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Virat Kohli vs. Babar Azam: Who is the Superstar T20I Batsman?

Virat Kohli vs. Babar Azam has been the heated discussion of 2023. Both players belong to archrivals India and Pakistan, respectively. As such, the debate gets even more immersive. Also, fans all over the world love to see how their favourite players stand against each other. The comparison has gained momentum due to the short format of the game, T20. So, who is better in this format?

Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam in a Nutshell

Both Babar and Kohli are the backbone of their respective teams in all formats. Whether it’s a test, ODI, or T20, India and Pakistan rely on these players. The winning percentage of India and Pakistan gets boosted when Virat Kohli and Babar Azam perform better. In fact, their teams mostly underperform in the absence of these players.

This is the main reason that Virat Kohli vs. Babar Azam looks like an obvious debate. Virat enjoys an advantage in terms of experience in all three formats. On the other hand, Babar has an edge due to his classic form in T20, ODI, and test matches. Both players have some sort of advantage over one another on some points.

Virat Kohli’s form hasn’t been too good in the past couple of years. Babar Azam, on the other hand, has performed well with unbelievable consistency in the last two years. The winning percentage of Pakistan has skyrocketed thanks to the consistency and brilliant innings of Babar.

Virat Kohli vs Babar Azam in T20

Kohli made his international T20 debut in June 2010 against Zimbabwe. Babar Azam, on the other hand, made his first T20 appearance against England in September 2016. So, there’s a lot of time (in terms of years of playing) between the career starts of these two players. Despite these points, Babar Azam’s stats look stunning. Babar outsmarts Kohli on some fronts. Let’s find out how and where!

As of April 25, 2023, Virat Kohli had appeared in 115 T20 games. Babar had played in 104 games in the short format. While Virat stands first on the list of the highest run-getters, Babar ranks fourth on the list. Virat has 4008 runs with a strike rate of 137.97 and an average of 52.73. Babar is racing quickly to the top, making 3485 runs with a strike rate of 128.41 and an average of 41.49. The figures, however, show that Kohli has an edge over Babar.

Yet, we shouldn’t forget that Kohli has a lot more experience in international cricket (15 years) compared to Babar Azam’s 7 years of experience. Also, Babar Azam has scored more centuries in T20 (3) than Kohli (1). Above all, Babar continues to be in good form compared to Kohli. So, Babar seems to inch closer to Virat’s record with time.

Finishing Thoughts

Babar Azam is the sensation of Pakistan cricket. This point holds in the case of Virat Kohli for India too. Both batsmen perform consistently and have ensured victories for their respective teams in many games. For these reasons, people often seek out the Virat Kohli vs. Babar Azam debate. While the Pakistani player is new and falls short of Virat’s overall performance in T20, his recent form and batting have earned him a special place in the cricket fraternity today. It would be interesting to see who among Babar and Virat has the last laugh in terms of records in T20.

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