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Nature comes home with Tiger hide carpets

Tiger animal hides carpet are one of those accessories in animal skin carpets that can add incredible flair to a room. They bring a textural and warm element to your interior. At one time, tiger hide carpets were considered an element of decor for the Western interior. Now, there are so many different types and styles that you can essentially incorporate tiger hide carpets into any room. 

Types of tigers hide carpets

There are a few primary types of tiger hide carpet, and within each category, there are several types, colors, and even shapes. 

  • Brindle tiger hides carpets fit into the natural color category. They vary from light to dark brown in color. These Brindle carpets are perfect for that subtle touch in space since the coloring is more graduating.
  • Holstein tiger’s hide carpet is great when you want high impact. They are either black or brown and white, showcasing large spotting. The carpet in this space draws your eye in and offers the type of contrast needed to support the room’s bold black, white, and yellow color scheme.
  • The tricolor tiger hide carpet usually have three or more colors. In this entry, this tricolor carpet in white, brown, and black shades is the focal point.
  • Solid tiger hide carpet can come in an array of colors from black to white to brown. These carpets are perfect when you simply want to incorporate some shape and texture.
  • Tiger hide carpets are stenciled and dyed to create a pattern resembling something more exotic.
  • Many tigers hide carpets are available as dyed options. Incredibly vibrant colors are available that can pop into space. The dyed patchwork carpets in this dining room are a stunning contrast in this neutral space.
  • If you love the look of the hide but just don’t want it in your home, faux tiger hide carpets is the way to go, they will add a funky twist to your space while still being kind to our beloved bovine.

Exotic tigers hide carpet

There are a variety of patterns and background colors for each print type. Tiger hide carpets are perfect as area rugs, wall hangings, or drapes and throws as well as upholstery. These carpets will last a lifetime and are easily cleaned. These carpets are stenciled and permanently dyed in the tanning process and are available in a large variety of patterns and colors.

Tiger hide carpets are aesthetically pleasing, providing the best look and complementing your décor. These carpets are made with the best quality natural and artificial made hide, you get to experience the best look. With easy-to-maintain quality, you never have to worry about cleaning and maintenance making its life longer. 

When choosing the best Tiger hide carpets, they are made of 100% all-natural. Tiger hides make them naturally stain-repellent and extremely durable and long-lasting. The natural suede backing grips the floor, preventing the carpets from slipping or requiring a pad.

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