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Why Is Project Management Important?

Whether you are looking at being involved in building a new school, a new hospital, or a new facility for any purpose, you want to do all you can to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible. Regardless of your role in the project, you want to ensure that it is a successful project, completed on time and within budget. While this may sound reasonable, on the majority of construction projects this is can be a daunting and challenging goal and is most likely not going to be accomplished that easily.

The different stakeholders on most construction projects are the owner, the construction manager, the architect and/or engineer, and the general contractor. The owner may be an individual or a business. The construction manager could be a person or a team of people working for the owner. The architect or engineer also works for the owner and is in charge of managing the project design and engineering calculations. The general contractor has been hired by the owner and is tasked with the daily management and operations of the project as well as selecting and managing any subcontractors that may be required. Regardless of the stakeholder, project management Terre Haute IN is key to the successful completion of the project.

While all stakeholder’s roles are crucial to the successful completion of the project, the construction manager is in charge of the daily on-site operations and management. There will inevitably be unexpected surprises that must be dealt with. There can be price increases that cause cost overruns, scheduling issues caused by unreliable subcontractors, and delays in getting equipment on-site on time. These surprises can lead to flow chart challenges. On any construction project, certain tasks have to take place in a certain order, For instance, the grading has to happen before the concrete is poured. If the grading runs into unforeseen delays, the concrete work is delayed, which delays many other aspects of the project.

Obviously, effective project management will ensure that the project is successful and that all the stakeholders are pleased with the final result.

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