5 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling


No marriage is perfect, often in every marriage, a time comes when the passion or magic fades. Taking write steps and actions can save a marriage or break it with grudges and bitter arguments with lesser chances of reconciliation. Hence it is essential to recognize the signs early, which may further on turn into a reason for a divorce. Recognition of these signs is only the first step. Secondly, one has to opt for marriage counseling to ensure the existing issues are resolved, and even if the same issues arise in the future they are well trained to resolve them on their own.

But before digging into details of what are the Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling. Let’s see what really marriage counseling is.

What Is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling also well-known as couples’ or relationship therapy is psychotherapy through which married couples get an insight into problems of their relationship with their spouses and they can identify and resolve their conflicts, and hence improve their relationship.

When the following is not possible marriage counseling offers aid for struggling couples to separate constructively. Through marriage and family counseling, one can make appropriate and well-informed decisions about mending, reconciling, or parting ways in a relationship. Apart from this marriage counseling is also strengthens a relationship and can help in developing a deeper understanding of each other and sorting out the difference if any, in general.

According to Clinical psychologist Adam Borland, PsyD, “Earlier is generally better, but it depends on the couple’s dynamic,” relates Dr. Borland. “For some couples, counseling happens when one partner is finally willing to go — though that’s often when the relationship is on the brink of divorce or separation.”

By paying attention to these signs, one can save their marriage before there is nothing left to save.

Bad communication:

Communication is of utmost importance in any relationship be it personal or professional. If there is a communication gap in any relationship bad things are bound to happen. If we notice we are having same arguments over and over again or we are treating or being treated by our partner really loud that from all the yelling and screaming to the silent treatment, it indicates there is something which needs to be fixed

Lack of physical or emotional intimacy:

Lack of physical or emotional intimacy is a major indicator or one of many big signs that “your marriage is more than in trouble”. The transition from the passionate lovers to living like roommates, lacking any emotional or physical intimacy speaks volumes about the trouble in a marriage and the urgency of counseling.

Broken trust:

We tend to suspect that our partners are lying or we do realize that we definitely are and perhaps there has been intended infidelity. Cheating has many forms and it does not always mean physical or person-to-person infidelity. Trust is one of the foundational pillars of any pillars and it can be broken through actions carried out online or while using social media.

A major life change:

The occurrence of a major life change, such as the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, moving homes, a new job, or retirement. Puts immense toll on a relationship as they have a huge impact on any marriage and hence calls in for various problems which are not just possible to resolve on their own given today’s hectic and busy lifestyle.


Any addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, or spending can strain a relationship and lead to bitter arguments and tragic ends. If we are constantly pushed to drugs or alcohol as a way to escape from our daily arguments and confrontation. Marriage counseling can be a good way to get back our relationship on track.


If the following signs are evident in a marriage going to a marriage counselor is strongly recommended. There are various marriage counselors with certain expertise who uses various techniques and therapy, for example, Shelley Behr Richmond who is Brighouse Station (Canada Line), based counselor. Shelley Behr who is a collaborative divorce coach and child specialist uses a collaborative approach to help couples create a parenting plan, communicate more effectively, and find a way to support the kids through the divorce in a less adversarial way.

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3 of the Most Common Lawsuits


The United States Legal System is an impressive and complex mechanism that was designed to uphold justice. It also provides recourse for citizens who have been victimized by individuals, businesses, or even the government itself, in some cases. It’s important for people to understand their rights as well as how they can seek remuneration if they have been wronged. Here are three of the most common lawsuits that can be brought to court in the hopes of getting justice and compensation.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death West Covina Ca covers a broad number of circumstances under which a loved one is killed. A wrongful death lawsuit can be brought against anyone from a negligent driver who kills someone in an auto accident to an assailant who kills someone through an act of violence. In can also cover medical accidents such as certain types of malpractice, neglect or medication-related deaths.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination lawsuits are appropriate for people who feel that they have been fired from their job unfairly. This could be due to them being falsely accused of doing something improper. It could also involve dismissal as retaliation for whistleblowing, or even simply having to endure a hostile work environment.

Discrimination or Harassment

Along the same lines as wrongful termination, an employee may be entitled to sue an employer if they are being harassed or discriminated against at work. One of the most severe forms of this type of impropriety is sexual harassment. This is where an employee is made uncomfortable by being the subject of comments of a sexual nature, or even worse, being propositioned by a fellow employee or boss. Discrimination can also occur if a worker is singled out for their race, gender, religion, country of origin or status as a person with a disability.

In America, we are granted significant rights and courses of action to seek justice when those rights are violated. Know that if you are the victim of any of these actions, you have legal recourse.

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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer With Experience


It may seem obvious that you should always hire an experienced attorney Chalmette LA, but that doesn’t always happen. Some people would rather find the cheapest legal representative possible, even if that professional is not the best fit for the job. When considering which lawyer to hire, keep these things in mind.

Not All Practice Areas Are the Same

Yes, all practicing lawyers graduated from law school, but that doesn’t mean they are all fit to handle your case. A divorce lawyer deals with very different areas of law when compared to a personal injury lawyer. An attorney with experience is familiar with the nuances of the law in that area, which means that he or she will be equipped to help you, no matter how complicated your case may be.

Attorneys Form Connections

The longer your lawyer has worked in a specialized field, the more connections he or she will have built. For example, a lawyer who has strong relationships with insurance adjusters will know how to communicate with them, which is important when it comes time to negotiate.

Law Requires Paperwork

While legal dramas often glamorize the day-to-day life of attorneys, the truth is that practicing law requires filling out a lot of paperwork. Attorneys who are already familiar with the forms and procedures required will save a lot of time completing templates and filing with the courthouse. Lawyers and their paralegals who aren’t experienced in doing so will spend a lot of time learning, and they’ll likely pass those extra costs on to you.

Before you hire attorneys, make sure to verify their background and education. It’s even appropriate to ask them about their case history and how much experience they have in court. Lastly, don’t forget to check the state bar association to verify that the attorney you’re interested in hiring is in good standing.

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Breach of contract can have many consequences: Is there Any Solution?


Violation of the contract is in practice always punishable. The consequences may be based on law or an agreement between the parties. Price reductions, contractual penalties and damages are typical monetary consequences of a breach of contract. Read here what other consequences a breach of contract may have. The lawyer can explain consideration for contract law to you there.

What is a breach of contract and what does it mean?

  • The concluded agreement is binding on the parties and the contracting party always has the right to demand its fulfillment.
  • Breach of contract means incorrect performance or delay in delivery
  • Breach of contract may result in non-performance, correction or rectification of the breach, reduction in price, termination of the contract or damages.
  • With regard to consumer trade, breaches of contract and their consequences are regulated separately. So you need to know remedies for promissory estoppel.

Possible penalties include correction of an error, correction, price reduction or, in the case of significant infringements, cancellation of the transaction. Depending on the situation to be paid in breach of the contract party can also come for damages or contractual penalty.

The agreement is binding on the parties

As a general rule, the agreement entered into by the parties is binding and the obligations set out in it must be fulfilled. Sometimes, however, things don’t happen, as the parties have agreed. Then it is a delay or an error in execution. Failure to comply with contractual obligations is usually punishable by law or by agreement between the parties.

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The contracting party always has the right to demand performance in accordance with the contract. Therefore, for example, in a trade in goods, the seller must deliver the product to the buyer in the agreed condition and on time. The main obligation of the buyer, in turn, is to pay the agreed purchase amount to the seller on time and, in addition, otherwise contribute to the sale. In that case you will need to know what is non compete contract in California? The lawyer will guide you there.

An error or delay violates the contract

A breach of contract may take the form of a delay in the performance of an obligation or an incorrect performance, in which case the performance is incomplete or there is some other error.

Delays are common contractual problems.

For them, what matters is whether the parties have fulfilled their obligations by the date agreed in the contract. If there is no mention of a timetable in the contract, the obligations must, as a general rule, be fulfilled within a reasonable time after the conclusion of the contract.

A runtime error can occur in many different ways.

It is an error if the performance does not correspond in quality to what the parties have agreed. Such a quality defect may be, for example, a defect in the service purchased or a physical defect in the goods sold. An error of law means a situation in which the object of the transaction appears to be externally sound, but is subject to a right of a third party. Thus, for example, there is an error in the sale of housing shares if the shares are subject to a lien, which the agreement should not have. Misconduct refers, for example, to situations where the product sold cannot be used for its intended purpose due to official regulations. Thus, for example, there is an error in the trade in electrical equipment if the equipment is in breach of official regulations. An error in the agreement may also be related to intellectual property rights, such as infringement of patent rights.

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An In-Depth Guide about California Truck Collisions


Often the massive accidents involve large vehicles like trucks in California. These accidents can be destructive and incur many kinds of physical as well as financial damages. That is why it is essential to know the details of truck accidents: third parties and truck accident companies. In many instances, trucking drivers tend to work under tremendous work pressure and stress. That might be the underlying factor in such collisions. 

The California law is strict about such collisions. In case you are caught in some situations like this, the first thing you need to do is give your lawyer a call. One needs to make the statements to the police and the concerned authorities only in the presence of an attorney. 

Wonder why Spanish speakers: ¿Necesito un Abogado de accidentes de auto en Oceanside, California después de chocar? That is because you need an experienced professional by your side who knows the details of the laws and the legal system well. 

Types of Truck Collisions

Unlike any other situation, accidents do not come with any guidebook. They can happen at any time anywhere. Here are some of the significant types of truck collisions seen in California:


  • Tire Blowout Truck Mishaps


It happens due to the presence of old tires and a severe tire blowout. Due to such blowout, the vehicle can lose track of the road and hit the nearest tree or car badly. It is a common occurrence for large vehicles.


  • Jackknife Collision


It is another typical truck collision that happens due to the uncontrolled movement of the trailer or truck. As a result, it creates a sharp angle which might be dangerous for the nearby vehicles. In such cases, truck drivers lose control of their steering wheel and collide with the next car. 


  • Rollover


The name suggests the exact condition of the accident. Here the truck rolls over to one side due to speeding, slippery roads, or driving faults. Improper loading of cargo and irregular maintenance can also be the reasons for such mishaps.


  • Hazmat Collision


Hazmat trucks are the ones that carry hazardous substances. In many cases, the eruption or collision of these substances tends to lay the foundation of such road accidents. 

What Should A Person Do Right After Surviving A Truck Collision?

According to the experienced attorneys in California, there are specific steps to follow right after a truck accident. These are:

  • Call your Attorney: One of the first things you need to do is inform your attorney with every detail of the accident scene. In severe conditions, ask them to accompany you through the entire proceedings.
  • Call Emergency Services: You need to inform the concerned authorities like police and healthcare specialists about the condition. According to the California Law, one must provide “reasonable assistance” to the injured people.  
  • File the Incident: The next thing to do would be filing the accident to the authorities. You need to provide details like your name, location of the accident, truck registration number, any casualties, driver’s license numbers, etc.
  • Keep the Evidence: In case you end up fighting a court case for the collision, you must have the availability of all the information from the scene. Make sure to keep the photos and all other documents handy for such proceedings. 
  • Medical Evaluation: Even the wounds aren’t visible, there are higher chances of internal bleeding due to such truck accidents. That is why; you need to undergo a proper medical evaluation to get appropriate assistance.

So, have you been through such traumatic situations lately? If you have been a victim of any vehicle collision in California, it is time to contact a genuine attorney. Contact Nakase Law Firm for hiring an experienced and committed lawyer for your case. The firm is well-known for its integrity and relentless legal services towards their clients in the market. The panel of experts here are always ready to understand your requirements and healthy suggestions about their services. 


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What to Expect From Your Expert Witness


Expert witnesses, such as a financial expert witness, have received advanced training in a specific field and are able to effectively discuss their analysis of complicated concepts with juries and judges during both criminal and civil court cases. Because expert witnesses must present conclusions based on scientific processes, they are not required to support the legal team that hired them. Therefore, anyone hiring these witnesses should understand what to expect during the discovery, pretrial, and trial processes.


Expert witnesses review countless documents and search for any missing or incomplete information. They analyze all the necessary data and may ask others in the field for advice on their approach and conclusions. Every theory the witness uses should be clearly defined, and alternate theories should also be discussed so the witness is able to counter them in court.


Experts calculate proposed damages, including opponents claims. Witnesses must produce a document that discusses the relevant and missing data, research process, and their analysis of the case. The statement will also compare the facts in the case to scientific evidence to prove their opinions are correct. A Daubert hearing ensures these individuals are qualified and their evidence is admissible in court. As long as the conclusions are based on scientific processes and evidence, they are typically admitted. Any change in opinion must be shared with both parties immediately. Finally, these individuals work with their teams to prepare their arguments and counterarguments based on scientific data analysis.


During their direct questioning and cross examination, experts must answer with clear, concise, unbiased opinions and analysis. If they are asked questions outside their field of expertise, they must state this prior to or in lieu of answering these questions. These witnesses may also develop and present visual aids to help the judge and jury follow their reasoning.

If you need an expert witness, find someone who has the appropriate training and understands what must be done during the discovery, pretrial, and trial processes.


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Top Questions About Workers Compensation Claims



Obtaining an injury while at work can be a strenuous situation on its own, but it can become more stressful when you need to file a claim. Sometimes this is necessary, as you may have medical expenses piling up that you cannot afford to pay. Workers compensation exists to reduce that strain if you are injured or become sick on the job. Hopefully, it will get you back on your feet and back to work faster. Here are answers to common questions that can get you on a faster route to recovery.

What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is an insurance policy taken out by employers that covers expenses for employees if they get hurt during work. The policies benefit the employee and the employers by providing security for both. Check to see if you employer has workers comp, as not all states require it by law.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a Workers Compensation Claim?

Whether you need a lawyer for your claim depends mainly on the complexity of your situation. If the facts of the accident are clear and straightforward, you may have no problem filing the claim by yourself. If you run into problems receiving compensation or there are disputes over how the accident happened, you may need a lawyer’s help in obtaining your rightful damages. Consider researching one near you by typing “Iowa workers compensation attorney” into an online search engine.

What Is Covered by Workers Compensation?

What is covered for your case will probably vary from all others simply because every situation is different. However, medical expenses and bills, treatments, physical therapy, lost wages and even funeral costs may be covered by your policy. Exemptions from workers comp include accidents that occurred from employees breaking company rules, getting into fights or injuries sustained while not on the clock.


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What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?


Between 2005 and 2017, Americans filed 4.1 million Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. In Maryland, as of March 31, 2020, there were 17,255 filings. The idea of having to go through bankruptcy may seem embarrassing to some, but being able to lower one’s debt may take away a good deal of stress.

Chapter 13 affects future credit but may relieve anxiety when creditors have to stop calling and sending past due notices and collection letters. This type of bankruptcy can provide filers a chance to restructure and alleviate some of their debt.

The Wage Earner’s Plan

Chapter 13, also known as the wage earner’s plan, allows people to repay their debts as long as they have a regular income. Under this plan, individuals may make payments to creditors over a three- to five-year period. During this time, companies cannot start or continue collection proceedings against the debtor.

Individuals cannot file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy if there was a prior bankruptcy dismissal in the preceding 180 days because they failed to appear in court.  Also, debtors cannot file if they received credit counseling 180 days before filing. There are exceptions for emergency situations.

The Filing Process

Chapter 13 begins when an individual files a petition with the court. A bankruptcy lawyer Rockville MD can provide a debtor with the correct documents to file and explain the bankruptcy procedures. Along with the petition, the individual must include the following:

  • A schedule of assets and liabilities
  • A list of contracts and unexpired leases
  • A statement of all financial affairs
  • A current listing of all income and expenses

In addition, debtors must give the court several comprehensive lists:

  • Creditors and amounts due
  • Income information about earnings and pay schedule
  • All property
  • Living expenses such as food, clothing and utilities

Individuals have to pay administrative and filing fees. The court may allow debtors to pay in installments in certain circumstances.

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3 Thinks to Know When Settling a Workplace Injury Claim


For those who have suffered a severe illness or injury related to their work or job duty, you may want to consider hiring an Orlando workers comp lawyer. With an attorney, you have a better chance of receiving all of the benefits you are entitled too. Since workers’ comp law is highly complex, make the lawyer you intend to hire has specific expertise in the area. To narrow down your search for the right attorney, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Start With Recommendations

With social networking connections, it is a lot easier to ask for recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues. Many attorneys will have very little advertising campaigns, focusing instead on earning referrals from satisfied clients. You could also contact local and state bar associations for advice on a lawyer in your area.

Don’t Always Trust the Internet

You can use a search engine to look for options for your case, but don’t always rely on the reviews or the information you come across. You may also need to search through the information on the website to get a feel for the type of law that an attorney practices. The site might advertise workers’ comp law, but this could be a small area rather than a focus. Look for testimonials from former clients, not just one or two anonymous reviews posted through random forums. The website and any other data that pulls up should seem experienced, professional, and knowledgeable.

Use the Consultation Like an Interview

Most of attorneys offer a free consultation in order to ensure they don’t waste their time or yours on a groundless case. Use this time to question the lawyer rather than letting him or her do all the talking. You become an employer, so treat the consultation like an interview and ask for information that verifies expertise as a workers’ compensation attorney.

Handing a workplace injury on your own may not get you the settlement you deserve. Contact an attorney for the best chance at fair compensation.

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What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do and When Do You Need One?


When you suffer an injury or illness due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you may well want to sue the person responsible for causing it. You will therefore need an experience personal injury attorney to file suit for you and aggressively advocate for your right to receive just compensation for your injury or illness.

Personal Injury Attorney Qualifications

The more experience your attorney has in handling various types of personal injury cases, the better chance you stand of receiving the maximum amount of compensation. For instance, your personal injury attorney Columbia MD should have litigation experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • Motor vehicle accidents (car, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.)
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Slips, trips, falls and other types of premises liability accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability accidents
  • Serious injuries (spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, accidents resulting in visual or hearing impairment, etc.)

(S)he should also possess good negotiating skills. Why? Because most personal injury cases never go to court. Instead, a skilled personal injury attorney can obtain a favorable settlement for you from the defendant(s) and/or his, her or their insurance company.

Attorney’s Fees

Most personal injury attorneys charge what’s called a contingency fee. What this means is that you pay nothing unless or until your attorney satisfactorily resolves your case. Then (s)he will keep a percentage of the settlement or jury award amount for himself or herself before paying your outstanding medical bills and giving you the remainder.

Civil Suit

Keep in mind that your personal injury lawsuit is a type of civil suit, often referred to as a tort action. The defendant(s) will not go to jail when you win. Rather, (s)he or they will be required to pay you money damages. Not only will these include your actual medical expenses, but also such things as your pain and suffering, your current and future lost wages, etc.

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