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Energy Efficiency – Purchasing An Energy Efficient Swamp Cooler

Chances are that you’ve already tried out the energy-efficient methods you know to keep warm. This method could range from natural shades, venting the attic to waiting for nighttime ventilation. However, there’s an even more cost-effective option that you should explore. A portable swamp cooler is efficient and will keep you cool for as long as you want. These swamp coolers work best in low-humidity areas and use the natural evaporation method. This process includes cooling air drawn from the outdoors and releasing it into the home. Generally, an evaporative cooler costs much less than an air conditioner.

The cost of installation is also relatively low, unlike the air conditioning units. The best part is that you can use a portable swamp cooler without carrying out any installation. Although the goal of an air conditioner and a portable swamp cooler is to cool your home, one is much more affordable than the other. Swamp coolers are energy efficient because they consume 90% less energy than the air conditioning unit. An example is a 36-inch swamp cooler. This swamp cooler brand could run for 8 hours and still not consume up to 1 dollar of energy.

Because a portable swamp cooler uses simple technology in the cooling process, it doesn’t need to consume as much energy as air conditioning units. This cooling process also works to make it an environmentally-friendly choice. Since swamp coolers do not use refrigerants in the cooling process, no chemicals are released into the air. Since it makes use of fresh air, it works best with windows open. This cooler is unlike the air conditioning unit that only works in airtight space. With swamp coolers, fresh and cool air is released into the room while improving the air quality while keeping you cool. This process ensures ozone-layer harming pollutants are cleared from the environment.

The best part about the portable swamp coolers is that it allows you conserve energy even further. This cooler design enables you to move it from one room to another. This way, you don’t have to install a swamp cooler in every room and have them plugged in. You can move the swamp cooler to the space you would need it most. The lower the humidity in your environment, the more effectively this energy-efficient cooler can keep your home cool. Swamp coolers’ operating cost is relatively low compared to the traditional air conditioning unit. The installation cost is just as low because it costs half as much as an air conditioner installation. Clearly, swamp coolers are not just energy-efficient; they’re cost-effective.

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