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Meaning of Dental Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Dental problem can happen anytime, at weekends, holidays or night, the first thing that needs to be done is to get in touch with your dentist. It is vital to distinguish between a normal dental issue, which can wait to get treated and a real dental emergency, which requires immediate attention.

Dental emergencies can be life threatening if not treated. Orion dentist specialties are the best emergency dentist near mefor getting instanttreatment to lessen severe pain, prevent infection or stop bleeding. Visit us at 12430 Grant Road, Suite C, Cypress, Texas, United States or contact us at emergency number (832) 610-0428 or (281) 235-0334. Make an appointment with our pediatric dentist, family dentist, cosmetic dentist, periodontist and emergency dentist.

These points should be considered in determining if it is dental emergency or not:

  • Severe pain and bleeding in teeth or gums.
  • After losing a tooth, urgent treatment can save your tooth.
  • It’s not common for adults to have a loose tooth. If you have a painless loose tooth it can be a sign of a serious problem. 
  • Having abscess or infection in mouth can be dangerous for your life so without any delay you should visit a doctor. Swelling on face or gums may also occur in an infection.
  • Bleeding from your mouth.

It is an emergency if you experience any of these symptoms. Go to a dentist immediately, if dentist office is not open visit emergency dentist in Cypress TX.

It is not considered a dental emergency if the problem can wait few days to be treated by the dentist and won’t notably get worse by passing days. For example, a chipped tooth if it is not painful or mild toothache if it is not severe.

Things to do at the time of dental emergency:

  • Dental Abscess needs to be treated immediately by going to a dentist, to ease the pain while waiting for dentist salt water rinse can be done.
  • A hydrogen peroxide solution is to be used to rinse the mouth in case of bleeding gums. Also to stop the bleeding and to lessen the bacteria warm salt water rinse should be done.
  • In case of knocked up teeth, the tooth needs to be placed back into its socket without touching the root after rinsing it with water without scrubbing. If that is not possible place the tooth in moist place like in milk or between the gums and the cheek.
  • Rinsing with warm water and gentle dental floss to remove any food debris stuck or use over-the-counter medication to help in extreme tooth pain. In case there is swelling on the face, ice pack inside a towel on cheek can be soothing.
  • After getting a cracked or chipped tooth the first thing to be done is rinse the mouth with warm water and then call for emergency appointment.

Some Dental Emergencies

1.     Knocked-Out Tooth

Heavy impact on your mouth can knock out your tooth. After this quick action has to be done to go to the dentist quickly to preserve and reinsert the tooth.

2.     Chipped/ Cracked tooth

Having a chipped or cracked tooth with sharp edges and painful requires medical attention. Chewing can worsen the chipping, severe fracture can result in losing the tooth.

3.     Dental Abscess

It is an infection caused by pocket of pus formed in the tooth; the infection can spread to surrounding tissues and jaw. It can trigger high fever, swollen face, sensitivity, bumps on gums and continuous toothache.

4.     Swollen/ Bleeding Gums

Dental examination is necessary to understand the reason for bleeding gums and if it is minor or major health issue. Having occasional gum irritation is normal but bleeding, swollen and painful gums are not normal.

5.     Exposed Nerves

Exposed nerves can be agonizing and can worsen if dental treatment is delayed.  If visit to dentist is postponed it can lead to infection or more nerve damage or extensive treatment.

6.     Unexplainable  Painful Tooth

Extreme tooth pain is a bad indication and should not be taken lightly. It is a red flag given by body telling there I something wrong with it. Treat it as soon as possible.

7.     Broken Crown

Dental crown when breaks or falls off entirely can infect and damage the tooth. Emergency dental treatment is required to avoid needing root canal or extended procedures.

8.     Swollen Mouth/Jaw

Immediate treatment by a dentist is required if there is unexpected swelling on mouth or jaw for no obvious reason. It can be due to an infection, irritation in lymph nodes or there can be other reasons too.

9.     Missing Filling

The teeth can easily break or chip without filling. It will result in exposing the nerves, which can lead to other issues.

A study shows that around 88% of dental emergency can be avoided by having regular dental examination, x-rays and teeth cleaning. Routine checkups can help dental emergency at bay, but not fully prevent them. The dental emergency in Cypress TX can be treated quickly, so that they don’t get worse and cause further problem.

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