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What is the Difference Between e-cig and Traditional Cigar?

Have you ever heard of the electronic cigars before? If you have not yet heard about this, then you need to rest assured that this article will be able to inform you everything as far as they are concerned. You may have heard about the traditional cigars or you may have even had an encounter with these traditional cigars. They are pretty simple and they are actually locally made. Some people produce such cigars at home because they do not need any expertise for them to be produced. As opposed to these cigars, you may also have heard about the electronic cigars. As the word itself suggest, they are electronic. In fact, they totally rely on the electricity for them to function. As far as their shape and sizes are concerned, they do take the shape of the normal cigar. When it comes to the size, it will all depend on the size that you are interested in. They do exist in a number of sizes so as the smoker will be able to choose the one that is most appropriate. If you really need to understand the difference between the traditional cigars and the electronic ones, then this article will be able to highlight some of the facts that you really need to know about the e-cig;

  • Heating mechanism
  • Form of tobacco
  • Rechargeable battery

Heating mechanism

Compared with the traditional cigars, the electronic cigars have special systems in place that are supposed to take care of the heating so as the steam may be produced. As you know, the traditional cigar requires that you get a match stick or any other source of fire so that you can burn the lower part of the cigar so as the tobacco starts being consumed. This is not the case with ane-cig. The latter requires that the liquid be burnt or heated electronically so as it vaporizes and produces the steam that is supposed to be inhaled. Such heating element is powered with the battery.

Form of tobacco

In the traditional cigar, you will be able to see the dry tobacco fitted in the specially prepared paper so that you can now burn the lower end of the cigar for you to be able to burn the tobacco. As it burns, the smoke shall be produced that do contain the nicotine which is a chemical that is most sought by the smoker. This is contrary to what normally happens with the electronic cig. The liquid tobacco is heated at high temperatures till it produces vapor that is inhaled through the e-cig.

Rechargeable battery

Without the battery, the device will not be called electronic. This is because of the fact that it is able to provide the device with the required energy that is meant to initiate all processes of vaping. It supplies the power to the heater with which the heater is able to boil the tobacco liquid at higher temperatures till it produces the high quantity of stem that is meant to be inhaled.

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