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Crucial Factors to Consider Before Taking The First Step in Your Music Career

Getting started on a music career can be challenging. There are times when someone who has been lucky enough to be considered a prodigy can make it big early on in their career, and then there are those people who have to think long and hard about their career options.

Fortunately enough, musicians like Phillip Sanders have gained considerable experience throughout their music career and have been helping other young artists find their path in pursuing their passions as musicians.

Phillip Sanders is a revered American country music artist and songwriter who has also been known for being an entrepreneur in the wine, clothing, and entrepreneur business. After honing his skills throughout most of his life, he professionally started working on his career in 2016 and began to release songs like “Never Thought I Could Change” and “With Her I’am” which hit #10 on Joyce Ramgatie’s top 40’s single chart.

He also managed to hit the European to 200 country chart and #1 on Artist Direct’s Top 100 trending weekly artist, holding the spot for more than 10 weeks. In 2019, he released another single “I Don’t Think I Will” which twice hit the Joyce Ramgatie European Country Music Top 40’s Singles chart. Plus, when that song was released to the SoundClick Country Music Charts, it hit #3 on Traditional Country and #21 in all sub-genres. 

After that, he continued to make even more songs, each one receiving a positive response from the crowd. In fact, he has even been featured on Hot Country TV, The Country Network, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Currently, he has been creating his own clothing line called Graciano Collection, Ltd. and a fragrance line.

Throughout his years, he has seen many musicians entering the industry and has learned a few things that he wanted to share with aspiring musicians before they enter the professional world.

Being Passionate Won’t Be Enough

Many people love learning to play instruments as kids and might have even honed their skills through that passion. But that will only serve as one part of your motivation to make it big.

You need to take proper classes to get better, keep up to date with the latest news about the industry and make connections with people who will impact your career in a positive way.

Do Not Expect Stable Working Hours

Being a musician means you are constantly working on your craft – there are no set timings involved, and you need to be prepared for the uncertainty, stress, and unpredictable working hours.

There will be days where you will need to make time for last-minute performance calls or prepare for a meeting with a business partner. Plus, having to deal with long tours and traveling schedules will make it difficult for you to have time for yourself to relax.

Focus on the Hustle

Often, there are very few rewards for your hard work – but if you are devoted to your career, continuously hustling for success is something you need to get used to.

Most musicians already know how to make their music heard, which is why when you are just starting out, you need to focus on making connections, doing a lot of work, and grabbing every performance opportunity you can find and make the most of it. 

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