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Best Plants for Los Angeles Weather

Los Angeles is known for its amazing Mediterranean climate. While many move to LA for its promise of opportunity, others fall crazy with the warm weather and mild winters. The summers also are famously sunny, with most of the rain around this area occurring within the winter months. Plants that thrive in Los Angeles love the warm summer sun and hate freezing winters.

Which Plants Grow Well in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has a very long growing season because of the warm winters, often nine or more months, counting on what part of the city you live in! The hot summers do come with some challenges, though, and while the summer rays are great for sunbathing, they will also burn the leaves of more sensitive plants. Higher-maintenance plants that require more moisture may struggle in the arid summer and will need to be able to handle droughts! To combat some of this, you’ll always install a drip irrigation system or diligently keep plants watered to keep more thirsty outdoor greenery happy and healthy. Mulch is an alternative choice for maintaining soil cooler during hotter months. Consider plants that are hardy enough to handle the cooler months, but can also stand up to the drought of the summer!

Best Landscaping Plants for Los Angeles

When you begin to look at options for landscaping plants in Los Angeles, you would like to consider plants that can both handle the cooler months while standing up to the drought and strong sun during the summer! For some plants that are hardy to both the hot, dry summer and therefore the cooler winters, some succulents such as Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) are great options! Hardy right down to Zone 8, the burn plant loves hot sun and is perfectly fine with low humidity and low moisture areas. Not only are they easy to worry about, but they will provide medicinal use as well. Succulents are very easy to propagate for beginners, which can help you fill out your landscaping over time!

Which Plants are Common to Los Angeles?

 Native plants are an incredible way to help support the environment. These plants are already common in the Los Angeles area, meaning they often won’t need much care.

Some samples of local LA plants include:

  • Lemonade Berry (Rhus integrifolia):

This unique local plant not only has berries that will be stewed to make a sour, health-packed drink but are significant for preventing erosion.

  • Blue Elderberry (Sambucus cerulea):

Also referred to as the Mexican Elderberry or the Tapiro, this is often one of the easiest native plants to grow! The berries are often used for multiple purposes, like jellies, pies, wine, and bakery applications.

  • Chaparral Yucca (Hesperoyucca Whipplei):

This plant is somewhat unremarkable when not flowering, but when it does flower, they’re unforgettable. Only flowering these white blooms during the top of the plant’s lifecycle, have both cultural significance and importance to the local environment.

How Los Angeles Landscaping can help you

Los Angeles landscaping a full-service company offering lawn maintenance, planting and maintaining of flower gardens, pruning, and shaping of shrubs. They can help you choose what plants are best for your landscaping and gardens.No job is too small or big for us!

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