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Driving Safely Around Big Trucks

Until teleportation is invented, you’ll most likely be sharing the road with an 18-wheeler or two every time you get in your car. Learning to coexist with beasts of the road will make you and the semi drivers safer. Follow these two tips to put your best wheel forward.

Drive Courteously

Although this is a good rule for driving all the time, it is especially important when you’re driving among large tractor-trailers. Because they are professionals, semi drivers are probably less prone to road rage than your average sports car owner, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of their lumbering movement. Large trucks take a longer time to stop, so if you cut in front of one to change lanes quickly, you may find a very big vehicle on your bumper. Professional truck drivers don’t want to hit you. They carry insurance and many have TVC pro driver memberships because they do not want to get in an accident with you. Do your part by not putting them in the position of having to slam on their brakes as they simply may not be able to stop in time.

Stay Out of Blind Spots

Semis have extra mirrors, but they still have blind spots. Most trucks have warnings posted on their backs asking you to please not tailgate. This is for your safety, not because they are road hogs. Even with mudflaps, debris can still fly up from under an 18-wheeler and hit your windshield. If the driver must hit the brakes, he won’t be able to judge how hard or how fast he can do so safely if he doesn’t even know you’re back there. When you do pass an 18-wheeler, make it quick. Just like all vehicles, there is a blind spot as you approach the front. Don’t linger or you both may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

We all must share the road, so why not do so safely? Keep these safety tips in mind to help big rig drivers help you stay safe.

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