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Dealing with Bomb Threats: A Quick Guide

Terrorism is real – you will find that many countries are under attack. Terrorists are thinking of ways to cause disruption in the society. What’s their goal? Maybe they like terrorizing people or just want to prove a point. Nonetheless, they’ve got the terrorist tag and are not considered likeable by the society.

What would you do if you got a bomb threat? People are making bombs, planting them at organizations, events, and other crowded places.

Dealing with bomb threats can be complicated. The first reaction is PANICKING. You feel utterly scared and taken aback. Here’s a quick post that will give you a sneak peek of how you can deal with a bomb threat.

Remaining Calm even after a Storm

The first time you get a bomb threat, it is advisable to remain calm. If you start panicking, it will not help your situation.

You need to be solution-focused and not problem-focused.

Did you receive a call? Take a pen and paper and write down the number.

If the number is not showing, you can note down what the caller is saying. You must write down all the information you get out of the call. This will be helpful for you.

Beware of the surroundings

If you have got a bomb threat, do not touch any object near you.

A visual inspection is necessary. You can also call Perceptage security and let them do a quick inspection of the place. They can deal with bomb threats (emails and phone calls) and more.

Stop using any cell phone or pagers as these can trigger any kind of explosives. You must evacuate the space immediately and follow basic protocol.

Bomb threat call – What was the conversation like?

It may seem irrelevant to you, but it is important to diagnose the bomb threat call.

  • What time did the call came?
  • What was the length of the call?
  • Gender and age of the caller
  • Name of the caller

Ask the notorious caller the following questions:

  1. When do you intend to explode it?
  2. Where have you kept the bomb?
  3. What floor is it in?
  4. Why have you kept a bomb in the building?
  5. What does it look like?

Concluding Thoughts

Hiring experts is advisable in this case. They will be able to take care of the bomb threats. Perceptage Security offers preparedness in such cases. You can contact them immediately if you suspect that something is not right.

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