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Sam Yari Talks About Photography – His Biggest Passion

Sam Yari, an Iranian who grew up in the UAE, is one of the most prolific photographers in Southeast Asia. In 2016, when Iran started a nationwide program to arrest models and photographers, he immigrated to Turkey, and worked as a photographer from 2016 to 2021.

He is also the founder of Sam Yari Studio, which is based in Istanbul. Sam Yari’s work has been published by SkyLife Magazine, and he is one of the biggest photographers in the country. he has collaborated with big names like the French-Paris Metropolitan Modeling Agency as well.

Sam Yari is has held many photography exhibitions around the world, and his work, especially his long exposure photos, have been exhibited around the world. Yari believes that art comes from the heart, and a person should be able to freely express their surroundings. Yari, who is quite familiar with viewing the world from behind a camera lens, has quite a lot to say

1. Don’t rush to buy the most expensive camera.

Take into account that when you are fond of photography (without making money from it) everything you acquire will be an expense. Starting with an amateur SLR camera will be just what you need, later you can evaluate if you want a more advanced camera and make the leap to a semi-professional camera.

Professional cameras will not be the most recommended unless you already dedicate yourself to photography as a profession since the jump to professional cameras becomes much more expensive, the body is more expensive, the lenses you have from your amateur or semi-professional camera They may no longer serve you, this is because you could find a vignette in your images and the quality of the photo could be affected.Yari started off with relatively little, but because he had a penchant for this, he was quickly able to build up an excellent portfolio.

In addition to this, as Sam Yari always says, the photographer is the one who takes the photographs and not the camera, of course with a more advanced camera the image quality can improve, but before thinking about buying a more expensive camera I recommend that you invest that money in your development as a photographer.

2. Consider buying a tripod.

The tripods allow you to take pictures with enough clarity that, holding your camera with your hands, it would be practically impossible to capture, for example, the famous silk waterfalls, fireworks, light trails or light painting. For all these, slow speeds and a lot of stability are required, the latter is what will give you a tripod.

The price of a tripod varies depending on the brand and the material it is built with, but it’s definitely a wise idea to invest a good tripod. Yari believes that it can help you take better photographs.

3. Make a list of the places you would like to photograph.

There will be many moments when you will not have your camera but you will think “this is a good place to take a picture”, I recommend that you write down in a notebook or on your cell phone those places you would like to return to take pictures. To that list you can also add those places that you would like to visit, they can be magical towns, cities with cathedrals and architecture from past centuries, places with a rich culture or history, in this way you can plan a trip to visit those places on your weekends. week or on your vacation.

4. Enjoy the learning process.

The best part about having a hobby like photography is that the learning curve is so much fun. You can join a group of amateur photographers who get together to go out and take pictures, use your friends, partner or family as models for your photos, you can take pictures practically anywhere, in addition, as you develop as photographers you begin to see all of them places with the eyes of a photographer, seeing things that others do not see.

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