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How to Hire Seasonal Employees

Hiring seasonal workers at your place of business is like hiring full-time employees but with some distinct differences. You still must go through the interview process in the hopes of getting the best workers for the job, but a long-term commitment is absent.

Figure Out What You Need

The first step is to figure out what positions exactly you are hiring for. If the description is simple, such as seasonal salesclerk or warehouse worker, sometimes it’s easier to go through staffing companies in Boston MA or your town. If, however, the job is more complex or involves someone who will be more intimately involved in your business, it’s better to do your own hiring.

Check References

Even if you only need someone in your office temporarily, you should still vet them as if they would be working for your company until they retire. A teenager who may have never held a job before could be handling money and or merchandise, so speak to at least one teacher or neighbor who can vouch for their good character. It’s easy to take shortcuts especially when you know the employee won’t be around for more than a few weeks, but seasonal jobs often appeal to those who are more dishonest because they know there is a chance no one will check up on their resume.

Actively Train

Having a short-term worker spend a few weeks working the cash register or shelving merchandise incorrectly can create chaos for months afterward. Make sure you train your seasonal workers as if they will be sticking around. Don’t use the excuse of being too busy to train short-term employees. Having incompetent workers trying to help customers will ultimately harm your business.

Many companies need seasonal employees during their busy time of year. With any luck and the right training, you’ll end up hiring a few great ones who can come back to you year after year.

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