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Why E-mail Address Verification is necessary?

E-mails are nothing new in the modern world. From students to job holders, e-mail is an important thing that everyone cares about. Even institutions and business organization have e-mail addresses to help people reach out to them. While it is a way of connecting with others and used for both personal and professional used, its efficiency is great for marketing purposes also. Gone are the days when people got to know everything from the advertisements on TV screen and hoardings. Today we have more than enough brands and companies offering us huge numbers of products. There is a huge competition to drive the attention from a product or a line to another with attractive offers and discounts. With the emergence of so many brands and companies, people have become choosy and they like to do more study before choosing any product. It has become necessary for companies to reach people in a more eye-catching way to let them know about new products and brands. 

E-mails are efficient in helping companies in meeting their marketing requirements. E-mails are specifically great for customized addresses as it can be used to target individuals. Today customers appreciate offers and discounts especially forged for them. A special gift coupon on birthday can help to get a loyal customer. But such efficient strategy can even fail at points of time and there are proper reasons for that. The list of e-mail addresses that a company has is either bought or acquired through subscription. But there is no guarantee that these addresses will remain at the possession of that person for long. There are quite a few reasons for which an e-mail id becomes invalid. Then there are spam traps from which every company must stay away. 

Non-existent domains

Sometimes domains get changed or shut down. In such cases, e-mails belonging to these domain gets invalid. An e-mail verifier helps to determine if an e-mail belongs to a non-existent domain. Removing these addresses from the list helps to bring down the bounce rate. 

Change of job or position

In many cases people choose to put in their work e-mail addresses rather than their personal ones. There is no surety that the person will work for the same company or at the same post after submitting the e-mail id. With the change of job or position, the previous id gets invalid as there is basically no recipient to read the messages. Sending messages to these e-mail ids will ultimately result in increasing bounce rate. An email validation tool helps to solve the issue by marking out the invalid ids. Though you might get a shorter list to send mails, each of those would have the potential to create leads. 


Ultimately the mail addresses are being submitted by a human being. There might be errors which will prevent your yours mails from ending up at the right place. These addresses with errors with them are invalid and it is easy to get rid of these with the help of email verification.

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