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Tips for Choosing the Long-Lasting & Comfy Leather Furniture

Pottery Barn! Recognized Worldwide for Quality Leather Sofa Sets

Leather is one of the trendy and sophisticated upholstery for sofa beds, chairs, sofas and sofa beds. There are a plethora of textures, coating and grains therefore the buyers usually get confused which category will look adorable for their furniture. For your support, leather buying guideline is referred. Just follow the guideline and use Pottery Barn code to make leather shopping cost-effective.

Production of Upholstery Leather

Leather is hard-wearing, warm and natural item that has some particular characteristics. Usually, the cattle skin is used to make leather goods and furniture coverings. Leather is also classified according to its grades. Each grade has its own qualities. Cattle hide is being salted and soaked in different chemicals to disband the hair follicles. According to material thickness, the hides are classified. Upper layer is perfect for upholstery. Less scarred and cleaner hides are stored as full-grain. Whereas the scarred hides are buffed to make corrected grains.

Leather Types for Sofa Sets

  • Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather is the most refined type for furniture upholstery. To make the leather more durable, polymer coating (in form of embossed and printed type) is carried on. As a result, leather shows resistance against fading, scuffing and soiling.

  • Aniline Leather

It has only one of its kind characteristics. It is naturally appearing leather that is once dyed to improve its outlook and protection against soiling and spillage.

  • Semi-Aniline Leather

It is most durable form that retains its natural appearance as well. Light coating of leather surface is performed to improve the sturdiness. The coating holds a little pigmentation to guarantee extreme protection and color consistency. Choose the leather type of your choice and mention pottery barn code to decorate your home with low-priced furniture.

Leather! The Highly Comfortable Upholstery

Leather sofas are very comfortable when soft cushioning and supportive frames are added. Buying quality sofas means to enjoy happy hours calming on comfortable sofa. High-class comfort is the foremost feature of leather sofas. It is the reason; the psychologists and therapists prefer to keep leather sofas to keep their patients relaxed during different sessions.

Long-lasting Upholstery

If you have chosen real leather for sofa covering and given the required care, these sofa sets will serve you lifetime. Basically, leather is water resistant material that makes it easy to clean your furniture if something has split on the surface. Moreover, fabric sofas accumulate more dust than leather sofas. Even dusting the leather sofas is quite an easy task. Leather shows resistance against deterioration. If you have placed a sofa set in living room where kids are jumping and playing on the sofas, the quality material will hold this wear and tear.

While checking the leather furniture at Pottery Barn, use pottery barn code to pick Chesterfield Sofa, Harlow Armchair, Thatcher Wingback Chair, Turner Square Sofa, Roll Arm Recliner, Leather Swivel Armchair, Portola Leather Sofa or Hayes Armchair on discount. Keep the quality furniture away from direct sunlight and heat. Use dry cloth for dusting and cleaning the spots. Do not apply wet towel for cleaning. By following these simple tips, you can use branded sofa sets for years.


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