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Business Startup Ideas: Most Profitable & In Demand Businesses

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There are so many people that want to ditch their nine to five job or looking to become their own boss. Those people do not necessarily want to work within the industry their current job is in. As long as they can start a business that is in demand and stands a good chance of success, then most people will quite happily quite their job and seek pastures new.

In this piece, we are going to look at business ideas that stand the biggest chance of success, longevity (therefore will remain in demand), and will draw in a profit if setup correctly. Now some people do not have the capital to start their own business, so we will try to mix up the business ideas we mention here so we cover those that do not require a huge startup capital to those that may need some investment on your part.

In cases in which you will need capital, we suggest you read this blog.

Private Soccer or Sports Schools

Now you may not think that there would be much money in opening your own soccer school. That said, it really depends on your target market. I have seen someone in Thailand start with a weekend toddlers class of 6 students to turn that business into 6 to 8 classes per week on evenings and over 20 classes on the weekend spread across Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Obviously, he has had to hire more coaches to deal with the number of classes while he drives around from pitch to pitch across the city making sure all the classes run smoothly.

Now Thais happen to be crazy about soccer, so this works well. All you need to do is find a sport in your area that is popular. In New Zealand and Australia spots such as Rugby and Cricket are popular, but soccer is also not out of your reach.

Tennis schools are also popular, but you need to be extremely good and tennis to become a coach. On the other hand, you do not need to be an amazing rugby or soccer player to start a school that focuses on one of these spots. That said, if you are teaching toddlers up to say 10 years old, you only need to be a reasonably decent tennis player.

The key to success is making sports lessons fun. My friend in Bangkok, whose business brings in in excess of US$30,000 month, uses Mascots such as Lenny the Lion to play soccer, includes assault course equipment so kids run through the course kick the ball to a destination, and then continue onto the next part of the course. In the end, he created lots of fun games and this made the school a success.

Breakfast and Sandwich Shops

Now you may not make a fortune out of a breakfast and sandwich shop, but if you are looking for a steady business, then food is always in demand. As long as you follow the four Ps of marketing, plus the extended Ps, you will be able to successfully bring in a decent amount of customers. I have seen plenty of people succeed at running a sandwich and breakfast establishment. There is something about a good fry up, sandwich, and a good coffee at an affordable price that always seems to attract a good number of customers.

The only downside to opening such a restaurant is that you will need to invest quite a bit of cash. This is mainly so you can obtain the correct licenses and obviously, you need to kit out a kitchen as well as buy restaurant furniture. In the end, you may not get rich from this business, but it most certainly pays the bills.

Before you do open such an establishment, make sure you read this blog.

Gentleman’s Clubs

You have to be a tough and disciplined individual to open a gentleman’s club. A little like owning a bar, but with more thrills and spills involved because you are also managing female dancers, you will need to be ready to open in the evenings and close in the early hours of the morning.

You will also be dealing with a lot of guests that are drinking, and some can get out of hand. This makes the job tough, but at the same time, it is rewarding because lots of men will be having fun.

As our societies become more affluent, or the affluent societies continue to make money, gentleman’s clubs are increasingly in demand. Be warned though, it can take some time before your club starts to attract clients because in this industry it takes time for word to get around.

Check out one of Wellington NZ’s most popular gentleman’s clubs at their website.

Construction or Trades Company

Some of the most successful companies all over the world are construction companies and other trades companies that are connected to the construction industry. That means electricians, plumbers, security access systems companies and so on.

Now if you have no experience in these trades, then you will need some good contacts and some very good sales and marketing skills. I have seen people move from the UK to Australia and make an absolute killing with literally no construction experience apart from project managing their home extension in the UK.

However, there are several success stories in which these people have been able to set up a website and build up their company by using the skills of others. They have a group of contruction engineers, electricians, plumbers and other trades experts and sell their skills on their behalf. This means you are effecitvly opening a business and selling services while making a percentage on top.

Once you get going at this type of sales and marketing orientated business, you will be able to branch out in all kinds of other areas such as air conditioning, solar power, and pool maintianance. It also does not take a huge investment to learn how to set up this style of business.

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