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The Significance of Reference List

Reference lists and in-text citations are used to prove the authenticity of the work and the absence of plagiarism. They also provide reader with a full picture of the issues under study and add to better understanding of the topic under study. Harvard formatting style reference list is frequently exploited to add to the credibility of sources and provided information as well.

Harvard Reference List

Harvard referencing covers full information about sources exploited in the article in general and in-text citations. Each entry in the reference list should include the following information: author or editor, date of publication, and title of the item. To increase the credibility of the source the following additional information regarding the origin of the source may be stated: producer, city of publication, link to the source, numbers of issue and volume, the title of the journal, and more.

Ordering Sources

The exploited sources are ordered either alphabetically or chronologically in the Harvard referencing.

  • Alphabetical order – sources with one and several authors are ordered alphabetically regarding the last name of the principal author.
  • Chronological order – if multiple sources of the same authorship are used, the chronological ordering is applied. This means that the most recent work should be stated first in the reference list.

While ordering sources, writer may provide extra bibliographic information to enable reader to refer to the same source, compare works, and obtain the best picture of the topic under study.


Containing full bibliographic details of research paper sources Harvard style reference list serves an excellent proof of the work authenticity, prevents any plagiarism issue, help for better understanding and providing the context to the issues under study, and more. It is highly recommended to exploit guidance and examples of the Harvard reference list to construct your reference page and provide sources properly.

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