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The History of Tacori

The name Tacori comes from the family behind the famous jewelry brand, the Tacorians. Their story and the history of Tacori began in Romania in the time of communism. In 1962 Gilda Balian and her family arrived in the USA from communist Romania following persecution from the regime there. Gilda’s father, Harry Balian was a jeweler by trade and had been ordered to hand over all currency and precious metals to the communist authorities.  He had been arrested and imprisoned for a year after making gold wedding rings for family friends.  The Balians had Armenian heritage and so were allowed to immigrate to America, leaving the communist regime behind to begin their search for the American dream. Eight years later in 1970, Haig Tacorian also arrived from Romania and settled in California where he met with the Balian family. By 1972 Tacorian was working with Harry Balian and Gilda and the trio opened their first jewelry company, B & T Jewelers. In 1973 Haig and Gilda were married, cementing the future of the Tacorian family and Tacori jewelry.

In 1979 Gilda and Haig started their own company, Tacori, based in the downtown district of Los Angeles. The business grew and following a commission from a fellow jeweler, Garo Kourounian, Tacori’s signature design, the crescent silhouette was born. This design sees half-moons carved into the inner face of a ring, a design feature still used in Tacori jewelry today.

The couple’s son Paul Tacorian joined the business as Director of Marketing in 1997 and their daughter Nadine became Director of Production in 1999. In 2016 Haig Tacorian stepped down as CEO and became chairman of the company making way for Paul to become the new CEO and Nadine COO. Tacori remains a true family business.

Fame found Tacori when their engagement and wedding rings were chosen for the couple, Trista and Ryan on the TV show, The Bachelor. Tacori rings were used in subsequent seasons of the popular TV show; appearances by Paul Tacorian and visits to the Tacori workshop featured in the show which resulted in the brand being fast forwarded to stardom. Tacori jewelry quickly became very popular and in high demand.

The company’s designs have also evolved and modernized. The Tacori signature crescent branding has been developed and utilized in different ways throughout the collections and the business has expanded to include mixed metal jewelry, design collaborations, and fashion jewelry.

Celebrity endorsements and high profile marketing campaigns ensured that by 2007 Tacori had become the most visible jewelry brand in the USA according to InDesign magazine. Following the explosion of success due to the company’s exposure on The Bachelor the Tacori headquarters moved to larger premises and is now in central Los Angeles where the design studios, manufacturing, and offices are located.

From their humble beginnings to the high profile success of the Tacori brand today, the family is now celebrating over 40 years in business. To see examples of Tacori jewelry https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/


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