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How Broadway Law Can Help You if You’ve Been Ticketed for Running A Red Light

Running a red light in Los Angeles can lead to a hefty $500 fine. But what if you didn’t run a red light and the technology was mistaken? If that happens, The Broadway Law Firm can be of assistance to you. Here is what you can expect going forward after being caught running a red light.

Why is Running a Red Light So Dangerous?

Think of what’s happening at an intersection as if you were driving a vehicle. The light turns red and you’re only now passing through. Pedestrians could cross the road and other drivers would be at risk depending on how late you run the light. Side collisions are possible. You could get hurt or cause suffering to someone else.

Red light accidents are serious. That’s why the city and local governments in 22 states and Washington D.C. have red-light cameras, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Red-light cameras will capture a photograph of your vehicle and license plate and you’ll get a ticket in the mail within weeks.

Caught running a red light? Here’s how Broadway Law can help

Sometimes red light cameras make mistakes or fail to make sense of a situation correctly. For example, if you’re close enough to a driver, you might get photographed instead of the other driver. Or, the red light may have occurred after you have already passed through half of the intersection.

Among the things to know about red light cameras, most of them are operated by third parties. The absence of human traffic monitoring presents legal opportunities for an attorney who can review photographs and argue on your behalf. You can also gather documents you might have made to represent yourself with a credible, legally allowed argument.

Argue that the photograph of the driver is someone other than you

If it’s not you in the photograph driving the vehicle, you have a reasonable argument if you request a trial to argue your case. You’ll, of course, need to prove your identity and provide substantial evidence that it’s not you driving the vehicle. Choosing this defense wouldn’t be a good idea if you’re planning on lying because you could also be convicted of purgery.

Argue that the photograph of your license plate doesn’t represent a vehicle you own

You’d follow the same process if the vehicle in the photograph didn’t belong to you. That could be the case if the camera technology captures the wrong license plate characters. There are also possibilities where the cameras and the software they rely on can malfunction, resulting in false ticketing and problems for unsuspecting drivers like yourself.

Argue that you had to race to a dire emergency

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, red light accidents caused 143,000 injuries and 846 deaths in 2019. So, claiming an emergency was the reason you ran a red light might not get you far. But a sympathetic judge may waive a fine or consider not adding points to your driving record in the event of an emergency. Generally, if someone was in jeopardy and no reasonable efforts on your part other than running a red light would help, this argument is worth going for, but overall, not worth counting on.

If you’ve been ticketed for running a red light, you don’t have to think it’s the end of the world. Contact The Broadway Law Firm to get the legal assistance you need to avoid infractions on your driving records and hefty fines.

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