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Window Coverings: Decorating Your Property With Interior Shutters

There is more than one way to dress up windows. Most people think of curtains because they are often ready-made and easily hung. They might not realise that interior shutters are a beautiful, traditional window treatment you can combine with or without other window dressings. We asked Kent shutter fitter Mick Draper to give us the low down on why window shutters are a perfect choice for homes in Kent.

Interior Shutters Vs Blinds

There are window coverings, window dressings or window treatments. Both serve distinct purposes and add to the overall look of the home decor. For those not knowledgeable in decorating (including most husbands), a shade or blind that blocks out light and offers privacy may appear to be a comprehensive window treatment. However, it’s important to note that while decorative blinds or shades are available, their primary function is to control the amount of light entering the room and provide privacy.

A window dressing is what creates a finished look for the window and the room’s décor. A valance or curtain is the decorative element on top of the operating shade. With interior shutters, you have a bit of both – functionality and frill. Shutters will block out light, insulate the window, and are also quite ornamental. Shutters are made of various materials, from wood to MDF to vinyl.

Interior shutters differ in purpose from outdoor shutters. Initially, shutters were used to shield a home’s windows from a hurricane’s wind or the cold of winter. Now, most exterior shutters are also bought because they are decorative.

Installing Window Shutters

If you can complete difficult home improvement tasks, then you can possibly install your own interior shutters. But it is a DIY project that can be complex and not something you can finish quickly or with basic tools.

When mounting shutters inside a window box, you must ensure that secure 2×4 studs are in place to hold the shutter screws. If you plan to mount shutters outside the window frame, you may need to use drywall anchors or carefully place the shutter into a stud to ensure stability. Attach the normal hinges first, then slide the shutter into the grooves of one side of the hinge and use a pin to hold it in place.

Caring for Shutters

You can prime and paint shutters. If self-installing, it is best to paint before installation, as it makes it easy to finish the shutters without making a mess inside the house. A duster or soft cloth does the job nicely to clean the shutters. Vinyl shutters do not need painting, but a good cleaning with soapy water will remove dust or dirt from time to time.

Interior shutters add a warm, traditional feeling to a home. Large, slated shutters, usually called plantation shutters, get their name from the old South American plantations. These shutters let you control the amount of sun that enters your space. With their versatility and ability to blend in with most interior design themes, plantation shutters are a trendy choice for homeowners wanting to strike the ideal mix of privacy and natural light. 

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