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Denpasar Weather for Perfect Time to Vacation

Bali becomes the most popular destination for tourist to have vacation in the world. The traditional nuance in Bali that perfectly blend with modern lifestyle makes Bali become perfect place for vacation. The forecast of Denpasar weather, which is become the capital city of Bali will be important information for you who want visit Denpasar. It will make you able to have preparation and set the best time to enjoy the beauty of Denpasar Bali. There are many places you can visit in Denpasar that will make your vacation become more special. Well, to make your vacation run perfectly as your plan, of course you have to make preparation include predicted the further weather in Denpasar.

When the weather is clear and the sun shines brightly, it is become perfect Denpasar weather to go to have vacation. You can travel and visit many places in Bali and enjoy the beauty and traditional Balinese nuance. Here are places that perfect to visit to explore the richness of Bali for its history, culture, and beauty.

  • Sanur Beach

When the weather is clear, visiting beach can be a great idea to spend the holiday. One of the most attractive and popular beach in Denpasar to visit is Sanur beach. You can have perfect view of sun rise in this beach. If you want to get sun rise, you have to go early in the morning to the beach. Around this beach is full of resort and hotel so if you stay near the beach, you will get the best moment of sun rise here.

  • NgurahRai Mangrove Forest

When Denpasar weather is clear and bright, you can enjoy walking through the wooden track around the mangrove forest in NgurahRai. It becomes favorite place to go where the visitor can enjoy the view of large mangrove forest and feel the fresh air. There is also watchtower that will give you perfect spot to see all of the landscape around mangrove forest.

  • Museum

If Denpasar weather now is not good enough to hang out and enjoy the beauty of Bali from outside. The great idea to spend the vacation is visiting museum in Denpasar. There are many museums in Denpasar that can be visited. There are Neka Art Museums, Le Mayeur museum and Bali Provincial Public Museum. Here you can see and enjoy the art of Balinese culture and history.

Bali is never enough to be explored because there are so many places that can be visited. You have to find the best time when the weather is clear. So that you can explore any part of Denpasar and make your vacation becomes more attractive. Bali offers man tourism places especially in the capital city of Bali, Denpasar. Sarangan Island is the most favorite destination because here the visitors can visit many places such as Shark Island, turtle conservation, Sakenan temple and many more. So, if you want to have the best moment in your holiday in Bali, make sure that you have known Denpasar weather and enjoy the beauty of Denpasar Bali.

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