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Building a Strong Foundation for Your Career in High School

It is a well-known fact that a promising career and success does not come overnight, at least not for everyone. You have to work hard for years, in fact, right from high school and grad school-days, to first create a foundation upon which you can later build substantial success. Hence, we have built this list of some handy tips to build a foundation for your career.

Building your career’s foundation stone

Whether you are a parent trying to help your child or an individual who wants to build a strong and stable career, this list of tips will help you plan your strategy for pursuing a great career option of your likes.

Have a vision

No one except you will know what motivates you to work hard. Try finding your passion, what interests you, and then pick a vision accordingly. List down some objectives or the kind of life you want to live and pave your way towards it. This is the first step to your career; it is a step that you need to complete before you begin your journey. Most people don’t know where they are going, some of them even work in a field that they don’t like just for the sake of money, but that is not a successful career. Hence, before anything else, find out what you want in your life and set your goals to reach there.

Specialize in a field

As the saying goes, “A jack of all horses, but master of none,” you must consider specializing in a particular field. Knowing all the relevant fields of obviously necessary, but that does not mean you have to learn each and everything thoroughly. Instead, focus on a single specific field, and you will automatically learn about the relevant fields and concepts throughout your career.   There are tons of online micro-credential learning sites there that offers numerous courses. You can take up a MOOC course according to your preference. Specializing in a single field with MOOC courses provides you with several benefits, including an enhanced performance at work, salary hike, and even job promotions.

Establish networking goals

Networking is all about building professional contacts that provide you with a plethora of benefits; in fact, it can help at the very beginning of your career by helping you find a dream job. According to a recent survey, around 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Some employer has an opening, and if someone from your network recommends you there, you have high chances of getting the job.   Networking is a field where there is always room for improvement as no one is perfect in networking, but you can try being as concise as possible. Start by building your profile on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. When you meet new people, try to build up communication, get to know something about them, and share something about yourself.

Set SMART goals

Merely having goals is not good enough; it is essential to always set SMART goals for yourself. The full form of SMART goals is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. This means that the goal you set should have all the aspects of the SMART goals. Setting SMART goals will give a sense of clarity, motivation, and focus that will slowly but steadily push you towards the end line of your journey where you can finally say that, “I am a successful man.”

Recognize your strengths and weakness

It is vital to know your strengths and weaknesses, not just so that you can distinguish them during your interview but also for self-improvement. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you can put your wisdom to the right purpose. It also helps you choose a long-term profession for yourself. For instance, if grammar is your strength, and you like writing or sharing your thoughts, you can become a professional writer.

Stay open to learning and feedback

Staying open to learning and feedback will help you keep up with the recent up comings and changes in your professional field. This will further help you grow in experience and increase your chances of landing a better job and a better life. Building a career will not be easy, but it won’t be that hard if you are patient and follow the right path. The key here is to begin early when preparing. If you are willing to invest some time in your early life, especially during your twenties, in setting the foundation right, success is a sure thing that will follow.

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