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The 5 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Dog bites and attacks are a growing problem in the US. The CDC cites 4.5 million emergency room visits related to dog bites in the US each year, and half of those happen to children under 10 years old. You should consult an Ontario injury lawyer to deal with the aftermath of a dog bite because if the dog owner was negligent, you might be eligible for compensation.

In this light, understanding the aggressive nature of specific dog breeds is important for people to keep themselves and their families safe. So, here is a list of 5 of the most aggressive dog breeds.

  • Akita

Akita is one of the most aggressive dog breeds. It was originally bred in Japan and is sometimes called the Japanese Akita or the Japanese Mastiff. This breed is very strong and powerful. Early hunters in Japan used them to hunt big game like wild boar, deer, bear, and even people. They are ideal guard dogs for families because of their size and strength but have also been known to be aggressive toward other animals.

  • American pit bull

American pit bull is another one of the most aggressive dog breeds. They are well known for being used in dog fighting rings and were bred in the US more than 200 years ago. While there is no doubt that these dogs can be trained into kind, loving companions, there is also no doubt about their strength and aggression towards other animals and people.

  • Cane Corso

Cane Corso is a relative of the Neapolitan Mastiff and is originally from Italy. This large and powerful dog was bred to hunt and guard, making it one of the most aggressive dog breeds. They are excellent protectors, having been used in battle in ancient times. It is important that these dogs are well-trained and socialized properly so they can become friendly pets.

  • Doberman pinschers

The Doberman pinscher is another one of the most aggressive dog breeds. This breed was bred first in Germany and used for guard duty and as a police dog. They are known for being a dedicated and faithful lifelong friend but can be aggressive toward other animals and people.

  • Rottweilers

They are excellent guard dogs but can also be very aggressive toward strangers or other animals. These dogs must be socialized properly and trained well to prevent them from biting people.

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