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Features and Capabilities of Pallet Tippers

A pallet inverter is a pallet-gripping system designed to transfer or invert pallets securely with or without loads. In comparison to other heavy lifting equipment, pallet flippers are easy to operate as well as integrate with different production lines or warehouse racking systems.

Pallet tippers from TopIndustries are focused on ergonomics and safety. The operator does not have to lift, tilt, or bend down to handle the loads. The pallet tipper is equipped with awesome features so that the operator does not have to stretch or bend to reach loads.

Effectiveness – A wired remote controls the tilt function. The tilt angle is adjustable from their working position. They can set the tilt angle to stop automatically at the same time during loading or unloading.

Ergonomics – The structure offers the operator to work correctly and access mesh box content with ease. The working height can also be adjusted without stressing or bending to reach out.

Footprint – The pallet inverter is compact and is a great solution for narrow spaces.

Security – The drawbar can be fixed and rotated. There is foot protection and a parking brake.

Quality – The construction is robust because the materials used are of high quality. The maintenance cost is negligible.

The main focus of pallet inverters is to enhance warehouse or distribution centers’ efficiency, safety, and productivity. The design is sued to replace or extract the pallet after rotation or tilting.

There are ground load models that allow the use of a forklift for loading and unloading the pallet inverter. It lifts and tilts heavy loads very conveniently, thus enhancing working efficiency. The quality hydraulic motor is low noise and can turn safely and stably.

The pallets can be stacked or moved via rotating frames or transferred into containers. Hydraulic pressure can be used to control product docking. The time and labor associated with manual pallet handling are dramatically reduced. Manual pallet handling increases the risk of workplace physical injuries as well as damage to the products.

Pallet inverters capabilities

  • Damaged goods at the bottom are quickly retrieved and removed. Even damaged pallets can be retrieved and replaced with new ones. In both situations, there is no need to restack the goods manually.
  • Wood pallets are vulnerable to harboring pathogens or chemicals from previous uses, which can contaminate materials in sectors with stringent sanitary standards. Pharmaceutical and food companies have to switch goods from wooden pallets to plastic ones because they can be washed and stored in sterilized rooms. Pallet flippers allow quick switching of loaded wooden pallets to plastic ones. On the other hand, goods from high-quality pallets can be transferred to expendable ones for distribution.
  • Pallet inverters can rotate cumbersome, large items that are hard to handle manually. For example, steel stamping or metal casting & foundry needs to change product positioning for further processing.
  • Heavy material stacks like paper boards, plastic sheets, or laminated manufacturing products can be rotated quickly. It saves time and labor because the operator capably tilts the entire heavy unit load simultaneously without the need to flip them individually.

Pallet inverters are highly focused devices that enhance material handling tasks and create an ergonomic and safe working environment. You can watch the technicians at TopIndustries giving a demonstration of different pallet inverter models on their official YouTube channel.

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