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Do’s And Don’ts of Wooden Floor Maintenance

If you have wooden floors in your house then you need to take extra care of it as it is very much different from the other types of flooring. Wooden floors are generally delicate and therefore, it needs to be handled with care only if, you want them to last long. If you are wondering that how to clean wood floors then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to learn about the do’s and don’ts of cleaning wooden floors.


Here is what you should do to your wooden floors:

  1. If you have wooden floors in your house then, you should always use a mat on top of it. Many of the people do not seem to have that habit but it’s the betterment of your wooden floor. A mat will help keep the wooden floor clean and away from all types of stains which mean that it will not take much damage. The mat will act its cover and protector.
  2. You should vacuum and clean the floor almost daily. By cleaning means gentle swiping that too without water.
  3. You also need to invest a bit in furniture pads when you have wooden floorings in your house. This is needed because each time you sit on your furniture it shifts a little and that may leave a mark or scratch on your floor. If you want to prevent that then having furniture pads is necessary.


Here is what you shouldn’t do to your wooden floors:

  1. You should never ever get your wooden floor saturated with water. This will damage your wooden floor completely. This is why you need to use less water when it comes to cleaning wooden floors.
  2. You should also not soak your wooden floor with cleaning solutions because even too much of that is also harmful to your floor.
  3. Do not use the wrong vacuum attachments in order to clean your wooden floor. Use only the attachments that you know will work for your wooden floor. If needed, you should go ask your manufacturer that what you should be using.

Well, that’s the list for the do’s and don’ts while cleaning the wooden floor. Keep the above points in your mind and your wooden floor will do just fine and it will also last longer than what you may have expected.

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