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How to Maintain your PC

When it comes to a PC, it is definitely not cheap to replace a poorly maintained system. A computer is an investment you make, which means like other investments, it also needs to be protected. You can extend the life of your PC by following some of the tips below:

  • Don’t shutdown your PC too often

Shutting down your PC too often is not good for its health, but this doesn’t mean that you keep it running 24/7 either. It is best to find a happy balance between the two. Also, make sure you shut down the PC correctly and not just turn off the power button, as this can inflict a lot of damage in the long run.

  • Don’t smoke, eat or drink near your PC

A lot of PCs are ruined because of smoke residue, spilled liquids and similar food accidents. This can be devastating for the health and life of your PC and if you don’t want to damage it, you need to eliminate these bad habits.

  • Blow out and clean the PC regularly

There are lots of moving parts in the PC that heat up when you use then. You have to keep the system as cool as possible if you don’t want it to heat up. Dust, dirt and debris can clog the fans and ports, which can cut down the airflow. Find compressed air to blow out the dirt and dust and if it is unavailable or out of budget, consider the alternatives provided at https://websitepromoter.co.uk/.

  • Update software and do regular maintenance

Lastly, you should ensure that all security fixes, patches and software/driver updates are installed in a timely manner because they will keep your PC running smoothly. You also need to run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter regularly, so there are no unnecessary files on your PC.

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