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Building Concrete Driveways and What You Should Really Know

The concept of owning a concrete driveway can be quite appealing due to how little upkeep it really needs once it’s laid.  It can last quite a very long time and it does leave the area looking neat and tidy and of course it provides a great surface for the drive itself.  Even though you are perhaps best to receive a company in to do it you are able to build concrete drives should you be likely to do so.

Before you begin to build your driveway

You need to be certain about any local planning regulations or any particular rules which only apply within your region particularly in the event that you live in a village.  As an instance if you live in an area that’s more conventional in style then they may not be too pleased at you having a concrete driveway as it’s not going to tie in with the rest of the place.

What you really have to do

To receive your plans together for your drive and submit them to the relevant folks.  So in order to do that you need to really understand what kind of plans you need in order you are allowed to do this at the very first effort.

First of all you are going to need some drawings completed to scale of your drive and a comprehensive description of the changes which are being made.  Any other plans or information that has to be submitted can change based upon your location so that you are best to check first with the local planning department as to what they anticipate.

You’re of course going to have to buy materials but never purchase anything or arrange to hire any machines until you have permission for work to start.  Although you are not purchasing initially you can still use the time to supply the materials and the cost which you are going to cover in order to acquire the best possible cost.  It is surprising just how much you can save simply by shopping around.

When it comes to really creating the driveway

You need to be certain that you’ve got a good foundation prepared.  It should be eloquent but also firm and it must be to the exact dimensions that you submitted in the plans.  It is worth spending some extra time making certain about the foundation as it can weaken the whole drive if performed incorrectly.

Along with the foundation the other thing that’s quite significant is building the frame for the drive.  This is what is going to define where the concrete is moving so it has to be very well constructed as it has to have the ability to resist the pressure that comes from the concrete.

It is then time to pour the concrete so that you have to understand how to get the right mix for it as this means it shall be as powerful as you can.  You’re also best to be certain there’s a small slope on it as this can allow the rain drain off it without leaving your brand new driveway flooded.


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