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Who Might Need a Crown on Their Tooth?

You are undoubtedly aware that your dentist provides dental crowns. You might not know when anything like this is necessary or even possible. It is helpful to understand what a crown can do and the circumstances in which it may be the best solution for dental or cosmetic difficulties. If you are in the area, visiting Maryville, TN dental services will be very beneficial.

  • Restorations of Teeth With Crowns

Different dentists may have a preference for a certain crown. Materials are plentiful. Some dentists choose porcelain or ceramic caps. Some use metal, while others make use of porcelain that has been bonded to metal. Regardless of the material used, the crown is durable and completely covers the tooth. It looks like teeth in size, form, and even color.

  • People With Large Cavities

Most dental patients get cavities. In most cases, the dentist will be able to fill them. When tooth decay is serious, the cavity that forms may be larger. There are situations when the tooth cannot support the size of the cavity. The tooth is fortified by the crown, which also ensures that the filling cures the cavity.

  • Tooth Chips And Fractures

Injuries to the teeth might result in more problems than just embarrassment. Many people suffer excruciating pain as a result of these conditions. Dental crowns not only safeguard teeth but also provide pain relief. By restoring complete function, the cap enables the user to bite and consume without experiencing any discomfort.

Dental crowns can also serve to protect teeth that have been damaged. A fractured molar or chipped front tooth can break. Crowns are the solution to these problems.

  • Root Canal Procedures

The mention of this treatment puts some people off. Root canals are usually not painful. Because the pulp of the infected tooth requires it. After removing the pulp from the tooth and cleaning the surrounding area, the dentist will cap and seal the tooth. Because of this, microorganisms and sickness are avoided.

  • Cosmetic Issues

Even in cases when there is no discomfort or weakness in the teeth, a dental crown may still be an option. It could take the place of bleaching the teeth. Some people like crowns because they can mask discoloration. Crowns are an option for people who want to conceal misshapen teeth or teeth that are abnormally large or small.

  • Modular Treatment

You should not be afraid of getting dental crowns. Both the health and appearance of your teeth will benefit from this. It may be suited for cases of severe tooth decay and large fissures or fractures. Ask your dentist if it makes sense for you. You can discuss dental care options together.

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