the contamination between individuals is stimulated. Kingdom of freelancers, coworking go a step further by specializing, gathering professionals from similar fields, forming real fluid and continuously evolving teamwork, which along with the typical freelance individual work accompany group design experiences and creative experiences of co-design.

The opportunities of this way of organizing the work space are many (first of all “the union is strength”), moreover in an increasingly dynamic and multicultural society the sharing of human and professional experiences can only be positive.

The risks?

The right work partners are not always right, the workplaces are not always adequate to be transformed into coworking. A good coworking should therefore have spaces for sharing but also private spaces that allow greater independence and concentration. In planning a coworking we can certainly take inspiration from the innovative workplace design achievements of important Australian studios such as O + A , masters in the distribution of collective and individual spaces dedicated to work.

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