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Every Step for the Right Ring That You Choose

Before asking for a hand, most men imagine how they will proceed:

  • A romantic setting,
  • A simple question,
  • A positive answer.

However, many of them have no idea how to choose the right engagement ring, which for them is only a stunning piece of jewelry that will show their chosen ones how much they love her and that they are determined to bear her blue from the sky. The moment they throw themselves into a shopping marathon, they find that they have to decide so many things that it scares them a little. Knowing what to look for in the search will certainly make it easier when researching all the goldsmiths in the area, so read on. Here comes the best choices for you, Oval Moissanite Rings.

The donation and acceptance of an engagement ring can be seen as a time-tested process by which a new and exciting stage in the couple’s life begins. The engagement belongs to a potentially sensitive period due to the large number of expectations and rituals that surround this important milestone. Understand the meaning of this tradition and understand the history and symbolism of these exceptional circles. Then it is easier to choose the right one.

With so many options offered by jewelers and goldsmiths, it is important to consider many factors associated with etiquette and family habits.

Choosing Alone or With a Future Bride?

You are ready to ask a big question and start looking for a ring on your own. But suddenly you find that there are such types, styles, settings, stones, metals and shapes that you are helpless and completely lost because you no longer know what your chosen one might like? Try to answer a few basic questions, or ask her mother, sister or best friend for help. You can also take a woman on a trip to the jewelry, with whom you will spend the rest of your life.


Stop for a moment, sit still, put the paper in front of you and think about the following topics:

  • What does she like to wear?
  • What should her dream house look like?
  • What type of jewelry do you like to wear now?
  • What colors most often appear in her wardrobe?
  • How to comb and paint?
  • What does he like to do in his free time?

The answers will help you better match the choice of ring, as you will be able to assign your love to one of the six basic types of women: you will appear in front of the altar with a romantic princess, combine your life with an elegant minimalist, succumb to a traditional and conservative lady, can’t resist chic hipster to be seduced forever by the glamor femme fatale or do you love an extravagant woman with all her fads and originality?

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With the bride

When you go shopping for a ring with your future wife, you deprive her of an element of surprise. However, you will create irreplaceable common memories and you will be sure that you will hit the black with the ring . You will also get enough space to discuss the topic of wedding rings, because they should match the engagement ring. You can also dazzle with a thoughtful romantic request for a hand, where the jointly chosen ring will be just the icing on the cake of an unforgettable experience.

However, if you don’t want to compromise on the element of surprise, and yet you need her help to find the perfect ring, just go shopping and don’t miss the way of a jewelry store, where you work with ingenious questions on what design she likes. You will give the impression of a receptive and sensitive man who takes into account the opinion and taste of his chosen one.

Secret tip for women:

No one in a relationship wants to push the other into something. Even if your future fiancé wants to surprise you with an engagement ring, you can give him a few clues to choose a piece of jewelry that you will really like. If you and your partner have been together for some time and are considering taking the relationship to the next level, engagement is a natural step. Tell your friend where to go when looking for a ring.

Social media: We use them in everyday life to share our successes, thoughts, wishes and hopes. So why not get help from them for something as important as an engagement? Post your favorite pieces on Pinterest, like beautiful rings on Facebook and don’t miss Instagram.

Digital footprint: Browse the right rings on the web. Don’t forget to save the selected models as favorites. Leave the browser window open with the selected ring and prepare everything so that your loved one will notice.

Browse shop windows together: On the way to shopping, stop for a moment at the goldsmith’s shop window and indicate if you prefer white or yellow gold and if you will enjoy a diamond or a gem. Make sure your future fiancé doesn’t forget where the store is.

See engaged couples: Meeting friends who have recently got engaged are a breeding ground for inspiring conversations that are full of ideas and tips. Talk about ways to apply for a hand and the ideal engagement ring. If a man is considering an important decision, he will not let the information slip.

How Deep To Reach Into Your Pocket

Setting a budget for buying an engagement ring may not be as stressful as it seems at first glance. De Beers, which dominates the mining and diamond industries, promoted the idea that the ring should cost two monthly salaries at a time of great economic crisis, when gemstone prices were collapsing. A great and clever marketing ploy, whose primary task was to increase sales, set a precedent. However, believe that etiquette does not dictate how much you should pay at a jewelry store.

Include your lifestyle, salary, expenses and priorities in your decision-making. Remember that there are a number of beautiful engagement rings on the market that fit different budgets. Don’t be subject to advertising pressure and consult an experienced jeweler. The right seller will try to understand your needs and possibilities and offer you the best in your chosen category. When setting how much money to spend, indulge and include a possible 10% increase compared to the planned budget for example, you will notice a perfect ring just a few crowns more expensive.

Traditional or non-traditional design

Because the engagement ring is a symbol of your love, remember that this piece of jewelry is one of what a woman will wear for the rest of her life. Think about whether she likes traditional single-diamond rings more, or if she will be enchanted by the super modern rose gold design with green and pink stone. Believe that the market is flooded with interesting types of engagement rings in a variety of styles.

Classic style

Its a custom ring with a drop of originality that would match her view of the world. Gold engagement ring with one diamond in the form of a round diamond. The optimal number of drops that keep the stone in place is four, but don’t be afraid to experiment easily in this area and choose three or six handles. You can’t spoil anything with a ring with three diamonds set horizontally in one row with a larger central stone. Your future wife will succumb to the classic symbolism of three: past, present and future.

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