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Functional Open Kitchen Shelving Solutions


A modular kitchen without sufficient storage will stay cramped. Modular kitchens have many appliances and items. You will have to create customised storage solutions to keep it neat and tidy. Besides kitchen cabinet designs, open shelves are often installed in the kitchen for storage. Open shelving solutions are great for keeping your kitchen clutter-free. They are very popular not only in the kitchen but also in other rooms like the living room or dining room design. This is because they are a versatile choice and can be installed anywhere. You get long, space-saving, and even corner shelving options for your kitchen. Placing them strategically will help to create a well-organised modular kitchen design. If you are planning to install shelves in your kitchen design, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Install open shelves on colourful tiles

Kitchen cabinet designs are great for storage but they completely cover the wall. If you have any interesting tile design, it will get out of sight. As a result, the kitchen’s appeal will diminish. However, you will not have to worry about it when choosing open shelves. Since open shelves allow the background to stay visible, your background tile designs will stay visible. Hence, open shelves can help to create a visually striking interior design. Just be careful while choosing the open shelves. If you have a stunning backdrop featuring many colours and patterns, it is better to stick to sober and simple open-shelf designs. Otherwise, the space may appear overwhelming and very busy.

02 of 06 Give your kitchen an airy feel with white 

In most living rooms, bedrooms, or dining room designs, you will notice contrasting tones. This is because contrast adds more depth and visual interest to interior designs. However, you will have to be careful while adding contrast. It can make your kitchen appear busy. A small kitchen design can appear very busy. Instead, you should stick to simple and matching open shelves. For instance, choose simple white open shelves for your white wall. It will make the interiors feel airier and more spacious. 

Just keep in mind that a white kitchen will require more maintenance. This is because white will get dirty easily. You will have to clean the shelves and walls very frequently so that they stay appealing. Stained shelves will diminish the look of your kitchen.

03 of 06 Add symmetrical to the interior design

Designing your kitchen is not very easy. You cannot randomly add anything anywhere. Maintaining symmetry is crucial to add some balance to your kitchen interior design. It will appear more organised.

For instance, you can install an even number of shelves on both sides of the kitchen chimney for a balanced look. It will make your kitchen cleaner and clutter-free. In case you want to spice things up, you can add different items on the shelves to add asymmetry to your kitchen decoration.

04 of 06 Introduce asymmetry 

As mentioned earlier, you can introduce asymmetry to your kitchen design for adding more visual interest. However, you do not have to stay limited to the items on your shelves for this. You can install asymmetrical open kitchen shelves as well. 

Most people are afraid to select asymmetrical shelves. However, you can always experiment with your kitchen interiors to give them a look that matches your taste and preferences. It will give the space a bolder appearance. Just make sure that you do not go overboard while trying to add asymmetry. Otherwise, the kitchen design can appear awkward.

05 of 06 Opt for longer shelves

Open shelves for kitchens are available in many sizes just like kitchen cabinet designs. Many people choose many small multiple shelves to create storage. Although it will make your kitchen functional, too many small shelves in the kitchen will make the interiors appear busy and cluttered. This is why you should go for longer shelves instead of small shelves. 

Longer shelves will offer you the same amount of storage without making the interiors appear cluttered. They will give your kitchen interiors a more streamlined and organised look. You can display various items on the shelves and make them the focal point of your modular kitchen design as well. 

06 of 06 Must complement your existing design

The open shelves are a part of the kitchen. Hence, you cannot think of their design and look separately while choosing them for your kitchen. Instead, you should try to visualise how they will appear once you install them in the kitchen. This is why it is crucial to choose open shelves that complement the look and theme of your kitchen. Otherwise, the kitchen interior design will appear awkward. 


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