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The development of online brands and the influence of generation Z

There has always been one constant in marketing and branding…change! From how and where we deliver messages to increased competition in the market, something is always changing and evolving and this has never been truer than as Generation Z start to come of age, making and influencing buying decisions.
Who are Generation Z?

These are the children that were born after 1995 and up to 2010. They know nothing of looking for a holiday on teletext or lugging a bag of books to the library to get access to a computer, and the concept of not being able to shop one day a week would seem ludicrous. For them, information is at their fingertips 24/7 on any number of devices and you will find them undertaking as much of their shopping online as possible including when searching for special items such as Prom Dresses often by stockists like https://www.axparis.com/collections/prom-dresses

According to the Telegraph, they are also a generation who appear to have only known uncertainty. From parents being made redundant to falling house prices, terrorism and social unrest. This has also made them much more savvy with their money and how they choose to spend it.

Generation Z appears more accepting of diversity, whether racial or sexual, and they are far more likely to have gender neutral opinions on matters such as job roles and sharing parental responsibilities when the time comes.

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How do Generation Z make buying decisions?

Access to peer reviews, both positive and negative, via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seems to have made Generation Z much more trusting of what actual buyers say about a brand than any flashy ad campaign. Brands to them are more about creating their own personal statement through a collection of labels and products they feel an affinity with and believe reflect their personality, rather than any deep-rooted loyalty to one brand label.

Development of your online brand needs to reflect these different traits if you’re trying to target Generation Z.

So, if you’re trying to attract the attention of Generation Z, it seems that rather than push hard with the brand logo and label, marketers need to create a story that this demographic will relate to and a set of brand values that they can build a rapport with and feel comfortable with.

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