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Who are Auto Accident Lawyers?

Car accidents happen every day for various reasons that may include carelessness or negligence of another driver. Victims of the accident can file a lawsuit against the party that caused the accident and injuries. Compensation helps in recovering medical expenses,, vehicle damages, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. Krasney Law offers legal services to victims of accidents and helps them get the best outcome in terms of a settlement. The law firm is in California. Krasney Law has a dedicated and experienced staff that specializes in car accident claims against negligent drivers.

A person who drives at an unreasonable speed or doesn’t follow traffic rules is considered negligent if he causes an accident. Carelessness of a driver may cause an accident and harm to people in other vehicles or to pedestrians. Cases of negligence may include:

  • Driving, i.e. drunken drivers.
  • Disobeying traffic rules, e.g., speeding and ignoring traffic lights.
  • Reckless driving, for example, driving in the wrong lane or switching lanes without signaling.
  • Distracted driving, which may be caused by texting and talking on the cellphone.
  • Sleeping while driving.

The above behaviors may help prove the negligence of a driver if they have caused an accident. With the guidance of a personal attorney during the process of claiming compensation, it makes it easier for the injured person claim compensation from the careless driver.

Krasney Law has investigators that help in acquiring critical evidence to be used in the case. The investigative team collects evidence needed from witnesses at the scene to assist in acquiring maximum compensation for any damages caused. The firm also helps in negotiating with the insurance company to try and get a good deal for the client.

The dos and don’ts in case of an accident

In case of an accident,

  • The first step is to check on the passengers and others involved and summon an ambulance if there are injuries. Victims suffering from back or neck pains shouldn’t be moved until medical help arrives to prevent any further injury.
  • Call the law enforcement officers to report the incident and the damage caused and request a report from the police. Get their names and badge numbers.
  • Take photographs of the vehicles, license plates, harm caused, the location of the vehicles after the accident, and the skid marks.
  • Take photograph of all drivers involved, their licenses and insurance cards.
  • Witnesses’ information should be acquired, including their photographs and contact information.
  • Photographs of the victim should be taken in case of injury.




  • One should not speak with the other party’s insurance company without calling Krasney Law to prevent them from coercing the victim into a smaller compensation.
  • Don’t acknowledge any fault or responsibility for causing the accident.
  • Don’t record any statement to insurance companies to prevent them from using it against you.
  • Get your car towed home instead of to a tow yard.

The above information helps the victim build a firm argument in case of a lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers collect information and evidence on the passengers, drivers, and witnesses together with their versions of the incident. It is important not to divulge any violations of traffic rules you may have made, and this will assist in preventing the at-fault party from denying any liability. Caution is needed to avoid the other party’s insurance from denying you compensation.

After carrying out the outlined steps, go home and contact your insurance company and give a truthful account of the occurrence. Photograph the damage to the car, and record visits taken to the hospital if injured in the accident and the cost of the treatments and medicine prescribed. Record your feelings on your mental and physical state because of the accident. Information on the work hours or the productive hours reduced by the accident and the accident’s affect on the family should also be recorded.

After following all those steps to the letter, the person should call Krasney Law to pursue the lawful path to collect compensation and ensure justice prevails. The firm offers a free consultation to their clients and makes arrangements of payment once a settlement is reached or when the case is won.

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