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Best Tips to help you start winning in Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting is the new craze among this generation of punters. People can place cricket bets from anywhere and at any given time. This feature has impacted the betting world immensely. In India, where cricket is considered to be no less than a religion, wherever you go, you hear conversations discussing the online cricket bets that they have placed and whether they will come out to be accurate or not. The pandemic has changed the gambling world forever. People used to go to offline bookies in the physical world to place their bets, which was not always a pleasurable experience because of the huge queues. In the online mode, you can easily place your bets in a matter of seconds without any hassles that you faced in old times. Now aged men are not the only ones who are placing bets, but also young men and women. The stereotypical notions of being an arena dominated by males or being harmful, which were associated with bookmakers and betting, have all but disappeared due to it having so much access to the audience. You will be provided with betting exchange id for betting purposes.

If you are a novice at online cricket betting and want to learn more about it, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of a few tips that will help you become a better punter and will introduce you to various things that you should either indulge in or avoid.

  1. Understanding the game
  • There are various factors which decide the result of a cricket match. You should study these factors and have a general understanding of how they affect the game. Firstly, research the players. Find out about each player’s performance in the last few matches and find out in what form they are. Learn about their weaknesses and strengths and how they match up against the opposing players. Do know that a player’s confidence and motivation will hugely impact their performance. Secondly, analyse the teams’ performance in the past matches. Understand how they have been performing against the same opposition in the past and predict how they will fare this time. To find out how the team spirit is in each team’s camp and how they perform in the head-on matchups. Also, knowing about the captain’s experience level and his efficacy at his job is also crucial. Whether the captain is able to choose the right players in his playing eleven and if he can introduce the right bowling changes at the correct time will be a significant deciding factor.
  • The weather and pitch conditions also play a big part. Learn about how various types of weather affect the match, like how sunny weather helps the batters, and windy conditions are more beneficial to the bowlers. Rain also is a crucial factor. Understand the DLS method that comes into play during delays or pauses caused to the game due to rain. The pitch that is being used to play the match on is essential as well. Different types of pitches have varying qualities. Find out how the crease will change after some time into the match and what kind of pitches is suitable for which player. Pitches with many cracks in them will generally be hard and offer bounce to the bowlers. If a bowler hits the crack with their deliveries, the ball will deviate in an unknown direction, making it impossible to predict for the batters.
  1. Things to Avoid
  • There are multiple things to avoid during online cricket betting. Firstly, do not try live betting. Live betting works without you needing any prior knowledge of the game. You are required to predict what will happen on the next ball, when will the next wicket fall etc. As a result, they seem tempting to new punters who think they are the experts in the game. You might get lucky and win a couple of times, but they will eventually lead to your ruin. So stay away from Live Betting if you intend to get better at online cricket betting and derive an income from it. They are only luck based, and no skill will help you win them consistently.
  • Secondly, do not put large sums of money on a single bet. Although this might seem counter-intuitive, a large number of smaller bets are more beneficial for you compared to staking all your money on one single outcome. For example, in a match between Australia and Afghanistan, you predict Australia as the clear winner because of how dominant they are in cricket and place 1 lakh as your bet; you might still lose the bet because underdogs have the tendency to outdo the favourites occasionally. Avoiding big risky bets and indulging in small risk-free bets will help you get a stable income, no matter how small it is. With time, you will eventually learn all the tricks and strategies involved with online cricket betting, and your earnings will prosper.
  • Lastly, do not chase your losses. Sometimes we are overcome by our emotions and tend to lose control of our stable minds. Do not give in to your urges or desires. Always use your brain and not your heart while placing bets. This will ensure that you are betting most efficiently and predicting accurately. Going crazy and betting on stupid outcomes will only help you incur further losses. Also, do not get angry or depressed after losing a few bets. Try to take it as positively as possible and learn from them.

Be mindful of these tips, and you will be on your way to becoming a successful online cricket bettor. Implement these tips in your bets and do it a handful of times to get the knack for it. And try placing bets after the toss, as the outcome of the toss plays a significant role in determining the result of the match. Have fun placing bets but do it in an effective and mature manner that will yield you money without incurring any losses.

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