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Condos And Apartments: What Is The Real Difference? 

Before the 21st century, architects and real-estate contractors realized that small houses would control the future of housing. According to recent statistics, a significant majority of our population thrives in apartment complexes, and condos! Traditionally, most people believe that only the elderly can reside within condos, while nuclear families generally stay in apartments. However, the above statement might stand true in a few cases; some young individuals prefer a condo over an apartment. Furthermore, in cities like Bangkok, people prefer living in High rise condos (คอน โด high rise, which is the term in Thai). 

For those confused on whether to go for a condo apartment, this article may provide a suitable solution to your dilemma, helping you judge both the prospects with equal attention to detail.  

Renting or Ownership  

In major cities, people tend to purchase condos on loan, possessing the ownership for the building; however, most of our population chooses to live in a rented apartment, considering that an apartment complex lies within the right of an entity, or a single individual. However, when it comes to condos, the ownership lies within the resident’s hands, but the responsibility of maintaining the building gets taken by the Homeowner’s Association. While a rented apartment won’t provide much leeway for you to showcase your creativity in customization, you can decorate your condo. However, you please with little regard to what a foreign authority would say.   


You may land with a dedicated parking spot, gymnasium, necessary maintenance facilities, and an occasional swimming pool in an apartment complex. However, the amenities provided by the Homeowner’s Association stand endless when compared to the ones provided by an apartment complex. These domiciles come with a wide range of clubs, a swimming pool, concierge, lounge, and much more!  

The Cost 

With High rise condos, most of your worries will get resolved with a single payment; however, one must also pay a service charge, alongside the basic monthly rent. Nevertheless, compared to apartments, the payment structure stands very minimalistic, with lesser payments. However, one must produce a significant amount as payment, monthly, while living in an apartment complex.  

Through what got estimated through the above analysis, condos do take the lead, especially while counting the number of advantages! However, apartments will cater to a broad audience. Nevertheless, one must purchase a condo or rent an apartment after a significant amount of research! 


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