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9 Tips to Use Mannequins in NZ to Enhance Your Store or Business Environment

Dummies have become an important part of retail displays and business environments in NZ. They not only enhance the visual appeal of a store but also help to attract the right customers. A well-dressed dummy can make or break the impression of your store and influence customers to make a purchase. 

This blog will explore 9 tips to use mannequins in NZ effectively and creatively to increase the customer experience and boost sales.

Tips to Use Mannequins in NZ to Enhance Your Store

Choose the right mannequin for your store:

The first and foremost tip is to choose the right mannequin for your store. Your store’s concept and target audience should determine your choice of mannequin. Although conventional dummies are popular, consider novelty dummies if you want to create a unique brand voice. You can choose from abstract, realistic, headless, or even animal-shaped dummies.

Maintain Consistency:

Consistency is essential to create an immersive shopping experience. Ensure that all mannequins in your store have a similar theme and dress code. You can determine the appropriate dressing for each mannequin, which coincides with your store brand or occasion. A well-coordinated display helps to highlight the product and boosts sales.

Use Lighting to Enhance Your Display:

The use of lighting in your display can make a huge difference in creating ambiance and dramatic appeal. Appropriate lighting brings out the best features of your store display and products. Use a combination of spotlights and ambient lights to highlight the key aspects of the mannequin and draw customers’ attention to the product.

Mind Placement of Mannequins:

Choosing placement for mannequins is critical as it contributes to the overall design of the store. You can place strategic dummies in the window display to attract customers and the store entrance to create a welcoming ambiance. Also, keep in mind that dummies can be positioned at eye level or various other heights for a unique layout.

Understanding Your Target Audience:

Understanding your target audience will help you cater to their needs and make your product offering more attractive. Choose dummies that represent your customer base or that reflect the season or occasion of your current product line. If your primary audience is females, consider using dummies with feminine characteristics.

Dress Your Mannequins Well:

An important tip to get the most out of your mannequins in NZ is to keep them dressed in the latest fashion. Use dummies to showcase your latest attire, whether they be jackets, shoes, or any other item of clothing. Regularly changing their apparel is one way to keep the store’s look constantly unique and fresh.

Get Creative:

Playing around with unconventional ideas and layouts can help build a visually compelling store display. Experimenting with props, colours, or even challenging some fashion stereotypes can creatively entice new customers and make them remember your brand.

Keep it Clean:

Ensure regular cleaning and organizing of mannequins to maintain their appearance. Dusty or unkempt dummies can impart the wrong impression of your store and detract from the product’s appeal. Regular cleaning can help keep the dummies looking fresh, helping to maintain their longevity.

Maintenance and repair:

Keeping your dummies in good repair is vital to maximize their usefulness. Regularly check your dummies for signs of wear and tear and address the problem before it worsens. It’s always better to buy high-quality dummies that are built to last.


In conclusion, the effective use of mannequins in NZ can improve the overall impact of your store or business environment. By following these tips, you can make the most of your dummies in NZ to increase sales and highlight your products. By maintaining clean, attractive, and current-looking dummies, customers will be drawn into the store, and you will create an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience.

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