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The Importance of Character Building in Preschool

Preschool, more often than not, is where people first learn the things they need in order to function properly in society. Among the things kids learn in preschool are basic knowledge and character building.

Building character very early on is important for kids as this will be the foundation of who they are and who they will be. Here are some reasons why character building should be tackled early on:

Establishing Core Values

Even at an early age, it is very crucial to establish base and fundamental principles. This includes decency, integrity, accountability, and even compassion.

It is more beneficial to teach such values to young kids because these children are more receptive to new knowledge. 

The Development of Social Skills

Apart from establishing much needed core values, character building also develops social skills which is very important for navigating relationships later on in life

Through daily interaction with their teachers and classmates- it is very likely that these children will learn cooperation, sharing, and even conflict resolution. 

Emotional Intelligence and Self Regulation 

Much like core values, the importance of emotional intelligence and regulation is also very much needed. Understanding how their emotions work and acknowledging that these emotions can also be seen in other people allows them to develop empathy and compassion.

These help in developing healthy relationships with other people and give them healthy coping mechanisms to deal with life.

Positive Behaviour is Encouraged

Positive behaviour is trained and encouraged when character is built early on. A simple case of conditioning, really, good behaviour such as acts of kindness is rewarded while bad behaviour is admonished.

This helps the children learn to do these actions more frequently and develop their interpersonal skills.

Prevention of Negative Behaviour 

Similar to the previous reason, negative behaviour can be squashed early on with the guidance of their teachers.

Bad behaviour such as bullying, aggression, and dishonesty are avoided by teaching children to be respectful of their differences. A peaceful way of resolving conflict could also be introduced by their teachers to avoid infighting


Overall, the importance of character building very early on in preschools is very important. In doing so, you are preparing these children for their future but it also allows them to become well rounded and holistic adults.

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