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An In-Depth Guide about California Truck Collisions

Often the massive accidents involve large vehicles like trucks in California. These accidents can be destructive and incur many kinds of physical as well as financial damages. That is why it is essential to know the details of truck accidents: third parties and truck accident companies. In many instances, trucking drivers tend to work under tremendous work pressure and stress. That might be the underlying factor in such collisions. 

The California law is strict about such collisions. In case you are caught in some situations like this, the first thing you need to do is give your lawyer a call. One needs to make the statements to the police and the concerned authorities only in the presence of an attorney. 

Wonder why Spanish speakers: ¿Necesito un Abogado de accidentes de auto en Oceanside, California después de chocar? That is because you need an experienced professional by your side who knows the details of the laws and the legal system well. 

Types of Truck Collisions

Unlike any other situation, accidents do not come with any guidebook. They can happen at any time anywhere. Here are some of the significant types of truck collisions seen in California:


  • Tire Blowout Truck Mishaps


It happens due to the presence of old tires and a severe tire blowout. Due to such blowout, the vehicle can lose track of the road and hit the nearest tree or car badly. It is a common occurrence for large vehicles.


  • Jackknife Collision


It is another typical truck collision that happens due to the uncontrolled movement of the trailer or truck. As a result, it creates a sharp angle which might be dangerous for the nearby vehicles. In such cases, truck drivers lose control of their steering wheel and collide with the next car. 


  • Rollover


The name suggests the exact condition of the accident. Here the truck rolls over to one side due to speeding, slippery roads, or driving faults. Improper loading of cargo and irregular maintenance can also be the reasons for such mishaps.


  • Hazmat Collision


Hazmat trucks are the ones that carry hazardous substances. In many cases, the eruption or collision of these substances tends to lay the foundation of such road accidents. 

What Should A Person Do Right After Surviving A Truck Collision?

According to the experienced attorneys in California, there are specific steps to follow right after a truck accident. These are:

  • Call your Attorney: One of the first things you need to do is inform your attorney with every detail of the accident scene. In severe conditions, ask them to accompany you through the entire proceedings.
  • Call Emergency Services: You need to inform the concerned authorities like police and healthcare specialists about the condition. According to the California Law, one must provide “reasonable assistance” to the injured people.  
  • File the Incident: The next thing to do would be filing the accident to the authorities. You need to provide details like your name, location of the accident, truck registration number, any casualties, driver’s license numbers, etc.
  • Keep the Evidence: In case you end up fighting a court case for the collision, you must have the availability of all the information from the scene. Make sure to keep the photos and all other documents handy for such proceedings. 
  • Medical Evaluation: Even the wounds aren’t visible, there are higher chances of internal bleeding due to such truck accidents. That is why; you need to undergo a proper medical evaluation to get appropriate assistance.

So, have you been through such traumatic situations lately? If you have been a victim of any vehicle collision in California, it is time to contact a genuine attorney. Contact Nakase Law Firm for hiring an experienced and committed lawyer for your case. The firm is well-known for its integrity and relentless legal services towards their clients in the market. The panel of experts here are always ready to understand your requirements and healthy suggestions about their services. 


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