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Russian Girls and The Marriage Options

The beginning of such a search can be a certain detachment of a girl from a man’s problems, as well as a depressed state, which is expressed by an unwillingness to have fun somehow and do something. After all, how can you have fun when the years go by, and this “goat” all bleats about feelings, and does not call for marriage. For the hot Ukrainian girls, this is the best time.

What men do wrong:

When a Ukrainiangirl announces to her boyfriend that she is leaving, the man in a hurry runs after the ring and makes the girl a marriage proposal. Naturally, she no longer needs this she has already released this “pause” with his indecision.

Therefore, if it happens that you fall into such a situation, and then you do not need to make this mistake. And you need to behave absolutely the same as before. In a couple of months, you will still have a chance to start a conversation with your girlfriend again and try to drag her to your side: stories of determination and a desire to take a severe step with her but not at once.

Social Security and Money

Ukrainian girls, by and large, still do not care about the possibility or impossibility of a man to marry and support his family. Women are such creatures that they are more likely to trust this man and will not even delve into this issue. Therefore, a man needs to decide for himself the question independently, will he pull the content of the family or not?

  • As experience shows, almost every man doubts about this, even if his income level is several times higher than that of others. In general, you need to have a cash reserve for about a year of life in order to boldly take a girl as a wife and create a family together.
  • Of course, this amount varies from case to case, because somewhere the girls work and get good money, and somewhere the family can help a lot. But still, you need to be prepared for the fact that the Russian brides become pregnant, and you have to pull the strap in a solo performance.

Parent approval

Although there are situations when parents openly begin to slander the bad about potential wives of their sons, but most often you need to listen to the opinion of the parents at the expense of your girlfriend. Perhaps, at some point, love closes your eyes, or you do not see the obvious things that, thanks to life experience, parents see clearly.

Therefore, if your parents played a big role in your life, and not just left you to their own devices, it is advisable to obtain the consent of your parents before marrying any girl.

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