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What Kind of Information Do You Need to Include in Your Insurance Claim?  

When it comes to insurance claims, you want to make sure that you submit everything the insurance company will need as well as submit everything properly or you will run into an issue with the claim. This could cause the claim to be denied or even delayed for a while when you really need to get your claim approved quickly. If you need to submit an insurance claim, make sure you include these basic things with your homeowners insurance claim.

How to Determine What and When You Need to File

The first thing you need to do before you file an insurance claim is take a good look at your insurance policy to determine what is covered. You may find that there are a lot of things that are covered but there are just as many things that are not covered. You want to make sure that your claim would be covered before you go through the hassle of submitting a claim. This will help you save time and money waiting for something that will automatically be denied by the insurance company. If the claim would be covered by the insurance policy, then you can start the process of gathering all of the information together for a complete claim. 

Basics That Should Be Included in Every Claim

No matter what kind of claim you are submitting, there are two things that you need to always submit in order to verify that your claim is legitimate. There are also a few other things to consider adding to your claim to create an even stronger argument based on the type of claim you are submitting. 

  • Pictures of the damage – The first thing that you want to do is make sure you have pictures of the damage so you can provide solid evidence to the insurance company. If you happen to have pictures of the damaged area of your home before there was damage, it is a good idea to include this as well. However, if you do not have that, adding the pictures of the damage is a great start. 
  • Description of the damage and how it occurred – This is something that the insurance company will ask you as part of their process but you can get ahead of this a little bit by providing this in your original claim file. 

If you have run into an issue with your insurance claim and your insurance company, it is best to have lawyers for insurance claims on your side helping you navigate the process. You do not want to get pushed around so be sure to contact us here at Silver, Bass & Brams to get help with your insurance claim in Florida. 


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