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The Hassle-Free Way of Maintaining Skin Care At Home

For many people, going to the spa is like having a luxurious experience for your body and just taking some time off to relax. But have you ever thought about the process that leads to getting a spa? 

First, you have to find the perfect spa near your place, book an appointment and pray that you do not have anything important to do that day – or if you do, you just have to go through the process of postponing them for another day. Once that is done, you need to wait for the appointed day and drive all the way there on time. And if you miss out on your schedule for any reason, you have to go through the whole process of rescheduling. 

This can be quite taxing on one’s mental health, especially for people who have anxiety and simply making appointments can be a challenge. Spa treatments are supposed to make you feel better by pampering your skin with products enriched with ingredients to help your skin. But because of some of the factors mentioned above, many people have been reluctant to opt for spa care. 

However, skincare should not be neglected, and alternatives that do not strain our mental health should be approached. Fortunately, the professionals behind Spa Sciences have already come up with a solution to this dilemma. 

Founded in 2019 by American inventors, Spa Sciences is a Florida-based skincare company that creates high-tech skincare products, including beauty devices that are aimed to solve any skin concerns their consumers might be facing. These advanced skincare products and beauty devices are the results of their relentless input of innovative solutions, high-quality and spa-like luxury. As such, let’s take a closer look at some of their categories where they have provided their innovative products.

Skin Cleansing 

In this category, Spa Sciences provide two distinct products called the LELA and the NOVA. The LELA is a skin spatula with a 4 in 1 ultrasonic feature for exfoliation, lifting, deep cleansing, and serum infusion. The NOVA is a rechargeable and waterproof sonic cleansing brush that has sonic technologies and patented antimicrobial protection meant to provide the highest and exquisite level of exfoliation and daily cleansing. 

Pore Extraction 

Aside from the LELA, you can also use their other products, BELLA and MIO. BELLA is the sole dry/wet diamond microdermabrasion and pore extraction system that consists of nano mist technology meant to rejuvenate the skin and is exclusive to its target. On the other hand, MIO is a dermatologist-recommended rechargeable diamond microdermabrasion device that has various skin rejuvenated properties of diamond bits, including a vacuum suction to resurface the skin. Due to its esteemed qualities, MIO was listed as one of the Best At-Home Microdermabrasion Kits and Devices for Radiant Skin in 2020. 

Facial Hair Treatment 

This is probably the most important step in any skincare routine, which is why Spa Sciences has come up with two unique products, AIVA and SIMA. AIVA is a dual-functioning hair removing device that combines an easy and painless facial hair remover on one end and a precision-based eyebrow trimmer on the other end. In contrast, the SIMA is a professional at-home dermaplaning device that is both hygienic and safe. It makes use of sonic technology to instantly remove built-up debris, peach fuzz, and any dull skin to bring out a radiant and hair-free complexion. 

And these are only just a few of their many products that they offer. And once they launch their new line of skin care products in early 2022, you can expect even better items to explore and purchase for your skincare needs. 

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